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In winter, in the strong requirements of the small red pollen, the assessment of the thermal insulation cup also arrived as expected. Last year, Xiaohonghua evaluated a series of thermal insulation cups, but most of them were relatively large capacity and caliber, suitable for school -age children’s insulation cups: “8 infant straw cups evaluation: which one makes the baby drink conveniently , Mom uses it with peace of mind? “

This time, the evaluation is more suitable for the baby’s thermal insulation straw cup. So, what will happen to this evaluation result?

Table of contents

1. Evaluation sample: 8 small capacity insulation straw cups

2. Evaluation indicators: 6 levels need


3. Thermal insulation effect: Comic’s performance is excellent

4. Sealing effect: Water leakage phenomenon, O’Right performance is the best performance

5. Test drinking experience: O’Right & DEXBABY is more suitable for infants and young children

6. Floor resistance: Conidic is easy to break

7. Appearance: Dexbaby and Fisher’s performance are better

8. Total Comment: O’Right is worth recommending

9. Consumption suggestion: How to use the insulation straw cup correctly?

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Evaluation sample

8 small capacity insulation straw cups


The capacity of the 8 insulation straw cups of this evaluation is below 300ml, and the price range is less than 200 yuan. They are all common brands on e -commerce platforms. Moreover, the vast majority of double-handed hands are convenient for babies to grasp. The application of age is 1-3 years old.

Some popular import brands have not been included in this evaluation because they do not have small -capacity insulation cups for infants and young children.

The specific sample information is shown in the figure below:

Evaluation indicator

Need 6 levels


This evaluation process is to first evaluate the following 5 indicators, and then select the top products in the general evaluation to perform the safety testing of the laboratory. The specific evaluation indicators and methods are shown below:

Insulation effect


Concker’s performance excellent performance


The insulation cup, of course, thermal insulation performance is the most important. The test method of thermal insulation performance is the national standard “GB/T 29606-2013 stainless steel vacuum cup”. The requirements are: install 100 ° C hot water in the cup. The water temperature in the stuffing heating cup should be above 42 ° C.

So what is the effect of the 8 insulation straw cups?

After experiments, the thermal insulation effects of the 8 insulation cups are within the scope of the national standard requirements.


1. Conidic’s thermal insulation effect is far ahead of 7 other products, ranking first.


2. Lexis and Dexbaby’s thermal insulation effect is relatively poor.


Sealing effect

Water leak

The small insulation cup is generally drinking by the baby by himself, so compared to the big insulation cup used by adults with water, the sealing requirements are higher. After all, do not want the baby to leak water and wet body, or be painted by hot water.


Therefore, the little red flower evaluation was tested from the sealing of these 8 cups from all directions.


The first is that the cup is shaken up 10 times. All the cups in this level have passed smoothly without leakage.

Then after opening the lid, the cup mouth was shaking down, and there were many cups that appeared from the exhaust holes or the mouth of the straw. There are only O’Right and good children in the 8 insulation cups that have no inverted leakage.

In addition to shaking the water, sometimes if the temperature in the thermal insulation cup is too high, the sealing steam will squeeze the hot water out of the straw, which is easy to scal the people.

Although the baby’s self -use cup is recommended to control the water temperature at 50 °, for the baby’s young skin, 50 ° will not scald and it will pain.

Therefore, the small red flower evaluation simulates the daily life situation, adds about 50 ° C in the thermal insulation cup, and then open the lid to observe whether there is an overflow.

In the final 8 insulation cups, there were 4 phenomena of overflow, namely BabyCare, FACE, Fei Xue and Dexbaby. Parents who used these four insulation cups at home should pay attention. Try not to take the straw when you open the lid. Do not take the straw as much as possible The mouth is facing the baby to avoid burns.


In summary, the sealing score of the 8 insulation cups is shown below:

1. The best sealing effect is O’Right and good children.

2. BabyCare, Face, Feixue and Dexbaby are all unsatisfactory, with inverted water leakage or overflow.

Test experience

O’Right & devbaby is more suitable for infants and young children

For young babies, drinking water can be any posture and at any position. Therefore, the evaluation of Xiaohonghua also wants to try it for the babies. It is not convenient for these insulation cups to drink water and uncomfortable.

