After a few minutes, noisy voices began to come.

Qiu Jixiong held a single -eye camera with his right hand and bent over and peeped out. Sure enough, female students walked out of the main entrance of the junior high school of the Tsinghua Women’s Academy in groups. He took the camera to his chest and reviewed the faces of many girls one by one.

He was hiding on a truck’s carriage, and the truck parked on the road about 50 meters from the main entrance. This is an excellent position. Because of school hours, most of the students in the Tsinghua Women’s Academy will pass through his eyes, and the carriage is still covered. For Xiongyi, there is no ideal hiding place than here to achieve today. If you can take the photo smoothly, he will not bother to escape the sixth class and run here.

The uniforms of the junior high school of the Tsinghua Women’s Academy are water players. The summer uniforms are white. Only the collar is light blue, and the finely fold student skirt is also the same color. I do n’t know how many female students shaking their light blue skirts, passing by the hiding behind the cloth. Some of them are naive and tender as elementary students, and some have begun to enter the stage of adult women. Whenever the latter is approaching, Xiong Yi wants to press the shutter, but afraid that the negatives are not enough at critical moments, so they hold back.

Before staring at the passing girl nearly fifteen minutes in such a posture, he finally caught Tang Zexue Sui, and hurriedly took the camera and followed her movement through the camera.

Tang Zexue Sui walked side by side as usual. Her friend is a girl wearing metal frame glasses and thin. Her chin is very sharp, with acne on her forehead, and a pair of pouring bone figure. Xiongyi does not want to treat her as the goal of shooting.

Tang Zexue’s hair was slightly brown, with long hair and shoulders, and his hair seemed to have a layer of film foreskin covering, blooming dazzling luster. The fingers of the hair with natural movements are very slender and the body is also slender, but the curve of the chest and waist is full of feminine. Many of her admirers think that this is her most attractive place. She looked at the friends around her with the eyes of her delicate cats, and a small mouth with a thicker lower lip showed a cute smile.

Xiongyi adjusted the camera and waited for Tang Zexuesui to approach. He wants to take a closer close -up lens. He likes her nose.

Xiongyi’s home is the innermost one of the narrow alleys. Open the door, the right hand is the kitchen. Because it is an old house for more than 30 years, the old walls and pillars have adsorbed the strange smell of food such as big sauce soup, curry and other foods. He hated this smell and thought it was the taste of the old street.

“Classmate Kikuchi is here.” Xiong Yi’s mother faced the driver platform and said while preparing for dinner. Looking at her hand, it was obviously frying potatoes tonight, and Xiongyi couldn’t help but get bored. A lot of potatoes have been sent a few days ago, and it will definitely appear in less than three days on the table.

On the second floor, Kikuchi Wenyan was sitting in the middle of the room that could not be overwhelmed and watched the movie introduction. It was the booklet of “Rocky” that Xiong went to watch a four days ago.

“Is this movie look good?” Juchi raised her head to ask Xiongyi, and the introduction of the book just turned to Stallone’s close -up.

“Very beautiful, very touching.”

“Oh, everyone said that.”

Kikuchi bowed his back and looked back at the booklet. Xiongyi knew that he wanted, but began to change his clothes. The booklet could not be given to him. If you want, go to the movie yourself.

“But the movie tickets are expensive.” Juchi came up with such a sentence.

“Hey.” Xiongyi took the camera from the sports back brown and put it on the desk, then holding the back of the chair and sitting on the chair. Kikuchi is his good friend, but he doesn’t like to mention money with Kikuchi. Juchi has no dad, and he can see him from being worn from wearing. At least there are dads in their homes to make money, which should be grateful. Xiongyi’s father is a staff member of the railway company.

“Go to take a picture again?” When I saw the camera, Juchi asked. He showed a long smile and should know what Xiongyi went to shoot.

“Hey.” Xiongyi responded with a unique smile.

“Have you taken a good photo?”

“I don’t know yet, but I’m very sure.”

“I can make a fortune again.”

“How much can I sell, the materials need to be spent, it is good to deduct it left.”

“However, it is enviable to have such expertise.”

“This is not any expertise. I haven’t even figured out the usage of this camera, but just shoot and wash casually. No matter how, these are all others.”

Xiongyi’s current room was used to live in his uncle. Uncle’s interest is photography, with a lot of cameras, and simple tools that can rinse black and white photos. When the uncle moved away, he left part of it to Xiongyi.

“It’s so good, someone gives you these things.”

I noticed that Juchi had to say some envy words, and Xiongyi could not help but be a little depressed. He has always avoided the topic to turn the topic in that direction, but Kikuchi was unintentional or unintentional, and often took the initiative to mention topics related to the rich and poor. But today, Juchi said, “Last time, did you show me the photos taken by your uncle?”

“Photos on the road?”

“Well, is that still there?”


Xiong’s chair turned 180 degrees to the desk and reached out to take a clipboard that was inserted on the edge of the bookshelf, which was also something left by his uncle. A few photos were sandwiched inside, all black and white photos, and they looked taken nearby. When Kikuchi came to play last week, I talked about photography, and Xiong took it to him.

When I got the clipping book, Juchi looked very enthusiastically.

“What are you doing?” Xiongyi looked down at Juchi’s fat body.

“Well, it’s nothing.” Kikuchi did not answer positively, but took a photo from the clipping book. “Can this photo borrow me?”

“Which one?”

