Our family is a hometown, facing demolition, and still uses liquefied gas. The little bang of the stove is “frightened”. I am stupid enough. It was affected by cooking. In the troubles, I have arranged my son to buy another new one, this scrap. After calmness, I thought: A retired master of our unit was called Tang Ligui. He was retired by liquefied gas stations. The skills of liquefied gas and natural gas stoves were particularly high. We both knew him. Why not ask him for help? Master Tang laughed when I saw my half -new stove: How many days were used, and I was scrapped? Is it too luxurious? In the master’s adjustment explanation, I summarized a few to share with you:

1. The light should not be too strong. If the light is too strong, it can be properly blocked. This is mainly to observe the flame. The master used a wooden board to observe the flame.

2. It should not be adjusted for empty burning. It is best to put on the commonly used pot, and the pot is added with things, that is, let the pot in the working state.

3. Check whether the wind door sheet is tightly affixed and the sprout elasticity is normal to stand up to the wind door. If so, the following wind door can be adjusted.

4. Close the wind gate until the minimum, observe the color and firepower of the flame, and then adjust it to the maximum observation. After remembering the first two states, the wind gate is adjusted from large to small, and the stronger firepower and the most blue flames are the end.

5. Finally, the most critical and simplest trick: check all the accessories of all accessories, and directly move the wind door block to the middle. In fact, this is the best flame point for others to locate before the factory. It is a fire on the edge of the stove, and the right block is the small fire in the middle of the cooker. (The degeneration of my stove is that this block is too large). At this time Just it’s okay. If you feel the flame is not enough, just tone the paddles on the left. The fifth and fourth are the same. It is nothing more than saying more straightforward.

It is necessary to emphasize that after connecting the pipe, check the positioning of the paddles, because the movement is too large, the two paddles are likely to be shifted, and it is enough to return to the tone.

In recent years, the natural gas and liquefied gas stoves have become more and more fancy, and the prices have climbed to more than 1,000 yuan. In fact, there are really no gadgets in it. There are problems, and it is not good to check the Internet. Most of them are very vague. We need to read and analyze carefully. Remember the last one I said: restore the paddle positioning before the factory, and then gently tune … Don’t be too complicated, really don’t, it’s like me, please, please.

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