I do n’t know if I do n’t drink it. Some of them are full of water when they drink. You can see the four cups of BabyCare, FACE, Fei Xue and Lexingle. Essence

Even if it is leaked to the chin, some are still omitting at the nose, it is terrible! The little red flowers who were leaked with water were scheduled with tears, and it was recommended that the Bao Bao Bao Mom, it was better not to let the baby lie down to drink water.

In addition to leaking water, BabyCare, FACE, and Fei Xue of the 8 cups are not designed with anti -anti -sneer, so the speed of water absorption will be relatively fast, and the Conidic straws are larger. These 3 models are more suitable for older children;

O’Right and DEXBABY can easily allow the baby to suck water when the cup is inverted or placed, and there will be no leakage. Therefore The best performance.


1. O’Right and Dexbaby are more suitable for smaller babies.

2. Contel and good children are more suitable for babies.



Conidic is easy to break

When the baby is drinking water, it is inevitable that he is unstable or likes to make trouble, so a good thermos cup must be resistant to falling. In addition, the structure is simple to facilitate parents to clean.

Let’s first come a violent drop cup map:

Among the eight insulation cups, Kon Dick had a relatively obvious bottom depression after being dropped. Dexbaby was fell off the cup lid. The cup lids of the music buckle were loosened, and the remaining five products were excellent.


▲ The bottom of the Conidic Cup was flattened


Therefore, the score of anti -falling resistance is shown below:


dexbaby and Fisher’s performance are better

Easy to clean:

The parts of the 8 cups are shown below

As can be seen from the figure, the structure of most cups except Conidic and Face is relatively simple and easy to clean.

Open cover method:

The music buckle and O’Right are more stable than the cups of the six buttons to open the lid. It can also avoid problems that cause difficulty in opening the lid due to the failure of the button.


Non-slip mat:

Face and Fei Xue also put on non -slip pads on the bottom of the cup, which can increase the friction of the bottom of the cup and reduce the possibility of cup dumping.



O’richt is worth recommending

Based on the test results of the above five indicators, the small red flower evaluation divides the weight according to the importance of different indicators, and then gives points.


Among the two cups tied for the first place, Conidic has the best insulation effect and better sealing. However, the straw is large, it does not have a gravity ball and it is easier to fall and deform. It is more suitable for older babies (the advice of the brand is also applicable to 3 years old).

O’Right has good sealing, strong anti -falling resistance, and the insulation can meet the national standard requirements. It has its own gravity ball. The wall wall uses a better quality of 316 steel, which is more suitable for young babies.

After testing, O’Right’s stainless steel brand, heavy metal precipitated, the total migration of the straw mouth and the consumption of potassium permanganate meets the security requirements of the national target.

In summary, the recommendation product of the infant thermal insulation straw cup is:

Price: 99 yuan/260ml

Advantages: good sealing, good anti -falls, and a V -shaped anti -lying design with a gravity ball and a mouth suction, which is more suitable for young infants and young children.

Disadvantages: small capacity, more thermal insulation performance.

Consumer Suggestion: Recommendation for the use of thermal insulation straw cup

1. Don’t install acidic beverages or dairy products. Drinks such as hot milk and hot porridge are easily corrupted with insulation cups, and acidic beverages such as juice and carbonate soda are easily corroded to the inner wall of the heating bottle.

2. Do not load water with high temperature in the cup. Try not to face the straw mouth to the person when the lid is opened to prevent the overflowing hot water burns.

3. Try to ensure that it can be cleaned every day. The structure of most thermal insulation cups is relatively complicated, especially the straw mouth. If it is not guaranteed to clean daily, it is easy to have mold breeding.


Text/Chen Jie

Introduction to Xiao Honghua Testing:

We are the first batch of people engaged in the comparative evaluation of goods in China. The purpose of setting up the “Little Red Flower Evaluation” is to recommend more secure and cost -effective children and family products through independent, objective and professional comparative evaluation.

The “Little Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to the three principles: not accepting test samples provided by the enterprise, advertising and sponsorship attempts to affect the test results, and entrusted national certification testing institutions to test independently.


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