The hairline moves back, hair loss, health … The young people seem to be more “anxious”. They have paced their pace, holding the insulation cup, and soaking in red dates and wolfberry.


But have you ever thought about it, the wolfberry was bought right, but what about the thermal insulation cup? What is the material of the insulation cup?

In April 2019, the Clearance of the Clear Road evaluated the 14 insulation cups on the market.

Evaluation brand

The meal magician, tiger card, pictorial seal, Xiaomi, Le buckle, Supor, Starbucks, Fuguang, Haros, Disney, Netease strict, famous and innovation supermarket, an e -commerce three -free insulation cup

▲ 14 insulation cups

Evaluation indicator

Component analysis

: Nickel (Ni), chromium (CR), manganese (MN) in the inner stainless steel

Insulation effect

: 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 -hour insulation effect


: 1.5 -meter height drop test

Assessment results

1. Domestic brands are not inferior to imported brands.

Fuguang, Xiaomi



Elephant seal, meal magician

, The cost -effective is extremely high.


Don’t buy three -free products

Essence A non -brand model, non -manufacturing trademark name, and no qualified certificate for the purchase of high manganese steels purchased on a certain e -commerce platform are used in high manganese steel. High manganese steel is generally used for industrial, long -term use, or health.

3. Recommend

; No recommended cost performance is low



And all kinds of “three” thermos cups.

Don’t buy ultra -low -priced three -no -insulation cup!

Because some consumers often buy cheap daily necessities on e -commerce platforms for cheap. So, is it cheap? Will it affect the health of consumers?

In order to authenticate whether the low -cost product is safe, this test added a low -cost product sold on a certain e -commerce platform. After buying it back, the long -term road has found that the insulation cup has no brand labeling, no manufacturer, no qualified certificate certificate There is no production date, which is a three -free product that cannot be sold.

The test results show that of the 14 insulation cups, this model is only sold for 12.9 yuan 500ml vacuum bullet cup.


This value is much higher than the standard requirements of 2%of the manganese content.

High manganese steel does not belong to the range of stainless steel. It is generally used in industry and cannot be used in food containers such as insulation cups. Excessive intake of the human body may affect the nervous system, suffering from mental deficiency, slow action, and even leading to memory decline. However, some scholars believe that manganese is an essential element of the human body and does not have to worry too much.

From the perspective of consumers, it is recommended to buy 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel as the insulation cups in the inner wall, which is safer and more resistant to corrosion.


Low nickel content becomes “industry phenomenon”


In addition to the unavailable high manganese steel, the national standard also limits the other metal content of the inner metal material of the thermal insulation cup.

Generally used on the insulation cup is stainless steel, which is more famous for “304 stainless steel” and “316 stainless steel”. Everyone is no stranger to “304 stainless steel”, which is the “Austenite 304” claimed by mobile phone manufacturers.

304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel have higher content of nickel and chromium metal. These two elements are the key to ensuring that steel is not rusty. Generally, the higher its content, the higher the corrosion resistance of steel.

Taking 304 stainless steel as an example, the content of nickel (Ni) and chromium (CR) must be in the following range: 8.00%-11.00%, and 18.00%-20.00%.

The test results show that the nickel content is close to the lower limit of 8%, for example

Disney, Supor, Yongwang, Ledule, Hals

The nickel content of 5 insulation cups is 8.06%, 8.04%, 8.03%, 8.01%, and 8.0%.

Why do manufacturers use such low nickel content to produce the insulation cup?

Netease’s strict marketing department told this magazine that the higher the nickel content, the more expensive the price of stainless steel. Therefore, when stainless steel manufacturers are produced, the content of product elements generally controls close to the standard line to reduce the overall cost of raw materials and increase price competitiveness on the premise of conforming to the national target. As a downstream producer, the insulation cup is produced by raw materials with nickel content close to the standard line.

Starbucks has poor insulation effects, tiger cards are not resistant to falling

We also tested the thermal insulation effect and drop -resistant and wear -resistant performance of 14 thermal insulation cups.

▲ 1.5M drop test scene

In order to test the falling situation, we “broke” a lot of thermal insulation cups, and wept ing

Results show that domestic brands

Fuguang, Harus

The best insulation effect; imported brands

The meal magician, tiger card, phenomenon seal

Unsatisfactory; and

Due to the bad cup lid design, the insulation effect is the worst. After 24 hours, the water temperature drops to room temperature.

Buy and use

1. Entomicine material Material 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. You can check the “product material” or “stainless steel brand” on the packaging. Do not buy the nominal insulation cups to avoid buying high manganese steel.

2. It is not recommended to use the insulation cup to install acidic liquid, which will affect corrosion resistance. It is not recommended to install hot soy milk, hot milk or tea, which will deteriorate food.

3. Do not buy three -free products.

[Special Statement]: The test results in this report are only responsible for test samples, which does not mean that the quality status of the same batch or other model products

Fuguang, Xiaomi


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