For girls, one of the most important compliments for dressing temperament is to show the style of fashion ladies. The beauty in the picture is wearing a beautiful and beautiful tight leggings, with a little retro feeling, with a little retro feeling It is very chic. It is very chic. The upper body is equipped with a white open -back top, and the detail accessories add infinite charm. There is also a black sports vest inside. The monotonous shape of the shape, coupled with the beauty tie her long hair, looks very clean, and gives people a refreshing and fashionable feeling as a whole. Xiaobian likes this match very much.


The biggest highlight of the younger sister is the white top of its upper body. I have to say that the beauty is really very eye -catching. Wearing this white top is very unique. Looking at the design of the big circle neck, it looks regular, and it shows the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, and there is no design of the pattern pattern, which gives people a clear impression, but from the back, it is full of sexy atmosphere. There is no process of cleaning from dark to light -colored changes, but the beautiful women are equipped with a black sports vest and a large area of ​​exposed meat design.


The lower body of the younger sister may be for the most classic black and white match, so I chose a black tight yoga pants. Is there a lot of sports muscle lines on it? The whole dressing effect looks very harmonious and natural. The upper body is a white sexy back top, and the lower body is a tight black yoga pants. This combination can not only stack it to improve the stylish style, but it looks like a pair of long legs is particularly beautiful. It also looks very fashionable. For girls with a sweet style, try not to choose such styles.

In the end, the younger sister’s feet chose a pair of white sneakers, which were particularly age -reducing. The white itself gave people a clean and believed that everyone should like it. Black tight yoga pants with white sneakers directly show her slender legs to the fullest, with this white open -back top can make a piece of ordinary clothes shine One point, it makes people like it very much.

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