Parents can often see such questions in the parent forum: “Children’s attention is not concentrated in class, what always do what to do?”, “Children are not interested in learning, always ask me to urge to learn what to do? “In fact, these problems are common. Similar to the phenomenon such as “not high learning interest”, “not concentrated in class”, “lack of learning consciousness”, etc., in general, it can be summarized as “learning difficulties”.


Psychological studies have shown that when children are young, they are most accustomed to establish and consolidate. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop good and conscious learning habits and learn to master the initiative, rather than passively accepting additional learning burdens. Here I have to mention the reading machine of Reading Lang, but it is a good magic weapon to solve the child’s “learning difficulties”.

Reading Lang AI Learning Machine to solve the first step of “learning difficulties”: AI autonomous intelligent evaluation system, help children recognize their advantages and disadvantages, and learn not blindly.

Reading Lang AI Intelligent Evaluation System can improve the learning report according to the child’s learning status, generate a learning plan that meets the level of student, and allow children to check the lack of missing and not to fight low -quality tactics. To make up for it, the effect can be improved quickly, and children can effectively establish self -confidence in love.

Reading Lang AI learning machine Step on “Learning Difficulty” Step 2: Rich, high -quality, and free educational resources to learn at any time, and the right to take the initiative to hand in the children’s hands.


Reading Lang’s AI synchronization lesson uses a classified course settings, covering the whole subject, elementary school to high school, covering more than 20 textbook versions across the country, corresponding to basic knowledge, special training, review of college entrance examination nodes, and so on. Reading Lang provides children with rich and free resources. Whether children want to learn, review or cultivate which content, read Lang can be provided so that parents and children do not worry about the choice of courses and reduce their financial burden on their financial burdens.

Reading Lang AI learning machine Step 3: AI interactive learning to help children establish interest in learning.

One of the reasons why children do not like to learn is that they do not like to be forced to learn and have no fun to find learning. Reading Lang’s curriculum has a wealth of interactive AI courses, such as AI face attention recognition, AI spoken language evaluation, grabbing scratching red envelopes, classroom PK and other links, making the classroom more interesting. It is difficult to grasp the child’s attention at all times.


After punching in cards, completing the study tasks such as pre -class preparation, and personalized consolidation exercises generated by AI, you can get credit rewards. This credit reward mechanism not only gives children the motivation to learn, but also brings them a sense of accomplishment, but also cultivates their good study habits that they pre -class pre -class and listening carefully.

Reading Lang AI learning machine Step 4: Parents remote companionship learning, family -style accompaniment and necessary supervision are the last protective cover.

If the child’s self -control alone is not enough to overcome, parents can participate remotely. Reading Lang student tablets have parent management functions. After parent -based mobile phones are bound to the tablet, they can check the child’s learning status at any time, and can restrict the download and use of the software that are not related to learning. In this way, even if parents are not around, they can supervise their children’s learning, and they can reduce their children’s sense of resistance to parents to promote learning to a certain extent, and develop the consciousness of completing the learning task before playing.

Just like the “scientific and technological empowerment of science and technology to make learning a beautiful experience” vision, the read Lang AI learning machine is trying to help children overcome “learning difficulties” through AI technology and start to learn from happiness. Because each child’s student career has 12 years from elementary school to junior high school and high school, and then for 3-5 years in college. This is a long years. In terms of comprehensive development, developing a good outlook on life, values, world outlooks and methods of doing things, that is the strong Chinese teenager.

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