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Speaking of the romance of Hangzhou bus, in addition to the 1314 and 155 roads, the “double” of the double -layer buses also has the meaning of the pairs of pairs in everyone’s eyes.

The line number of the 520 road is even more romantic with “I love you”.


No, on May 20, the romantic value of red beans is full.

On May 20, the electronic road sign of the double -layer bus will be set to “520➡️ I have you”, and the front, waist, and rear cards will be displayed simultaneously.

Among them, the vehicle’s side waist electronic street sign will display “520: I love you one heart, never leave you with you, be happy and sweet, and take care of you sincerely.”


Want to experience this unique romance?

At 1 pm on May 20th, go to the bus station of the Huanbei New Village to meet this big red bean, and the beloved TA. Let’s take a look at the landscape of Nanshan Road, West Lake Scenic Area, and Bagua fields. Maybe you can harvest flowers and cakes. , Sweets and other sweet gifts.

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