The punching board is an indispensable metal product in our lives and production. No matter where you go, you can see the shape of the punching board. The outer wall decoration used in punching plates or measurement, the metal holes used in the building are generally based on aluminum plates as the bottom material, and different hole types set off different characteristics.

“Material” stamping board, a new height metal face value book. It has rich visual effects under different lights, different environments, and different observations. It is used on various occasions to show elegant temperament and extraordinary personality. Therefore, the punching board quickly stood out among many materials in the application of building epidermis.

01. Power player was dragged by the name

At first glance, the punching board is not outstanding, but it is amazing to use it. As the name implies, the metal plate materials of the holes are mainly stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, iron plates, copper plates, etc., which are processed by pressure machines or milling machines. The hole size and patterns of the holes can be processed as required. Different size, density and shape holes form different translucent vision effects

Different holes types in pores ▽ ▽

The holes of the punching board include: rectangular holes, square holes, diamond holes, round holes, long round holes, hexagonal holes, cross holes, triangular holes, long waist holes, plum pores, fish scales, patterns, octagonal mesh, fish, fish Bone holes, pentagram holes, irregular holes, drum holes, alien holes, shutters, etc.


Modern commonly used stamping methods include CNC machines stamping. CNC machine tool punching is a common punching method with machine tools and punching on the metal surface with machine tools. The stamping process can be used for metal silk mesh. And the larger area of ​​the panel

“Laser perforation”

Laser shot holes are the new development of shooting hole technology. It is also more expensive and complex technical accuracy and higher randomness ▽ A handsome, powerful man, in recent years in the metal world, the use of punching boards has become more and more frequent. The landscape device can be seen everywhere

Its advantages are in the following aspects

“Material” stamping board, a new height metal face value

“Variable holes aesthetics”

The most direct appearance characteristics of perforated metal boards are pore rates. Pomioxability means that the two gaps separated by the epidermis penetrate each other and break the inherent limit of internal and external. It really realizes the penetration of the internal and external space. A gentle opening, the pores of the wavy pattern of the Japanese Edo in Japan gradually faded from bottom to top, reflecting the aesthetic taste of the Japanese Edo era.

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