The ceiling lamp is known as the “sunlight” and is mainly used in home, classrooms, office buildings, stores, factory buildings and other places. Around the ceiling lamp is two types of ordinary incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lights. The main composition understands, what is the installation method of the ceiling lamp tube, and what should you pay attention to when installation? Do you know? Next, I will introduce the installation and precautions of the ceiling lamp tube.

1. Installation of the ceiling lamp tube


The lamp tube of the ceiling lamp is stuck in the head of the lamp with a spring piece. You pull the spring piece away, pull the lamp down slightly out of the lamp tube, and then slowly pull the lamp from the lamp seat out of the lamp holder. Essence Put the lamp into the lamp seat first and then slowly get the lamp tube into the spring sheet. First unplug the ballast and remove the old lamp tube and replace it with a new tube.

The methods and steps are as follows:

(1) Press the mask OPEN position with your hand, automatically bounce on the mask, and remove the mask.

(2) Pull the bad lamp tube with a little force.

(3) Four copper of the new lamps can be inserted slightly for the four -hole of the permanent socket. Note: The lamp tube is different due to different models.

(4) Cover the mask in the direction into the base, and press the card to hold the card in place slightly. If the installation is not proper, it will cause the lampshade to fall.

2. Precautions for installation of top lamp tube


1. Read the installation instructions

After buying the lamps, don’t be busy installation first. You should carefully read the labeling of the lamp and read the installation instruction manual. Install the lamps in accordance with the specifications of the instructions, and use the lamps according to the rules in the instructions.

2. Replace the aging tube in time

The light source parameters provided by the logo replace the aging tube in time and find that the ends of the lamp tube are red. The lamp tube should be replaced in time to prevent the unsafe phenomenon such as burnout burning.

3. Cleaning the ceiling lamp tube


When cleaning and maintenance, you should pay attention. Do not change the structure of the lamps, and do not change the components of the lamps casually. After the cleaning maintenance is over, you should install the lamp according to the original, do not miss or install the lamp components.

The above is the entire content of the installation and precautions of the ceiling lamp tube. I hope it can help everyone. If you still want to know more home improvement, you can pay attention to WeChat “QIZUANGDY” (QIZUANGDY), and more benefits are waiting for you …

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