Xiongyi stared at the photo of Juchi. The pair of men and women walked in a familiar alley. The poster on the electric pole fluttered with the wind. It would fall down at any time. A cat was squatted on the plastic bucket not far away. “Why do you want this kind of photo?” Xiongyi asked.

“Well, I want to show it to someone.”

“Show? Who?”

“Tell you again at that time.”


“Borrow me, okay?”

“Yes, but you are really weird.” Xiong looked at Juchi and handed him the photo. Kikuchi picked up the photo and put it carefully into the foreskin.

After eating that night, Xiong hid in the room and rinsed the photos taken during the day. To rinse the photos in the room, just put the negatives into a dedicated container in the closet that acts as a dark room, and the next steps can be performed in a bright place. After the appearance is completed, he takes out the film in his fairyware and flush the face to the face washed on the first floor. It should have been soaked in the flowing water for a night, but the mother would be sure to see it, and Xiongyi could not be clear.

Half half, Xiongyi looked at the film through the sunlight. He was confirmed that the luster of Tang Zexue’s hair showed a clear shadow, and he was very satisfied. He is sure -no problem, customers will be satisfied.


Writing a diary before bedtime is the habit of Kawashima Jiangliko for many years. She has been written in the fifth grade of elementary school, and it is almost five years before and after. In addition, she has several habits, such as watering trees in the yard before school, cleaning the room on Sunday morning, and so on. There is no need to write any dramatic events, it is okay to tell the way to narrate straightforward. Even a phrase “Today is as usual” is indispensable. However, there are many things to write today. Because after school, she went to Tang Zexue’s house.

She was only in the third day of the third day of the day. However, she knew Xue Sui as early as the first day. With a intelligent face, elegant and impeccable manners … From her, Jiang Lizi felt something that he was lacking with friends around him. This feeling can be called longing. She has always thought that there is any way to be friends with her.

“Are you willing to make friends with me?”

In this regard, Tang Zexuesui did not look at the slightest surprise, but showed a smile beyond Jiang Lizi. “If you don’t dislike it, of course.”

Jiang Lizi can clearly feel that Tang Ze showed his goodwill as much as possible to a person who suddenly talked to her. Jiang Lizi, who has always been afraid of others, was even excited about this smile.

“I am Kawashima Jianglizi.”

“I’m Tang Zexue.” She slowly nodded her head after saying her name slowly. It was Tang Ze’s habit of confirming what he said, and Jiang Lizi knew it later.

Tang Zexue Sui is a better “woman” that is more beautiful than Jiang Lizi in private. She is emotional, Jiang Lizi feels that he is with her, and he will have a new understanding of many things. Moreover, Xue Su is born with talents that can make the conversation very happy. Talking to her, I even feel that she can be able to speak. Jiang Lizi often forgets Tang Ze’s same age, and often describes her in “women” in her diary.

Jiang Lizi was proud of having such an excellent friend. Of course, there were not a few classmates who wanted to become friends with her. She always surrounded many people around her. Whenever at this time, Jiang Lizi was always jealous and felt as if his baby was snatched.

However, the most unpleasant thing is that the boys in the nearby junior high school noticed Xue Sui, and she was just like chasing idols. A few days ago, when I took the physical education class, there were boys climbing to the wire to peek online. As soon as they saw Xue Sui, they were not dry in their mouths.

Today, some people hid in the trucks during school and sneaked up the snow ears. Although I only glanced at it, I could see that it was a boy with acne and evil faces, obviously the kind of person who was delusional in his head. When he thought he might take a photo of Xue Sui to be the material he was delusional, Jiang Lizi wanted to vomit. But Xue Sui himself didn’t mind. “Don’t ignore them, anyway, they will be tired for a long time.” Then she seemed to be intentionally to be given to that boy, and she made her hair.

The boy hurriedly raised his camera, and Jiang Lizi looked in his eyes. “But, don’t you feel uncomfortable? If you don’t ask for your consent, you will be shot.”

“It’s uncomfortable, but if you are angry to protest and you have to deal with them, then you hate it.”

“That’s it.”

“So don’t care about them.”

Xue Sui stared at the front, passing through the truck. Jiang Lizi followed her, trying to prevent the boy from sneak shots.

Jiang Lizi then said that he would go to Xuesuo’s house. Because Xue Sui said that the book she borrowed from her a few days ago was forgotten and asked her if she wanted to go to the house. It doesn’t matter, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Xue Suo’s room, so she agreed without hesitation.

After getting on the bus, I walked for a minute or two after getting off at the fifth stop, and at the home in Tang Zexuechi in the quiet residential area. The house itself is not large, but it is an elegant Japanese -style house with a small and exquisite courtyard.

Xue Sui and her mother lived here. Entering the living room, her mother came out. Seeing her, Jiang Lizi felt a little confused. She is a person with a temperament and a very good match with this family, but she looks enough to be their grandmother, and this impression does not come from her elegant kimono. Jiang Lizi remembered some unpleasant rumors recently heard, which is related to Xue Sui’s life.

“Sitting slowly.” Xue Sui’s mother said this sentence with a peaceful tone, and then got up and left. She left the impression of weakness and illness in Jiang Lizi’s heart.

“Your mother looks so gentle.” Jiang Lizi said when only the two of them were left.

“Well, very gentle.”

“The brand of Qianjia in the door of your house! Is your mother teaching tea ceremony?”

“Well, teach tea channels, and also teach flowers. You also teach Japanese piano.”

“It’s amazing!” Jiang Lizi leaned back and said in surprise, “It’s really a female superman! Then, those will you be?”

