German “HOHNER”

It is recognized as the world’s first harmonica brand by many harmonica and enthusiasts in the world.


Tombo Tongbao

Derived in Japan in 1917, the top ten brands of the harmonica, rich in harmonica production experience, and the achievement of achievement instrument manufacturers in the field of reed instruments.


Suzuki Suzuki

Founded in Japan in 1887, the well -known musical instrument brand under the Suzuki Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. originated from the traditional production technology of Suzuki and specializes in the sales and operation of violin and piano.


Tiane swan

In 1982, the top ten oral piano brands, a well -known trademark in Jiangsu Province, a famous brand in Jiangsu Province, integrates manufacturing and sales as one, and focuses on the piano/boutique custard/gourd silk/children’s percussion instrument.


Qimei Qimei

Jiangsu Chi Mei Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. has a full set of automatic computer digital instrument production equipment and sound detection instruments. It has cooperated with the Conservatory of Music of Nanjing Normal University. For the century -old goal, develop and produce and produce Qimei cards, Diamond cards, and DHS brand series of flames, harmonica, and mouthful instruments.


Easttop Oriental Ding

Beginning in 1997, Jiangsu Province, a well -known trademark, a well -known high -end vocal and tone brand, positioned as a professional instrument buyer and piano professional performers.


Guoguang Guoguang

Shanghai Guoguangkou Piano Factory is the birthplace of Chinese harmonica. Founded in 1931, it is an enterprise with a long history and professional production of piano. For decades, the production of various specifications of Guoguang cards and hero cards, the variety of piano is complete. Playing effort and beautiful sounds, products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and other countries and regions, and their reputation is famous at home and abroad.


Yellow card huang

The cost -effective harmonica brand, specializing in the design, production and sales of high -quality ten -hole Bruce piano, etc., is well -known worldwide with its unique sound and excellent quality.



Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory. The enterprise integrates R & D, production, and sales. There are nearly a thousand employees. They have three holding subsidiaries and the well -known brand “Dunhuang” brand. The goddess Feitian in the product trademark is the gorgeous image of national art. Just like our Dunhuang products, each one is unique and witnessed the development of Chinese national instruments.



Wuxi Suzuki Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive instrument manufacturing enterprise of China -Japan joint ventures. It introduces 250 sets of professional production and testing equipment such as magnetic wave regulatory instruments, glittering instruments, and tuning instruments with the world’s instrument manufacturing industry. 50 universal equipment The annual production capacity is 230,000.

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