“Business advertisements on the bus handrail itself are understandable, but the content of the advertisement should not be too!” Recently, some citizens reported that the advertisement of bus armrest advertisements on Shenyang City 237 was a bit “color”. On July 3, Shenyang Evening News and Shenyang.com reporters A unannounced investigation was conducted.

At around 14:00 on the 3rd, the reporter boarded a bus 237 from Xinggong Street, Tiexi District. As soon as I got on the car, the reporter saw the shaking ring armrests in the carriage. Take a closer look, there is a long square billboard on the handrail with a close -up photo of a black and white human body: a semi -naked man only wears underwear, his left hand, and his left hand Also drag the underwear down the waist. There is a line of words on the side of the photo: “Men’s Panties Fashion Pioneer”.

“Under the public, pulling such a handrail is a bit embarrassing!” A young female passenger quietly told reporters that after holding the handrail with her hand, it was like pulling the men’s underwear on the billboard with her hands. In order to avoid embarrassment, she had to lean to the window and try to be as farther away from such a ring armrest.

Another middle -aged woman pulled the handrail humorously: “I am all old and don’t care about this. But is it a bit ‘color’ to hold the handrail like this?”

“The current buses are new, spacious and clean, but the advertisement of such content on the handrail is indeed uncomfortable.” A retired teacher told reporters that in fact, he is not so conservative, and underwear advertisements are now Many media can be seen, but as a special public transport, men, women, children, and children on the bus, especially the peak of commuting, and many students are riding. It’s still an indispensable handrail! “She said.

The old teacher also made a point of view saying that, first of all, it does not meet the traditional habits of the Chinese nation for thousands of years; second, the age, gender, hobbies, cultural quality, and personal cultivation of passengers on the bus; third, ordinary media can show Advertising and buses may not be displayed. This is because at home, people who watch magazines or television have the power to choose not to watch or choose the platform, and have a relatively high privacy. On the bus, passengers can only face billboards, and sometimes they must support it with their hands. They cannot be avoided. It is really speechless. She called on the bus department to replace the healthy advertising handrail as soon as possible.

This edition of Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang.com

Director reporter Tang Kwaiyang

Photography reporter Shen Sheng

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