“I do learn tea ceremony and flower road with my mother.”

“Wow! Okay! You can go to the free bride school!”

“But it’s quite strict.” Xue Sui said, adding milk to the black tea made by her mother and sipping a sip.

Jiang Lizi also follows the same. The taste of black tea is so fragrant. She thinks that this must not be brewed with tea foreskin.

“Well, Jiang Lizi,” Xue Sui stared at her with big eyes, “Did you hear that thing?”

“What is it?”

“It’s my business, what happened in elementary school.”

The sudden problem caused Jiang Lizi to panic. “Ah, uh …”

Xue Sui smiled slightly. “You heard it.”

“No, it’s not that, I just heard someone passing by …”

“Don’t conceal, don’t worry about me.”

Listening to her, Jiang Lizi lowered her eyes. Under the stare of Xue Sui, she couldn’t lie.

“Is it fierce?” She asked.

“I think it’s okay, not many people know, the classmate who told me the same.”

“However, since this kind of conversation will appear, it means that it has been passed to some extent.”

Xue Sui expressed the focus so that Jiang Lizi had nothing to say.

“So,” Xue Sui put his hand on Jianglizi’s knee, “What do you hear?”

“Content, it’s not a big deal, it’s boring.”

“Say I was poor before, living in a dirty apartment in Dajiang?”

Jiang Lizi fell into silence.

Xue Sui asked further: “It is unusual to say that my mother -in -law died?”

Jiang Lizi couldn’t help but look up: “I don’t believe it at all!”

Perhaps her desperate tone was ridiculous, and Xue Sui laughed. “Don’t be so desperate, let’s say that those words are not all false.”

“Huh?” Jiang Lizi yelled and turned to look at his friend, “Really?”

“I am a daughter, I moved here when I was in junior high school. My mother was not my biological mother just now.” Xue Sui’s tone was natural, without pretending to be strong, as if I didn’t care.

“Ah, so.”

“It is true that I have lived in the river, and it was very poor before, because my dad died very early. There was another thing that my mother died very unusual and it was true. thing.”

“Die is unusual …”

“Gas poisoning,” Xue Sui said, “It was an accident. However, he was suspected of committing suicide because my family was very poor.”

“Oh.” Jiang Lizi was confused and didn’t know how to respond, but Xue Sui didn’t look like exposing major secrets. Of course, this must be her considerate habit, and she doesn’t want to make friends embarrassed.

“Now my mother is my father’s relatives. I used to play occasionally. She hurt me very much. I became an orphan. She felt that I was pitiful and immediately adopted me. She seemed to be lonely by herself.”

“Oh, you must have suffered a lot, right?”

“Okay, but I think I am lucky because I would have entered the orphanage.”

“That’s what he said …”

If sympathy, almost blurted out. Jiang Lizi felt that no matter what he said at this time, Xue Sui would only look down on it. The suffering she has eaten must not be able to grow up carelessly. However, how can Xue Suo be so elegant after such a difficult past? Jiang Lizi admired. Or because of these experiences, she shone from the inside out.

“What do you say about me?” Xue Sui asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask.”

“I think it must be something without a shadow.”

“Nothing to care, those who pass the mess are just jealous of you.”

“I don’t care, just curious, I don’t know who passed out these words.”

“I don’t know, any long tongue woman must be!” Jiang Lizi deliberately said rudely. She wanted to end the topic as soon as possible.

The rumors that Jiang Lizi heard was actually the other episode, saying that Xue Sui’s biological mother was someone’s little wife. When the man was killed, her mother was suspected of being suspected of being police. It is rumored that she also virtuously added vinegar, saying that her mother committed suicide because the police determined that she was a murderer.

Of course, Xue Sui can’t let Xue Suo know that this must be jealous of her popular artificial rumors.

After that, Xuesui took her recently -keen patchwork to Jiang Lizi, and had supplies such as cushion cover, shoulder foreskin. The colorful fragmented cloth combination shows the excellent position of Xue Suo. Only one of the unprecedented works are different in color. The bag seems to be used to install small debris, and it is all cold -colored cloth such as black and blue. “This color matching is also good.” Jiang Lizi sincerely praised.


The female teacher of the teaching text only goes back and forth between the textbook and the blackboard. While she was in a mechanical class, she seemed to pray for the forty -five minutes of this hell to pass earlier. She never asked students to read textbooks aloud, nor did she answer questions.

The classrooms in the third grade of Dajiang Junior High School are divided into two groups before and after. How many people who want to be in class are sitting in the first half of the classroom, and those who do not want to take the class use the space in the second half of the classroom to do whatever they want. Some people play poker and flower cards, some people chat loudly, some people sleep, and they are all diverse.

The teachers once reprimanded these students who obstructed class, but they stopped saying anything over time. Of course, the reason is that the teacher is deeply harmed. An English teacher confiscated the comics that students watched during class, hitting the students’ heads, and was attacked in a few days later and broke the two ribs.

This must be revenge, but the reprimand students are not proved to be present. There was also a young female teacher who saw a whole row of blackboard powder grooves and screamed in shock. The chalk groove is a condom containing semen. Shortly before that, she said something to criticize bad critics. She was pregnant with Liujia almost abortion because of excessive frightening. After this happened, she immediately handled her salary suspension. Everyone believes that she should not come back to teach before graduating from the third year of this year.

Qiu Jixiong was sitting in the center of the classroom. There, he wanted to be able to take class when he was in class, and he could easily join the obstacle. He likes this position that can be transformed in the mood and is like a grass.

