Earlier this year, Madonna, the queen of the American singer, uploaded a sexy photo on social networking sites, showing off her 55 -year -old figure wearing sexy exposed underwear and a butterfly collar on her neck, as well as her furry armpits. The image not only shows Madonna’s deep career line, but also shows the fans of the fans. And Madonna didn’t care about revealing her axillary hair, and wrote with the picture: “Long hair … don’t care !!!”

效果最好的脱毛方法 脱毛雷区你踩了吗?

Although idols are very open, ordinary we can’t hold such a sexy body hair. In the hot summer, if you want to show your good figure, you should give your skin first. However, there is always an ugly small black residue every time you get rid of it; what does this phenomenon with various erythema appear with various erythema? The following is a common error in 7 hair removal, but if there is no change, it will be abnormal!

After hair removal, there are always red dots generated

Reasons for error: There was no exfoliating before hair removal

No matter what kind of hair removal method is adopted, the keratin should be removed 24 hours before hair removal to remove the dead skin to avoid the newly grown hair blocked under the skin and cause red dots.

There is always a small black spot for removal of hair removal

Error reason: hair removal in the morning

Some people are used to getting rid of hair during bathing in the morning, but the effect is not ideal at this time. When people sleep, their legs are slightly swollen, which hides some hair, and the hair has not “wake up” in the morning. Therefore, the hair removal at night can be scraped more thorough.

New long hair is getting thicker and darker

Reason for error: The frequency of hair loss is too dense

If you are accustomed to beeswax, you should be separated by three to four weeks between the two hair removal, so that the new hair grows, and there is sufficient length to catch the beeswax. The hair on the bikini area and legs need to be about 6 mm before hair removal.

Using razor is always scratching the skin

Reason for error: The razor blades are used too many times and did not use lubricating cream with a razor hair removal

Many people put the hair removal razor in the bathroom for a few days, a few weeks or even months, and reused it. However, if you want to shave the hair, it is best to use a new blade, because it is closer to the skin and can prevent red bumps from growing after hair removal. Buy a batch of disposable blades, and throw it away for each blade for up to four times. Lubricating cream not only prevents the skin from being stimulated by razor blades, but also removes additional half millimeters of hair. Putting a lubricating cream in the hair removal area can make the hair upright and more effective.

It still feels painful after hair removal

Reason for error: hair removal during the holiday period

During the period and before and after the holiday, due to the changes in hormones and the increased blood flow, each foreign stimulus will be magnified. Therefore, you will have pain when you perform beeswax hair removal or use hair removal device at this time. Therefore, the best time for hair removal is the ovulation period.

Skin pores become bigger and easy to dry

Reasons for error: No skin care milk

After hair removal, you must replenish water to dry skin in a timely manner. After rinse with warm water, then apply a soft skin with a tight effect without flavors, and apply a thin layer of refreshing moisturizing milk in a small amount.

It is easier to dry after hair removal

Reason for error: hair removal when the skin is fragile

If you usually use vitaminic acid to skin care, it is best to stop applying vitaminic acid one week before beeswax. Although vitamin acid can prevent skin aging, it also brishes the skin at the same time. Therefore, when the beeswax is removed, the skin layer will be pulled up together with the hair. After the sun is exposed, it should not be removed when the skin is stimulated.

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