Known as the “ghost” in the stomach (HP), it is a chronic infectious pathogenic bacteria globally in the world. It is understood that the infection rate of pylori in my country exceeds 50%.

“‘Teeth’ began, the whole family did not have ‘fantastic’; inventing gold awards, patent formula; one -time results, never stinky” in recent years, “resistance toothpaste” rely on the gimmick to kill Pymobacter pylori, through a large amount of advertising, publicity, Use gel or bacterial cream to serve as toothpaste to sell on major e -commerce platforms and the market. Authoritative experts pointed out that pylori is planted in the stomach, and it is not reliable by prevention and control of toothpaste.

The hot -selling “anti -Youyou toothpaste” is not reliable

In recent years, many “anti -Youyounto toothpastes” who are known as killing artifacts, bad stars, and gastric cancer prevention have been selling on major e -commerce platforms and the market.

Some merchants promote the screenshot of the effect of anti -gantrum toothpaste.

Ms. Guan from Guiyang was diagnosed in the hospital for diagnosis of H. pylori in the hospital for uncomfortable stomach. She told reporters that at that time, she searched for “H. pylori” on the Internet. The advertisement and sales link of Youyanpan “, with the mentality of trying it, purchased 4” Anti -Youyou toothpaste “named” Stop “, which cost nearly 400 yuan.

The reporter searched for HP toothpaste on the e -commerce platform and found that there are many “anti -Youyou toothpastes” names, such as Youluo Satoshi, Youluo Shaxin, Must stop, net ghost, etc. Many of them show tens of thousands of monthly sales. Single, the price is also a lot more expensive than ordinary toothpaste.

The reporter randomly opened an e -commerce shop selling “anti -Youyou toothpaste”. The customer service said: “This ‘anti -youth toothpaste’ in the shop can effectively remove H. pylori, improve bad breath, and prevent gastric cancer. ten.”

Is “Anti -Youyou toothpaste” so amazing? Jiang Xuan, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Tsinghua University of Tsinghua University of Tsinghua University, said that first of all, Helicobacter pylori was mainly planted in the stomach in the human body. In the past, there were reports of detecting H. pylori in the oral cavity. Site. Toothpaste acts on the oral cavity, and even if it has the effect of inhibitory or killing, it cannot play a role in pylori in the stomach. Secondly, the relationship between bad breath and pylori infection of pylori is not clear. The more clear relationships include dental caries, oral hygiene, and nasal problems. In addition, stomach diseases such as gastric empty disorder or indigestion can also cause bad breath. Corresponding treatment for different causes, such as treating dental caries and periodontal diseases, use dental floss to clean food olics, and strengthen oral care such as daily brushing.

At the end of July this year, the “Scientific Rumor Platform” published by the China Science and Technology Association and other departments “Scientific Ballad Platform” “Using” Gentle Pymioccoet toothpaste “can kill HP? Think of a bit beautiful “. The article pointed out that H. pylori is a recognized pathogenic bacteria of chronic mosaic gastritis, which is mainly planted in the gastric mucosa layer. People with HP, the test rate of Helicobacteria in the mouth is also high, and mainly exists in plaque, especially for patients with chronic gastric disease at the same time, take their plaque culture, HP positive rate is as high as 80 up to 80 %above. HP toothpaste can only act on the HP in the mouth, and the HP in the stomach basically does not have a bactericidal effect. No studies have shown that a certain kind of toothpaste can be cured by brushing your teeth every day.

The reporter noticed that the hot -selling “anti -Youyounthesis” basically labeled the special ingredients they added to be “killing”. For example, some ingredients include milk iron protein, milky protein, and enzymes. In this regard, Feng Yunzhi, a professor at Oral Center at Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, told reporters that these are drugs with antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects, but it is not appropriate to say that it is not appropriate to kill a certain bacteria. Some ingredients listed by the “anti -Youyou” toothpaste include licorice, plate blue root, and forsythia. Jiang Xuan pointed out that these are Chinese medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying, which may indeed improve the oral environment, but cannot kill Helicobacter pylori.

It is understood that the infection rate of pylori in my country exceeds 50%. This also made many merchants smell “business opportunities” and played “wipe the ball”. Jiang Xuan said that in fact, the treatment of pylori in the pylori requires a variety of drugs such as acidic suppression agents, crickets, antibiotics and other drugs. The treatment may have a good treatment effect for half a month. Therefore, toothpaste alone to treat Helicobacter pylori infection, it is like itching of boots and is not reliable.

Escape the supervision “Fun” consumers

The reporter sorted out and found that the reason why the “anti -Youetan toothpaste” can sell well is that in addition to the limited understanding of Pneuminobacteria in some people, it can be blamed more on some merchants’ “flickering”.

The reporter opened a link called “Anti -You Youyan” called “Yunnan Materia Medica” on the e -commerce platform. The details introduction of the details: “‘You You’ suffer from severe, and it cannot be ignored. Do you often nausea and bloating and stomach pain. , Oral inflammation? One person is contagious, and the whole family suffers, all of which are pylori! “

In addition, a introduction called “HP Oral Ambiotic Cream” reads “Helicobacter pylori is the culprit that leads to gastric cancer.” Caused by pylori. “

Searching for “HP toothpaste” on major e -commerce platforms can be seen that the publicity of making oral anxiety like the above is very common, which caused some people to talk about “quiet” color changes.