When Mu Tianjun came in, the Chinese lesson had already been nearly half. He opened the door vigorously, and didn’t care about the eyes of others, shook his place towards his seat -the last one of the window. The female teacher seemed to want to say something and followed him, but saw him sitting down on the chair, and continued to class.

Mu Tian stroked his feet on the table and took out pornographic magazines from the pour. “Hey! Mu Tian, ​​don’t fight here.” A boy said. Mu Tian’s ugly face showed a gloomy smile.

As soon as the Chinese class was over, Xiong took out a large envelope from the purse and approached Mutian. Mu Tian was inserted in his pocket and sat on the table with his legs. He turned his back to Xiongyi, and Xiong couldn’t see his expression. However, from the smiley face of his companion, his mood should be good. They are talking about the recent popular video games, and he heard the word “brick”. Today, they probably intend to slip out of the school and go straight to the electronic playground.

The boy opposite Mu Tian saw Xiongyi, and Mu Tian turned back with his eyes. The shaved eyebrows are green, and there are two depths of depression on the potholes, with a pair of small and sharp eyes.

“This.” Said, Xiong’s envelope handed it.

“What?” Mu Tian asked, his voice was very low, and the breath was mixed with a smoke.

“I went to Tsinghua yesterday.”

Mu Tian seemed to understand that his alert look retreated from his face. He snatched the envelope in Xiong’s hand and looked at it.

The envelope was equipped with a photo of Tang Zexuesui. It was not bright this morning, and Xiong got up and rinsed with confidence. Although it is a black and white photo, it can see the color of the skin and hair.

Mu Tian looked at the photo with a salivating expression, and looked up at Xiongyi again, and his cheeks squeezed a hair that made people hair. “It’s good to shoot.”

“Yes? It took me a lot of effort.” Seeing the customer satisfied, Xiong was relieved.

“But there are too few, there are only three?”

“I only take you first may like it.”

“How many more?”

“There are five or six pieces.”

“Very good, bring them all tomorrow.” Said, Mu Tian put the envelope beside him, without meaning to return.

“One piece of three hundred, and the three are nine hundred.” Xiong said to the envelope.

Mu Tian frowned and stared at Xiongyi contempt, and the scars under his right eye seemed more fierce. “Qian and other photos are all given again, so you have nothing to say?” His tone was full of threat. Xiongyi of course has nothing to say. Just say “good”, you want to leave.

Mu Tian called him: “Qiuji, do you know Fujimura?”

“Fujimura?” Xiong shook his head, “Don’t know.”

“It is also the third grade of Tsinghua, different classes from Tang Ze.”

“I don’t know this person.” Xiong shook his head repeatedly.

“You go to take her picture for me, I have the same price.”

“But I don’t know her.”



“She will pull the violin in the music classroom after school, and I will know it after watching it.”

“Can you see it in the music classroom?”

“If you don’t see it yourself, you can know it.” Then, Mu Tian turned his face to your companion.

Xiongyi knew that at this time, he would make Mu Tian angry and leave silently.

Mu Tian has been paying attention to girls in the junior high school of the Tsinghua Women’s Academy since last semester. The girls in the school are famous for their good family and good temperament. It seems that their bad elements are popular for girls who chase Tsinghua, but it is unknown whether anyone is as expected.

The photos of girls in their favorite girls have always been proposed by Mu Tian, ​​because Xiongyi heard that they wanted the photos of those girls. Xiongyi has his reason because the pocket money is not enough to let him continue to photography.

Mu Tian asked him to shoot Tang Zexue. Xiongyi feels that Mu Tian really likes Xue Sui. The evidence is that even if the photos are a bit flawed, he also collects all the bills. Because of this, when he proposed the name of Fujimura, Xiong was a bit surprised. Perhaps because Tang Zexue Sui was too unattainable, he shifted his goal and thought about it. No matter who Mu Tian likes, it has nothing to do with Xiongyi.

During the lunch break, Xiong just finished dinner and put the empty rice box into the foreskin. Jikki came to him, holding a big envelope in his hand.

“Are you going to the roof with me now?”

“The roof? What are you doing?”

“That’s it.” Juchi opened the enlightenment, and it was a photo of yesterday.

“Oh.” Xiong was interested at first, “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Under the urging of Juchi, Xiong stood up.

There is no one over the roof. Not long ago, there were still places where bad students gathered, but the school found that there were a lot of cigarette butt. After that, the trainee teacher often came to inspect, and no one came again.

After a few minutes, the door of the staircase opened, and Xiongyi was in the same class. Xiongyi knew what his surname was, but hardly talked to him. His surname is Tong Yuan, and he doesn’t remember what he names.

In fact, not only Xiongyi, he seems to be different from his classmates. No matter what he did, he was inconspicuous, and he rarely spoke during class. The lunch break and get out of class always read a book alone. A gloomy guy -this is the impression of Xiong a pair of him.

Tong Yuan walked in front of Xiongyi and Kikuchi, staring at them one by one. His eyes revealed the sharp light that had never been appeared before, and the hero was shocked.

“Why are you looking for me?” Tong was unhappy, and it seemed that Kikuchi came to him.

“I have something to show you,” Kikuchi said.


“This is this.” Juchi took a photo from the envelope.

Tong Yuan approached with a warning, glanced at the black and white photos, and then widened his eyes.

“what is this?”

