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Nowadays, electric vehicles have become an indispensable part of our lives. Schools work, leisure shopping, and relatives and friends. Electric vehicles are the best transportation work. Nowadays, the electric vehicles are better and better, and the functions are getting richer. I do n’t know what everyone is buying the electric car best? Ultra -long battery life, intelligent control, practical configuration, or cheap and affordable price?

Recently, Wuyang-Honda, Xinri, and Lvyuan have all launched new products. Not only are they intelligent control and running far, the key is very cost-effective. Let’s take a look.

Wuyang-Honda: U-BE

This year, Motorcycle brand Wuyang-Honda officially released a new electric product created by urban riding enthusiasts-U-BE. U-BE not only inherited the essence of Honda Seiko manufacturing, but also more trustworthy safety and quality.

In terms of shape design, the U-BE uses the inverted U-shaped front light and the integrated design steering light design, forming a unique unique temperament.

Wuyang-Honda does not let go of any humanized and practical details that can be considered, equipped with a smart key smart lock, without key start, convenient and peace of mind; USB charging port, mobile phone battery life without worry; 300mm gear distance, spacious and practical; special configuration configuration; special configuration configuration; special configuration configuration The turning light is more at ease.

These practical and convenient configuration based on users’ daily use greatly increases the value of U-BE.

In terms of power, Wuyang-Honda U-BE is equipped with a new driving system with abundant power and can climb 12-degree slope; with three different versions of batteries, the maximum battery life can reach 85km (48V24AH). More than 3,000 yuan, the real cost -effectiveness will be eager to own a high -quality electric bicycle user.


New Day: XC3

As a newly listed smart electric bicycle this year, the bold contrasting design and simple technological appearance of the new day XC3 will suddenly distinguish the new day XC3 from ordinary electric vehicles.

The biggest highlight of the new day XC3 is its intelligence. Although there are currently many intelligent electric vehicles on the market, “pseudo -intelligence” occupies more. New Ri XC3 is a super smart electric vehicle equipped with Huawei terminal leading ecological technology. Essence


What is the benefit of our consumers with the wisdom ecology of the interconnection of Huawei? For example: use the “smart life” app that comes with Huawei mobile phones to support one -click startup and unlocking; can inquire the remaining mileage and electricity; support 30 days of historical trajectory query; remote fault detection, etc., can also realize the personalized customization function of different models All in all, the new day XC3 fully uses the user as the center to do a more comfortable and intelligent riding control experience.

In terms of power, the new day XC3 is equipped with a 400W strong motor and a 10 -year car -level lithium battery in 5 years. How far wants to run and how long do you want to run? People are moving.

Green source: Inno7

Lvyuan Inno7 is the most perfect interpretation of Lvyuan’s 24 -year persistence of independent innovation and grasping the trend of fashion. This year, Lvyuan also won the sponsor of the popular variety show “The Life of Life”. Drive.

In terms of appearance, Lvyuan Inno7 has a high degree of appearance recognition, a full -scale streamlined body design, full of fashionable and beautiful atmosphere.

In terms of control, Lvyuan Inno7 also has an exclusive intelligent APP. A mobile phone can unlock various travel methods. It has remote unlocking locks, intelligent anti -theft, abnormal state reminders, and Beidou/GPS dual precision positioning, and the safety factor is comprehensively improved.

In terms of power, Lvyuan Inno7 is equipped with the “liquid cold” power system developed exclusively by Lvyuan. The 400W liquid cooling motor can continue to be used for 6 years; it is equipped with a 48V26AH car -class lithium iron phosphate battery, which is high -energy and super safe. The general battery is 3-5 times, for five years for five years, and the mileage is as high as 100 kilometers.

Small knife: Launchi Long March version


The Sword Sales Long March version is a super -running electric car, with a speed of 45km/h, and a charging mileage of up to 300 miles at a time.


In terms of appearance, the Qiu Long March version has a broad and positive shape. The small knife is completely designed and created, and the appearance with a high degree of recognition can be identified at a glance.


The Navigation Long March Edition has been optimized in key components. It is equipped with aerospace constant magnetic motors, graphene Long march batteries, low roll resistance front wheel combination, low roll resistance tires, long march controllers, ultra -high -guide electric cables, Long March version charging charging The device can achieve one charging at a time, with a battery life of 300 miles.


Each configuration of the Navigation Long March Edition has increased with performance percentage, bringing different cycling experiences to electric vehicle users.

Thai bell: V30


The Thai Ling electric vehicle, which takes the technical route, has a prominent record in the long battery life. The Taoling V30 Super Wisdom version also has a long battery life. According to the data of the Thai bell test, the single -person cycling battery life can reach 130 kilometers in a state of 25km/h at a speed of 25km/h.

In terms of appearance, the Tailing V30 Super Smart version has simple and stylish appearance, light body, and streets and alleys.

In terms of intelligent control, the Tailing V30 Super Wisdom version has GPS intelligent anti -theft. If the vehicle is abnormal, the mobile APP can be remotely controlled, the power is locked, and it is guaranteed to be pushed away.


As long as you connect to the mobile app, the power condition, estimated mileage, positioning position, cycling records, etc. of the Taoling V30 Super Smart version, at a glance, the electric car owner can easily grasp the information of car love, smart travel, which is so simple that is so simple Convenient.


Wuyang-Honda U-BE, Xinri XC3, Lvyuan Inno7, Sword Lainery Long March Edition, Tai Ling V30, which five electric vehicles do you prefer? Welcome to comment.

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