Netizens’ questions are interpreted according to the questions raised by netizens on Weibo and WeChat. There are related questions about the development resource issues of the actors and the relevant questions of TV series. Answer for everyone!

1. Circle, I heard that Huang Haibing missed Erkang of “Returning Pearls”?


Yes, Huang Haibing mentioned in the interview that Erkang first chose to find himself. When the producer found it, he saw the complete script and felt pretty good. There is also another drama script sunset, the sunset, the latter, the latter has many famous actors, and the small tiger team Su Youpeng and Chen Zhipeng who are familiar with everyone are ordinary young actors. The sunset, the Forbidden City, finally chose the latter.

2. I want to ask the information related to the six doors for a long time, and I have n’t broadcast it. I ’m so anxious. If there is any news to reveal a little, then the circle is optimistic about the six doors?

Some time ago, I heard that there are two types of platforms, one of which is online broadcast, one is the star, but because of the risk problem, the broadcast plan has not been determined.

3. Want to ask Wang Ziwen, how about people, what is the lower play after the snail, whether she has a good relationship with Wang Kai, listening to her divorce, they have cooperated with so many plays, so I am afraid that they are in love because of the drama. For the first time, they are Ask, you answered me.

Wang Ziwen is currently setting “Ode to Joy 2” that is about to open in September. Usually, Wang Ziwen often has a stomped from Wang Ziwen, because she never wears high heels in her life, so she has no habit of wearing it, but basically every set in the play is basically every set of sets of sets The clothes are equipped with high heels; although they have cooperated with Wang Kai three times, Wang Ziwen himself now has a relatively stable family. He will not be in love because of the play.

4. Circle, do you say that Wu Lei’s Hollywood blockbuster was the one who had found Qianxi before, and then the producer felt that Wu Lei was more suitable, or did not find Qianxi’s one, or there was no Hollywood blockbuster to find it at all. After Qianxi, the fan of Qianxi really hopes that he can receive good resources. Can you talk about Qianxi’s subsequent resources? Ask

That was the previous Hollywood blockbuster. However, the resource you mentioned did exist, that is, “Chasing Rainbow”, which was originally found Yi Xi Qianxi, but was pushed away by the company.


5. Circle, I want to ask why many dramas use popular stars now, is it really good?

Because China’s film and television model is the “producer center system”, it has also led to the high paid of popular actors. There are fewer and fewer good scripts. TV stations and video websites buy dramas are staring at several big -name actors, and advertisers also. Staring at those front -line stars, as long as there are popular stars to join, it seems that there is a “eyeball effect” and the ratings are guaranteed; and raising the actor’s film pay, trying to let a rough film and television work, through the eyeball effect of the actor itself, perform the effect of the actor’s own eyeball effect. Marketing promotion, in exchange for ratings or box office, is actually a false prosperity, so sometimes why we chase Korean dramas because there are many places worth our domestic drama to learn.


6. Circle. Essence Haven’t you ever made a TV series or movie? Intersection Intersection Who is the heroine?

The new drama “Select Heaven”, partner Naza.

7. I asked many times what Li Chun’s new drama was.

The new drama should be the one I had in the premise. I don’t remember the specific name. Partner He Shengming started in July.

8. Circle, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. I want to ask what effect does the car accident that Li Yifeng occurred on May 27 would affect its career?


The accident in Li Yifeng was two or three in the morning. Of course, the stars are public figures. Any behavior must pay attention to the public and the public. However, he reported to the insurance company as soon as possible to accept fair treatment. Come, no one was injured, no drunk driving, and no escape, so this incident had little impact on him, but only a moment of things would be spread, and the work was busy and entertaining. A major event, so ask the media not to be malicious and even make rumors for no reason, he should not shirk the responsibility.


9. Hello, I am a junior in computer majors in the second college. I was not interested in programming because I was not well -selected, so I didn’t have any interest in programming. However, since childhood, I am interested in text (although there are not many humanistic pens in this regard), and my friends have praised me. I can write a lot of things in the process of writing with others. Now that I am looking for an internship, I want to engage in the new media copywriting industry, but because of professionalism, the basic knowledge and professional knowledge are not hard enough, lack of confidence and confidence, and the media industry has not developed so vigorously in this media industry, the media industry has not developed so vigorously so vigorously Quickly, it is difficult to find an internship, so now I am particularly entangled with the graduate students of relevant majors, learn more professional knowledge, or continue to find internships. Can you make it? If you take the media major, do you need mathematics E_E? The circle must be turned over my card. Recently, I really have been anxious every day. I want to explode QAQ


Recently, many students are on vacation, and the work in the media circle should be more. You can find whether local television stations or newspapers have such job needs. If possible, you can also go north to internship for a period of time. The environment and job positions are relatively good; It does n’t matter if you do n’t take your professionalism, but the most important thing is that you are determined to find a job. Since the skills of the text are good, try the intern positions such as copywriting planning. I still recommend that you do n’t try it. After all, you are already a junior, and you will waste time. It is better to continue your internship and accumulate experience to exercise your ability in this area.

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