“I think it can be used as a reference,” Kikuchi said. “It was a case four years ago.”

Xiong looked at the side face of Juchi. What kind of case four years ago?

“What do you want to say?” Tong Yuan stared at Juchi.

“Can’t you see it? The person in this photo is your mother.”

“Huh?” Xiongyi was exclaimed. Tong Yuan glanced at him fiercely, and turned his sharp eyes again: “No, that’s not my mother.”

“Why not? You can see clearly, obviously your mother, the former clerk before walking with her.” Juchi was a little bit angry.

Tong Yuan took another photo and slowly shook his head. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Anyway, the person in the photo is not my mother. You are nonsense!” He said to return the photo to Juchi, and turned to leave.

“Is this near the giving station? It is very close to your house.” Juchi said quickly behind Tongyuan, “Moreover, this photo was taken four years ago. It’s “Silent to Ask the Sky”. “

Tong Yuan stopped, but did not seem to talk about it with Juchi. “You’re annoyed.” He turned his head slightly, “What does it have to do with you?”

“I told you with kindness.” Juchi returned this sentence, but Tong Yuan glanced at the two of them, and went straight to the staircase.

“I wanted to say that I could be used as a clue.” Kikuchi said after Tong Yuan’s figure disappeared.

“What clues?” Xiongyi asked, “What was a case four years ago?”

When he heard Xiongyi asked, Kikuchi looked at him inconspicuously, and nodded. “Yes, you are not in the same primary school as he read, so I don’t know that case.”

“What is the case!” Xiongyi was impatient.

After looking around, Juchi said, “Qiuji, do you know Zhencheng Park? Near the Shi Shi Station.”

“Zhencheng Park? Ah …” Xiong nodded, “I have been there once.”

“There is a building next to that park, don’t remember? It is a building, but in fact, it is stopped and stopped.”

“It’s not clear, what’s wrong with that building?”

“Tong Yuan’s father was killed in that building four years ago.”


“The money is gone, they say that it should be the robbers. How big it was at that time! Every day, the police came around every day.”

“Did you catch the murderer?”

“The police suspected that a man might be a murderer, but nothing was found out. Because the man was dead.”

“Dead? I was killed?”

“No, no,” Kikuchi shook his head, “There was a car accident. The police checked his things, found a lighter, exactly exactly the same as Tong Yuan’s father.”

“Oh, find the lighter, it must be he done.”

“This is difficult to say. I only know that it is the same lighter, and it is not sure that it is Tongyuan’s father. So the question comes.” Juchi glanced at the stairwell in the staircase, and said, “After a short time, someone started someone at the beginning. Someone began to start. Biography. “

“What is it?”

“Saying the murderer may be his wife.”

“His wife?”

“Ask Tongyuan fucking. Some people said that his mother had a leg with the clerk, and he suspected that his father was hindered.” Kikuchi said that Tongyuan’s family was opened as a shop, and the clerk refers to the man who had done things in the pawnshop before.

However, for Xiongyi, although it is a friend’s narrative, it is like listening to the TV drama plot. If you have a leg with the clerk “, you don’t feel it. “What happened later?” Xiongyi asked him to continue.

“This has been passed for a long time. But there is no basis, and it will not be done later, and I forgot it. However, this photo,” Juchi pointed at the photo just now, “Look at the hotel! These two people must be from the hotel. from.”

“Is there any difference in this photo?”

“Of course! This is a proof of the fucking mother and the clerk! That is to say, they have the motivation to kill his dad. That’s how I think about it before I show photos to Tong Yuan.”

Juchi often borrows the library books, and can speak words such as “motivation”, most of which benefit from this.

“Saying this, but standing in Tong Yuan’s position, how could he doubt his mother?” Xiongyi said.

“I can understand that kind of mood, but sometimes no matter how unwilling to admit it, I still have to get things out of the water, isn’t it?” After speaking, Kikawa talked very much, and sighed gently, and said, ” Forget it, I will find a way to prove that this photo is the fucking of Tong Yuan. In this way, he can no longer install it. If this photo is taken to the police, they will definitely investigate. The police officer, I want to show him the photo. “

“Why are you so serious about this case?” Xiong Yi felt very puzzled.

Kikuchi took the photos while looking up at him. “It’s my brother who discovered the body.”

“Your brother? Really?”

“Um.” Juchi nodded.

“My brother told me, I also ran to see it. As a result, there was a corpse, so we told my mother and called her to call the police.”

“That’s it.”

“Because the corpse was found, I was asked several times by the police. However, the police asked not only to discover the corpse.”

“What’s the meaning?”

“The police thought that the victim’s money was gone, and it was reasonable to take it by the murderer. However, there is also the possibility of being taken away by a third party.”

“third party……”

“I heard that the person who found the corpse took a valuable thing before calling the police, it seemed not a rare thing.” Juchi sneered, “Not only that, the police thought more. This is also possible to discover the body. “

“how come……”

“It’s really true, but because of our poor family, they looked at us with skeptical eyes from the beginning. Also, because my mother had been to Tongyuan’s shop, the police did not let us go. “

“But isn’t the suspicion clear?”

Juchi snorted: “This is not the point.”

After listening to these words, Xiongyi didn’t know what to say, but just holding his hands and standing there. At this moment, they heard the sound of opening the door. A middle -aged male teacher came out of the stairwell, and the eyes behind the glasses seemed angry. “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing.” Juchi answered coldly.

“You! What is that? What are you holding?” The teacher stared at Juchi’s envelope, “Give me!”