At present, the health industry standards “Evaluation of Toothpaste Effects” performed by the health department include 3 aspects: anti -caries, inhibitory plaque and reducing gum inflammation, as well as anti -dental sensitivity. In terms of comparison, some “resistant toothpastes” claimed to kill Helicobacter pylori, eliminate bad breath, and prevent gastric cancer.

On November 13, 2020, the State Drug Administration issued the “Measures for Toothpaste Supervision and Administration (Draft for Opinions)” that the naming of toothpaste involves the content of the effect of the effect, and the product shall have the actual effect that consistent with the naming content; toothpaste labels must not be Mark the content, false or misunderstanding of content, false or misunderstandings, etc.

In addition to creating oral anxiety, some merchants also intend to change their heads to avoid supervision. The reporter contacted Henan Jintui Grass Book Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on the grounds of ordering “Anti -Youyanpan”. Youluo Shaxin Cold Plague Gel “.


According to the salesperson, the company applied for the “weapon number” in the past, and the word “gel” was printed on the trademark, but this year was stopped. The salesman told reporters: “If you need to order the” anti -youth toothpaste “, the company can apply for the” font size “as soon as possible and write dental bacteriostatic paste on the trademark.” The reporter learned that in order to avoid risks, the company no longer produces its own brand. “Anti -Youyan toothpaste”, but accepting a merchant order, and promised to help apply for the “elimination number” and design toothpaste packaging.

In response to reporters asking the “anti -ethics toothpaste” ingredients they produced, the salesperson repeatedly avoided it, but during the conversation, she said that there was no “anti -ecstasy” effect, and the country did not allow it.

In order to escape the supervision, some “anti -ethics toothpaste” packaging is written on the “weapon number” gel, and some of which are written in the “anti -word” bacteriostatic paste. In fact, the “elimination number” refers to the sanitary batch number approved by the local health department. It does not have any efficacy and belongs to the category of sanitary disinfection. Routine management can ensure its safe and effective medical equipment. Toothpaste is generally the “makeup name” of the application.

There are also some merchants who tiger Pippi. On the outer packaging of the “Youluo Steel HP toothpaste” viewed by the reporter, there are eye -catching labels “Anti -Orthodolita Helicobacter Pylori Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothpaste National Invention Patent ZL201410168022.9” “Invention Entrepreneurship Prize”, “Test Report” National product standard GB/T8372-2017 “, but has never seen the” Effective toothpaste “standard GB/T2966-2014. After investigation, the reporter found that the e -commerce platform and most of the “anti -Youyou toothpastes” on the market existing in the situation of “flickering” consumers under the banner of patents and gold awards.

In this regard, Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary -general of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Chinese Law Society, said that enterprises have obtained the patent of the “anti -vocabulary pylori toothpaste toothpaste”, which does not mean that they must have the ability to mass -produce the anti -mouth pylori toothpaste. It cannot prove that the toothpaste produced must have the effect of anti -mouth pylori. The “test report” provided by the above merchants can only prove that they have carried out research on anti -oral HP care supplies. However, it is another matter if its product adopts the results of the experiment, or whether it has achieved the relevant effect after the result has achieved the effect.

Strengthen the elimination of science education to eliminate regulatory blind spots

“‘Anti -Youyanohoho’ reasonable to have a market is due to ordinary people’s understanding of H. pylori, and even partial understanding of errors.” Jiang Xuan said that it should strengthen the popular science propaganda and education of P. of Reasonable medical treatment, scientific consumption, avoid blind obedience.


Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, believes that market supervision departments and online information departments should form a linkage mechanism, continue to increase regulatory efforts, and eliminate the blind spots of supervision as much as possible. The illegal production and business behavior of infringing consumer rights and interests “zero tolerance” found together to investigate and deal with it, and included it in the “blacklist” to create a market environment of clear and honest, honesty, faith, and fairness.

Peng Peng, a lawyer of Gansu Shenzhou Law Firm, said that the relevant departments must comprehensively strengthen the monitoring and supervision of toothpaste advertisements, strengthen the administrative guidance of Internet operators, and urge the guidance of advertising operations and release industries to establish and improve the acceptance, review, and archive management system for the establishment and improve advertising business; Strictly investigate the case of false illegal advertising, and strictly re -investigate the false illegal advertisement involved in consumer health in accordance with the law. In addition, the State Drug Administration released the “Measures for Toothpaste Supervision and Administration (Draft for Opinions)” last year.

Chen Yinjiang said that in addition to the regulatory authorities, they must increase regulatory efforts to be similar to suspected false propaganda or misleading consumers. Consumers should also protect their rights in accordance with the law in case of damage to rights and interests, so as not to allow illegal merchants to have any luck.

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

Some merchants promote the screenshot of the effect of anti -gantrum toothpaste.

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