Winter is here, and the weather is gradually getting cold. Many cars will choose winter car cushions to use. How can I choose a comfortable and warm car cushion? As a car owner, how much do you know about your car cushion?

The wool cushion uses high -quality sheepskin to be refined by dozens of production processes such as tanning, washing, abandoning, removing, disinfection, carbonization, combing hair, scalding, and tailoring. The product is fine, bright in color, soft and comfortable as satin, breathable and warm, and it is also a car cushion suitable for winter.

How to choose a good wool cushion? Teach you a few tricks:

At first glance, you need to observe the color of wool carefully to see if you are authentic. Generally, high -quality wool cushions use high -quality environmental protection dyes and auxiliary agents at home and abroad. The hair color is usually bright and luster, and the color is soft and vivid. The inferior goods are dull, easy to fade, skewers.

Two touches, gently touch the surface of the wool with your hands, the high -quality wool cushion has a good density, delicate feel, and velvet; and the feelings of inferior car cushions are rough and sticky. See if there are fur cracks, whether the citrus stitching is strong, whether there are obvious seams, etc. Under normal circumstances, the high -quality wool cushion does not drop hair easily, and it will not let the broken hair stained on the clothes.

Three smells, get closer to the smell, high -quality wool cushions can be sterilized before the factory, which can prevent mites and bacteria from breeding without any odor; and inferior wool will emit unpleasant smells of smell due to the lack of oil removal.

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