He seemed to suspect that it was pornographic photos, and Kikuchi impatiently seized the envelope to the teacher. The teacher looked at the photo, and the strength between the eyebrows was released. Looking at the heroes, the reaction was a bit frustrated, and it was unexpected.

“What is this photo?” The teacher asked Kikuchi suspiciously.

“I used to take it on the road, I borrowed it from Qiuji.”

The teacher turned to Xiongyi: “Really?”

“Really.” Xiong Yi answered.

The teacher looked at the photos and looked at Xiongyi again. After a while, the photo was put back to the envelope. “Don’t take things that have nothing to do with schoolwork.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Xiongyi apologized.

The male teacher looked at the ground around them, probably to check whether there were cigarette butt, but fortunately found no. He didn’t speak anymore and returned the envelope to Juchi.

Then, the ringtone ended at the end of the lunch break.

After school, Xiongyi came to the Tsinghua Women’s Academy again. However, his goal today is not Tang Zexue. He walked along the wall for a while.

He stopped, because his ears had already captured the sound he was looking for -Xiao Tiqin.

He observed around, confirmed that no one was hesitated, and he climbed into the wire mesh without hesitation. The gray school building is in front of him, and the front of Xiongyi is the window on the first floor. The windows are closed, but the curtains are open, and the situation inside is unobstructed. Great! Xiongyi cheered in his heart. This is the music classroom.

Xiongyi changed his body’s perspective and poked his head. Standing on the other side of the piano, wearing a sailor suit, pulling the piano.

That’s Fujimura!

She looks more petite than Tang Zexue. short hair. He wanted to see her looks, but the light of the classroom was very dark, and the reflection of the glass window hindered the sight. As he stretched his neck longer, the violin sound stopped abruptly. Not only that, but also saw her walking to the window.

The glass window in front of Xiongyi was opened, and a girl with a strong face stared at him straight. Because of the sudden, he was too late to climb down from the wire.

“Worm!” The girl of Fujimura must be shouted. As scared by her cry, Xiongyi’s hand was loosened. Finally, his feet were on the ground. Although his butt fell to the ground, he was not injured. Someone shouted loudly. Bad! Escape! Hero ran as soon as he pulled his legs.

It wasn’t until he escaped the danger and was relieved that he realized that the girl shouted “bug”.


Every Tuesday and Friday night, Kawashima Jianglizi and Tang Zexue attended the English session tuition class together. She was influenced by Xue Sui.

Class time from seven to 8:30. The tutoring class was ten minutes away from the school, but Jiang Lizi was used to going home first after school, and then went out after dinner. During this time, Xuesui went to the practice of the drama club. Jiang Lizi, who is always inseparable from Xue Sui, can’t join the drama club until the third grade.

On Tuesday night, after the tutoring, the two walked side by side as usual. Halfway, when he came to the school, Xuesui said that he wanted to call home and went to the public phone booth. Jiang Lizi looked at the watch and was almost nine o’clock. This was the result of the endless talk in the tuition classroom.

“Wait for a long time,” Xue Sui called out, “My mother told me to go home quickly.”

“Then we have to speed up.”

“Well, do you want to copy the road?”


They usually walk along the road where there is a bus, and now the two are moved into the path. Walking this way is equal to the third side of the triangle, which can save a lot of time. They are rarely walking like this because the streets are dim, and most of them are warehouses and parking lots, and few residents. They walked in front of many buildings stacked with wood factories warehouses.

“Well!” Xue Sui stopped, looking at the direction of the warehouse.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is it the uniform of our school?” Xue Sui pointed at somewhere.

Jiang Lizi looked in the direction of her pointed, and a white cloth -like thing fell there by the corner material stacked by the wall.

“Well! Really?” She tilted her head, “Isn’t it a piece of cloth?”

“No, that’s the school uniform of our school.” Xuesui walked over and picked up the white cloth, “You see, it’s right.”

She was right, although it was broken, but it was indeed a school uniform. The light blue collar is exactly what Jiang Lizi is familiar with. “How can there be school uniforms here?” Jiang Lizi said.

“I don’t know … ah!” Xue Sui, who was looking at the uniform.


“This.” Xue Suo asked her to see the chest of the school uniform.

The brand is safe, and the “Fujimura” is written on it.

Jiang Lizi didn’t come to the ground to feel fear, and only felt a shudder climbing across his back, and just wanted to leave immediately.

Xue Sui looked around with her broken school uniforms. She found that there was a small door in the warehouse half -hidden, and she looked boldly inside.

“Let’s go home quickly!” When Jiang Lizi said this, he only heard Xue Su screaming, covering his mouth with his hands, and retreating.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Lizi asked trembled.

“Someone … where … maybe … maybe dead.” Xue Sui said.

Falling on the ground is the Toyo Muzi of Tsinghua Women’s Academy in the third grade and second grade in the junior high school, but did not die. Although her hands and feet were tied, the cloth that was stuffed with her mouth was tied behind her head, and she lost consciousness, but she quickly recovered her consciousness after being rescued.

It was Jiang Lizi and Xue Sui who found her, and there were other people who rescued her. They thought they found the body and did not dare to approach the warehouse after the alarm. The two held each other’s hand and trembled.

Fujimura’s upper body was naked, and all clothes were taken off except skirts and abandoned beside her. In addition, a black plastic bag was found.

The ambulancers who came quickly sent Duzi to the ambulance, but she couldn’t speak at all with her condition. Even if she saw Jiang Lizi, she had no response, and her eyes were empty.

