With the rapid development and progress of the times, a national style element has also been shaved in the fashion industry. As a national grade, cheongsam is also widely used by fashionable women. From the most basic cheongsam style to fashionable improvements, From dignified and elegant to individual eye -catching, it is actually the improvement of feminine temperament!


The reason why cheongsam can be respected is because it brings a unique charm to women and the style characteristics of their own factions, which are worth trying to try, and with their own tailoring advantages, they have captured a large number of female fans. Even “Asia’s No. 1 Beauty” Clara fell in love with cheongsam. Come and see how charming her cheongsam style is!

Analysis of details of Clara cheongsam modeling


When Clarala chose cheongsam to wear, he did not choose traditional styles and designs. He used the improved style to perfectly shape the beauty of the body curve. In fact, modern women are more suitable for improved cheongsam. Traditional models have a sense of restraint.

Using black on the basis of the improved model is more significant for the thin and slim body!

The choice of cheongsam fabric is also very important. The fabric determines the quality. The high -level texture of the silk fabric, the comfortable breathability of the cotton fabric, the elegant and agile of chiffon fabric, and the extreme elegance brought by silk satin.


Especially the silk fabrics are vividly displayed on the beautiful and gentle side of women!

In fact, the characteristics of the improved cheongsam are the same as the traditional cheongsam, but the improved cheongsam incorporates more individual elements and tailoring on this basis

The stand -up collar design has great modification for the beautiful neck. The short -sleeved style is also very friendly to women who worship the flesh in the arm, especially the tight -fitting version after the improvement, which instantly outlines the small waist.

Improved cheongsam wearing advantages


Better outline the beauty of the figure


Why do more women choose to improve their cheongsam now? The biggest reason is that they can better outline the beauty of the figure, which is in line with the advantages of women, and there is no lazy and intangible effect. ,,

Especially in the treatment of the waistline, the use of improved treatment methods is more conducive to the shape of the body proportion!

Create a eye -catching side

Improved money to wear is more conducive to the interpretation of eye -catching sense. Personal design, advanced fabrics, and skin lining are all excellent methods. Traditional cheongsam has a more elegant and solemn effect.

The improved cheongsam has a trace of sexy and charming effect on the basis, and the skin exposure effect is more significant, which is in line with the aesthetics and taste of modern women!

Improved cheongsam wearing the essence


The split design must not be less

The improved cheongsam options are stronger. For modern fashionable women, they have more high -level eye -catching effects, avoiding too conservative situations. Different, the visual effects presented are different,


According to the length of the cheongsam, the one -fifth split is the most effective under normal circumstances!

The eye -catching printing element is critical

Printing elements have always been the key to shaping the temperament, especially the symbol of amazing in cheongsam. The three -dimensional and exquisiteness of embroidered print elements is very strong. The national style of ink printing is full. not bad,

Every detail control determines the interpretation of the final charm!


Fashion summary

1. The cheongsam is the light of the country, and it is also the most important bridge for women to break through themselves. Although it is a improved cheongsam, its rich charm is also excellent!

2. The most significant feature of cheongsam is to show women’s manners, which can perfectly present the beautiful temperament of women, and the interpretation of women’s taste is also significant!

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