It is a common thing for many people to wear and roll over. After all, everyone has an error or error in their bodies and styles. Not only we, even when Queen Spain has a rollover, Lottzia appeared outdoors outdoors on March 17, local time, wearing large -size suit and hip skirts. stand up.


Many times, we will think that only the slightly fat girls are the most difficult to find the right dress, but in fact, all kinds of figures are wearing the penalty area. For slightly fat girls, the restricted area is a self -slim product, especially thin slim products, which can easily expose body problems, such as fatty fat and thick legs.

For girls with thin stature, they must avoid too loose clothes, especially for uniforms and other items. Even if you choose a loose design, pay attention to the matching method.

It is relatively thick and strong, which is very strong, and it is easier to show personal aura. However, pay special attention when wearing it. If you choose a loose design blindly, and do not pay attention to the outline of the figure, it is easy to make the clothes the biggest highlight. Therefore, when choosing a suit or windbreaker, you can choose a more slim design to outline your body curve, so that the slender waistline is displayed through the version of the suit, showing a good figure.


Of course, in recent years, the loose suit seems to be a hot style, and it does not mean that girls with thin figure cannot try, but to pay special attention to the matching model. The loose version of the suit jacket can not be fastened, and the body items are repaired. The simple atmosphere is a little sexy.

The most important thing is that the body curve can be displayed in the inside. It seems that the whole person is small and exquisite but not contrary to reconciliation. In short, it can achieve very good results, which is very suitable for women in the workplace.

In addition to suits, there are many girls who are suitable for thin figures. Although lean does not mean that it can be arbitrarily matched, thin figure can definitely reduce the error rate.


For example, the vertical flower shirt, for slightly fat girls, need to pay special attention to the choice of color and the version of the clothes. It is easy to show fat if you don’t pay attention. There is no need to have such troubles in thin figure. The colorful shirt with white trousers can show fresh and elegant sense of elegance. Whether it is work or commuting, it is a good choice.

Black leather jacket is not a thunder, it just depends on how you wear it. Common black leather jackets are relatively fixed. They are just like a suit. They are repaired and paired with trousers. They are handsome and advanced. But if this kind of leather jacket is not buckled, you need to pay attention. Unless your body is particularly thin, you should avoid trying.

Similarly, the tone version similar to the leather coat is not a single product suitable for slightly fat girls. For girls with thin stature, they can try at will, which can outline their figures and show a sense of high level. With a pair of trousers, don’t be too advanced.

For office workers, the most time -consuming may not be in the morning’s makeup and eating, but to choose the clothes link. It is necessary to ensure that the styling is capable and elegant, but also want to have some breakthroughs, but also worried about their problems. At this time, the set is your best choice. Before buying, you have already paired it. You do n’t need to do secondary matching, it is a matter of all. At the same time, is there any more styling more than a suit suit to show a high -level elegance?


Similarly, it is similar to a dress. Compared with the capable and elegant workplace style of the suit suit, the dress can have many styles. If you feel monotonous, you can also match some items you feel suitable. For example, a slim dress, wearing elegance alone, can also outline the figure, and if it is paired with a trench coat or suit, it will not appear to be disobedient, but adds a bit of elegance.

There are thunder areas in all kinds of figures. The beautiful “clothes shelf” figure is still a small number, so no matter what the figure, you must pay attention to lightning avoidance. Don’t try the shape of your body.

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