Jiang Lizi and Xue Sui were taken to the nearby police station together, where they were brought to a simple question. For the first time, Jiang Lizi took a police car, but because of the tragic situation of Fujimura, he was really worried.

For them, all kinds of problems are a middle -aged man with a five -point flat -headed head. It looks like a kioski chef, but the temperament emitted from his body is completely different. Even if he knew that he was concerned about their feelings, he was as gentle as possible, and his sharp eyes still made Jiang Lizi fear.

The problem of police officers finally focused on their discovery of Duzi, and what clues about the incident. Regarding passing, Jiang Lizi and Xue Sui looked at each other from time to time to accurately describe it. The police did not seem to find a doubt. But when there is no clue, the two of them cannot provide any clues. Due to the danger of night roads, the school has always persuaded students to take the Avenue of the bus dealerships due to the late return of the community, but in fact they have never heard of an accident.

“When you go home from school, have you ever seen a strange person, or who ambush on the side of the road? It doesn’t matter if you encounter it yourself. Do you have a similar experience?” The female policeman next to him asked Essence

“I haven’t heard of such things.” Jiang Lizi replied.

“However,” Xue Sui said, “Someone peeps into school, or when we take a sneak shot when we get out of school?” She looked at Jiang Lizi and sought an approval.

Jiang Lizi nodded, and she forgot them.

“Is it the same person?” The police asked.

“There are several peeking, people who take pictures … I don’t know.” Jiang Lizi replied.

“But I think they are all in the same school.”

“School? Is it a student?” The policewoman opened her eyes wide.

“I think it’s a person in the junior high school.” Xue Sui said. Her determined tone made Jiang Lizi look at her a little surprisingly.

“Dajiang? Are you sure?” The policewoman needed to confirm.

“I used to live in Dajiang and recognize it. I think it is indeed the school emblem of Dajiang Junior High School.”

The policewoman looked at the middle -aged police. “What else do you remember?”

“If it was the last time I took a sneak shot, I knew what his surname was. At that time, he had a brand name on his chest.”

“What is the last name?” The middle -aged policeman’s eyes were shining, and the expression caught the prey.

“I remember it should be Qiuji. Autumn and winter autumn, Geely’s good.”

Jiang Lizi was surprised to listen to the conversation. Before, Xue Sui could be said to ignore the existence of those people, but it turned out that she even looked at each other’s name so carefully. Jiang Lizi didn’t remember whether the man had a famous brand.

“Qiuji … right?”

The middle -aged policeman said a few words in the ears of the policewoman, and the policewoman stood up.

“Finally, I would like to ask you to take a look.” The middle -aged police took out the plastic bag and put it in front of them. “This is something that dropped at the scene. Do you have an impression?”

The things in the plastic bag seem to be the hanging decoration of the key ring. The small dumper is tied to the chain, but the chain is broken.

“No.” Jiang Lizi said, Xue Sui also gave the same answer.


“Well, your chain is broken.” Xiong said after seeing Juchi’s wallet. In the lunch break, they bought a cowhal in the small sales department. Juchi stood in front of Xiongyi and was holding a wallet in her hand, but the key ring hanging on it was gone. Xiongyi remembers a little bitter.

“Yes, I discovered only yesterday evening.” Kikuchi said, “I still like that.”


“It seems. But, is this chain so easy to break?”

What a cheap goods! Xiong’s words almost swallowed back. It is strictly forbidden to play with Juchi.

“By the way,” Juchi lowered the volume, “Yesterday, I went to watch” Rocky “.”

“Oh, very good.” Xiong looked at him, heart, not long ago, you were still lamenting expensive movie tickets.

“I got the special preferential coupon of the film academy from an unexpected place.” Kikuchi seemed to see through Xiongji’s question, “Guests give me a mother.”

“Oh, that’s so lucky.” Xiongyi knew that Kikuchi’s mother worked in the market nearby.

“However, when I saw that I found out yesterday, I hurried to rush. Fortunately, I caught up with the last game, it was really dangerous. In fact, if you think about it, if it is not about to expire, others will not give away. “

“Maybe, how is the movie?”

“so cool!”

They began to discuss the movie enthusiastically.

The lunch break is about to end. When returning to the classroom, a classmate in the same class called Xiongyi and said that the classmate was looking for him. Their instructor is a science teacher nicknamed “Big Bear”, surnamed Xiong Ze.

At the teacher’s office, Xiong Ze was waiting for Xiongyi seriously. “Mr. Police from the Tianwang Temple Branch is here, and you have to ask you if you have something.”

The male was shocked. “Asked me what?”

“I heard that you sneaked in Tsinghua girl.” Xiong Ze’s turbid eyes stared at Xiongyi fiercely.

“Ah, I …” In the face of a sudden question, Xiong’s mouth tongue, speechless, was tantamount to not being self -recruiting.

“Well!” Xiong Ze snorted and stood up. “People are stupid and stupid, it is really a shame of school!” He moved his chin and motioned to him as soon as he walked with him.

There are three men in the guest room waiting. One of them was the training teacher he met on the roof last time. He stared at Xiongyi across the glasses. The other two are strangers, one is very young, and the other is middle -aged. Both of them are wearing simple dark suits. It seems that these two are the police.

Xiong Ze introduced them to Xiongyi. Every inch of the police stared at him without letting go.

