Women’s dressing seems simple. In fact, she has a lot of knowledge. The women who can wear them look good because they have more skills in matching.

This spring,

The combination of suit pants and canvas shoes has become the new love of fashionables

, Easily wear an elegant and comfortable feeling, so that you are focusing in the spring season!


Classic and versatile in suit pants, with some simple taste, wearing can present the formal feeling. The pants are generally straight, and the effect of the leg shape is also very good; canvas shoes have a casual feeling, putting the comfortable and comfortable taste.

The two are matched with each other, wearing leisure and fashion, and also with some serious taste, showing the temperament well, showing a sense of fashion.

“Suit pants+canvas shoes” analysis

1. Nine -point pants type, which can create a sense of prosperity

Nine -point suit pants, simple and beautiful, wearing can set off the leg shape very slender

Essence If you don’t want to feel procrastinating, you choose the nine -point shape, so that you can interpret Lisuo’s dressing feelings.

Combined with canvas shoes, showing a very fashionable and concise taste, easy to wear a very leisure and comfortable feeling, creating a full and simple and casualness, and the street feeling is natural.

2. Select the contrast color and wear a sense of layering


Compared with color -made suit pants and canvas shoes,

Visual differences are strong


, Especially those color systems with strong contrast colors, like a combination of dark and light colors, can bring a very intuitive feeling.


If you choose those who are more suitable for pants to wear

The overall style of styling will also become very fashionable

And if you are more coordinated in order to wear, then the top is paired with the same color as the shoes, so that the sense of sight will become more beautiful.

3. Simple color, more likely to wear a sense of high -level

If the suit pants and canvas shoes are matched with a simple solid color system, then

Wear a more advanced feeling

Even the version is very general tailoring, but it can build this fashionable style.

Choose the same color matching under the jacket, so in terms of the combination of the entire shape, it can be perfectly created. It is more beautiful and generous to look at it, and the dress is not worried about stepping on the thunder.


4. The matching of small items requires adaptation of main clothing

The dress with small items requires some adaptive main clothing. Like loose version of suit pants, it is simple and free, but it shows a different trend style.

Simple canvas shoes are matched with it, which can create the taste of leisure and can create the casual and free fan. With a simple casual top, then the entire dressing shape becomes perfect. It’s right.

“Suit pants+canvas shoes” matching demonstration

1. suit pants+canvas shoes with a small shirt

The white T -shirt is stylish and versatile and looks classic, and the loose version of the tailoring can be tolerant of all kinds of figures. The green checkered suit trousers are simple and classic, spreading with a fresh and retro atmosphere.


A pair of small white shoes help to create a simple and casual feeling, and such a dress is very lively and has a good youthful sense of youth.

2. suit pants+canvas shoes with jacket

The light -colored medium -length jacket is full of atmosphere and chic, and the white shirt is worn as an inner, and the effect of setting off the skin color is also very strong.

The black suit pants on the lower body, loose and concise, paired with black casual canvas shoes with white collision strips. The simple and comfortable foot feeling is spontaneous. Whether you go out of the street or go out and go out, you can easily get on your body, showing the atmospheric style.

The combination of smooth colors is simple and fashionable, like the combination of suit jackets and trousers, classic and concise, with a serious taste, which is very suitable for the atmosphere of the workplace.


If a woman with a good figure can be worn with her waist, creating a slender waist well, paired with a pair of canvas shoes, the simple and casual flavor is exhausted. Combined with exquisite makeup and adapted hairstyles, it can also create a simple and united style.


3. suit pants+canvas shoes with sunglasses

The fashionable suit is simple and generous, and the coherent is also very strong. It can be created by the coordination of dressing. The color belongs to the color system of earth color. Add some embellishment of red and green contrasting colors. This looks fashionable and picky, and the tailoring of suit shapes is also very three -dimensional. With black and white contrasting canvas shoes, the youthful and pretty taste It is also created invisible. With your favorite cross -body bag, it becomes relaxed and freehand out of the street.


The classic black and white contrasting color is not worried about it at all. It uses white shirts to be simple and beautiful, and it is unsatisfactory. With a slightly loose version, the hem stuffed a little in the waist of the pants, very deliberate and casual. The nine -point trousers are black, which is created with the color of the top.

Wear a pair of white dwarf canvas shoes, and then carry a small black cross -body bag. Whether you wear it at work or daily matching, you can control it.

4. suit pants+canvas shoes with bags

The messenger bag is more versatile, and the way of carrying it will also be liked by many women. Whether it is a man in the workplace or a fashionable tide, they can wear that fashionable feeling well.

The suit suit with a suit style design, saving trouble and dignified atmosphere. In order to make it more comfortable and comfortable to wear, wearing a pair of canvas shoes is OK, showing a refreshing heroic style.


The classic and retro of the checkered suit is a well -known thing. The tailoring of the double -breasted buckle looks very layered.


With a small white tube top, the wearing method of wearing is also well performed, and the pants are also the same color system as the suit color. This will be created in coherence. Black canvas shoes, simple and casual flavors are also created very well, and it is very picky.

Gray is colorless, creating a simple sense of high -level, and using the style of the suit suit, the overall harmony is perfect.

The style is a relatively slimming shape, so that the rigorous feeling is very good, a pair of black and white canvas shoes, wearing a simple and casual atmosphere, with a black bag, which is very practical, but also not disappeared without decorative properties. You can also wear a handsome sunglasses to create a sense of shape.



The matching of suit pants and canvas shoes is simple and generous, and the fashion effects we wear are different. If you also like the matching of suit pants and canvas shoes, then combine these clothes on it and wear it to wear out what you want to want The fashion charm is very picky.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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This spring “suit pants+canvas shoes” is on fire, elegant and intellectual temperament, it is beautiful to wear

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