Your “Double 11” benefits have been issued! Dongfeng Fengxing all models of all models “put the price”

Double 11 benefits carnival, Dongfeng Fengxing this wave of car purchase benefits, please check!

The highest discount of 13,000 yuan, Double 11 Dongfeng popular red envelope is coming!

The annual “Double 11” arrived, and netizens welcomed the “chop hands” on Taobao, Tmall, and other shopping websites. In addition to the traditional daily fast -moving consumer goods, large -piece products such as cars have also participated in the “Double 11” carnival. The discounts of car purchases of major manufacturers have followed, but the most exciting thing is that Dongfeng Fengxing’s models are most exciting. Three waves of fan benefits and red envelopes of car purchase make people “buy grass” crazy while “buying and buying”.

Hi buying “Double 11”, multiple surprise benefits are waiting for you

With the beginning of the “Double 11” fighting fast battle, every consumer is looking forward to buying “good things” with quality and low price. Adhering to a sincere heart, Dongfeng will launch multiple fan benefits and car purchase red envelopes, which will bring real benefits to consumers in the process of buying a car.

In terms of consumers’ attention to car purchase red envelopes, Dongfengfeng Behavior Consumers bring online gifts for trendy purchase, that is, users who purchase T5 EVO during Double 11 can enjoy 3,000 yuan double 11 Tmall exclusive car purchase red envelopes. It can be discounting 13,000 yuan. In terms of the financial policy that users are concerned about, Dongfeng’s popularity is also “气”. Multiple benefits make users enjoy it, including the trendy brand financial gift: 3888 yuan bag loan or daily supply of 20 yuan 5 years and 0 interests; trend rejuvenating New gift: replacement/purchase enjoy the maximum 6,000 yuan subsidy; tide enjoyment: core components for life warranty; tide game traffic gift: car connected to life for lifelong basal traffic; the anniversary of the tide renovation: fans feedback on the anniversary Make up to 2671 yuan, including luxury electric pedals, alloy keychains, DSP audio processors, large surrounding foot pads, etc.

The red envelopes of the “outrageous” car and the multiple benefits of strong pets have made Dongfeng popular in this “Double 11” carnival enough “eye -catching”! The annual “Double 11” car purchase discount was just at the time. If you also have a lot of money to Dongfeng’s popular car, then the “grab” purchase was at the time!

The whole department “swipe the screen”, the quality of the car is “enjoyed”

In addition to the heavy “good gift” that keeps consumers enjoying it, the full -scale high -quality cars of Dongfeng also attract users’ attention. The luxury lineup includes not only the popular T5 EVO, the popular T5 prosperity, etc. Smart Plus and other business MPV models.

As the “Tide Brand SUV Pioneer”, the popular T5 EVO uses the new front dynamic design to create a super high value at the same level, and also shows young users of the fans through the high performance of the same level. The vehicle adopts the trusted Mitsubishi 1.5TD high -performance engine, and is matched with the Geterak 7DCT gearbox to take into account dynamic and economical. In addition, the popular T5 EVO is also equipped with Tencent TAI3.0 ecological vehicle networking and full -speed L2+level intelligent ADAS system, which not only allows young users to enjoy daily interconnected life with peace of mind while driving, but also provide intelligent mobile travel solutions. It can be said that the popular T5 EVO fully meets the multiple needs of young people for ultra -high face value, strong power and intelligent technology.

For many big families, the “Quality Leading Large Space SUV” popular T5 prosperity is definitely a focus on models. With large space and high -quality product charm, the vehicle fully meets the demand of a large family. The ultra -long wheelbase of 2720mm (five -seater)/2753mm (seven versions) can provide users with excellent ride feelings at the same level, while the luggage compartment space of the seven -seater models can be easily expanded to 2370L, which is enough to install 24 Travel box. In terms of supplier selection of core components, the popular T5 prosperity model is more world -class with Bosch (ESP)/Wakazaki/Honda (Lock)/Laer (seat) The brand joins hands to lay a solid foundation for the high quality of the vehicle, so that users can rest assured and use peace of mind.

In addition to high -quality household models, business travel models represented by the Lingzhi Plus family are also sought after by consumers. As a “full scene comfortable business cabin”, Lingzhi Plus uses a 3198mm ultra -long wheelbase and 1920mm body width to create a luxurious large space at the same time; the flexible seat layout allows the manned load to be handy, and the whole scene is free to switch; More than 40 NVH quiet optimizations allow the whole family to enjoy every travel quietly. In addition, the first original original original Lingzhi Plus natural gas (CNG) model and the Lingzhi M5 struggle model that focused on the all -around business market also attracted much attention in this “Double 11” activity to meet the diversified diversification of different consumer groups. Chemical buying car choice.

In this year’s “Double 11” shopping carnival, Dongfeng Fengxing not only allows consumers to enjoy the true benefit, but also use the full -line high -quality models to start a new travel experience for users, helping users move towards high -quality car life. The “Double 11” National Shopping Carnival has now opened. If you start to rub your palms, you are ready to start a caring car, and you will “buy” the wind of Dongfeng!

This benefits are really “purchased”.

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