“You who took photos of students from the junior high school of the Tsinghua Women’s Academy were you?” The middle -aged policeman asked, and the tone sounded warm, but it faintly revealed that the teachers did not have the fierceness. His voice alone was enough to make the heroic fear.

“Uh, I …” The tongue seemed to end.

“Everyone has seen your brand.” The criminal police pointed at Xiong’s chest, “It is said that because your last name is very special, remember.”

No, think about it.

“How? You’d better say, did you go to shoot?” The police asked again, and the young policeman beside him stared at Xiongyi. The expression of the training teacher is hard to see the extreme.

“Shooted …” Xiong Yi nodded helplessly, and Xiong Ze sighed heavily.

“Don’t you feel embarrassed to do this kind of thing?” The training teacher was so angry that he ate his mouth, and the forehead at the back line began to rise.

“Don’t do this, don’t do this.” The middle -aged policeman made a soothing gesture, and his eyes returned to Xiongyi. “Is the object of taking pictures fixed?”


“What do you know?”

“Know.” Xiong Yi’s voice was dumb.

“Can you help me write the name here?” The police took out the pen and paper.

Xiongyi wrote “Tang Ze Xue Sui”, and the police looked at it, revealing the expression.

“What about others?” The police asked, “Is there anyone else?” Just pat her? “

“Do you like her?” The police smiled badly.

“No … I like it, it’s my friend like it. I just take it for him.”

“Your friend? Why are you shooting him specially?”

Xiong bowed his head and bit his lips. Seeing his appearance, the police seemed to have discovered.

“Haha!” Police said interestingly, “You sell those photos, right?”

Speaking, Xiongyi couldn’t help trembling.

“You guy!” Xiong Ze burst out, “Idiot!”

“Is the only you taking a picture? Is there anyone else?” The middle -aged police asked.

“I don’t know, there should be no.”

“So, it is you who often peek at the Tsinghua playground? The students there said that there are often people peeking.”

Xiongyi raised his head. “I don’t, really, I only have to take pictures.”

“Who do you peele? Do you know?”

Most of them were Mu Tian, ​​and Xiong thought so, but did not speak in his mouth. If they were informed of him, he knew how miserable it would be in the end.

“It seems you know, but you don’t want to say. It’s not a good thing to hide it for you. Well, it’s okay. Please tell me what you do after school yesterday. The more detailed the better.”


“Yesterday … why? Can’t you say?”

“What happened?”

“Qiuji!” Xiong Ze roared, “You just need to answer!”

“Hey, it’s okay.” The middle -aged police appeased the emotional teacher again, looking at Xiong Yi with a smile, “A girl from Tsinghua was almost bullied near the school.”


Xiongyi felt his face stiff. “not me.”

“No one said that you did it, but the students there mentioned you there.” The tone of the police was still as calm, but it was full of meaning -at present you are the most suspicious.

“I don’t know, really …” Xiong shook his head.

“Then where did you and what did you do yesterday, nothing can be said, right?”

“Yesterday … After school, I went to the bookstore and record.” Xiong said back, “It was more than six o’clock at that time, and then stayed at home.”

“When you are at home, your family is there?”

“Yes, my mother is also at home. At about nine o’clock, my dad is back.”

“No one other than family?”

“No …” Xiong Yi answered, thinking, isn’t the proof of his family?

“Okay, what should I do?” The middle -aged police said to the young policeman around him in a discussing tone, “Qiu Ji said, the photos were not taken by the photos, but we couldn’t confirm his words.”

“That’s.” The young police officer agreed, and the corner of his mouth showed a disgusting smile.

“I really took pictures of my friends.”

“In this case, please tell me the name of that friend.” The middle -aged police said.

“This …” Xiong Yi was hesitant, but if he didn’t say it, he was afraid he would not be able to clear the suspicion. He didn’t want to do that.

The police tried the situation and said, “Don’t worry, we will not tell anyone what you said.”

This sentence simply said that on Xiongyi’s heart, he made up his mind. He scratched Mu Tian’s name. The training teacher immediately showed his annoying expression. It is conceivable that this name is indispensable every time.

“There is also this classmate Mu Tian in the people who peek at the Tsinghua playground?” The middle -aged policeman asked.

“I don’t know this.” Xiong Yi licked his dry lips.

“Do Mu Tian only ask you to take a picture of Tang Ze? Do you want you to take other girls?”

“Others, um …” Xiong for a moment, but decided to confertate honestly. At this point, it was revealed that there was no difference. “Recently, he wants me to take another person.”


“Fujimura, but I don’t know who she is.”

Without the words, Xiongyi felt that the air in the room suddenly became nervous, and the expression of the police also changed.

“Have you taken her picture?” The old policeman whispered.

“not yet.”

The police nodded and said, “Really?”

“Don’t shoot anymore.” Xiong Ze said from beside him, “You just do such a stupid thing, you will be suspected.”

Xiongyi nodded silently.

“We also want to confirm one thing.” The police took out the plastic bag, “Have you ever seen something in it?”

There is a little. in the bag. The male was shocked, that was the key ring suspension of Juchi!

“It seems you know.” The police noticed his expression.

Xiong Yi’s heart began to shake again. What are the consequences if you provide chrysanthemums? Will Kikuchi be suspected? However, if you lie at this time, it may make things worse. Moreover, even if they don’t say, they will find out the truth sooner or later …

“How?” The police knocked on the table with their fingers and urged him to answer. The sound of the sound was like a needle, and the sound was stinging.

Xiong swallowed a spit and whispered the owner of the tumbler.

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