At the time of the decoration, because I was relatively tight, I bought a mattress and slept. After a long time, I found that the mattress at home is really not good. Not only will there be a lot of fluctuations when turning over, but I feel uncomfortable every day when I sleep. After some ideological struggle, I finally started the 8H black diamond mattress. Good mattresses really bring higher sleep quality. I really want to give this mattress to everyone around them.

一夜无梦的秘密 跟8H黑金刚床垫一觉到天亮

Face value

Let’s talk about the value of this 8H diamond mattress. The combination of light gray and dark gray makes people feel very high at a glance, especially with my decoration style of my family. The hexagonal pattern design on the surface is not only good -looking, but also has strong practicality. It can avoid running back and forth on the mattress on the mattress to affect sleep.

Oil wax skins are used around the mattress, which is slippery and feels good. In case you accidentally stain, wipe a few times with a wet towel. The side of the mattress is printed with the black King Kong spring sleeve, showing its style and status.

一夜无梦的秘密 跟8H黑金刚床垫一觉到天亮

Inner and outer sleeves are equipped with zippers, which can be disassembled and washed away. Compared with the irregular mattresses on the market, it is more user -friendly.

一夜无梦的秘密 跟8H黑金刚床垫一觉到天亮


一夜无梦的秘密 跟8H黑金刚床垫一觉到天亮

This mattress looks ordinary, in fact, the connotation is mysterious. The 25cmm mattress is mainly composed of 7 layers of materials, namely silver ionic antibacterial ecological fabric Clean Lab, three -dimensional gel cotton, A -faced Thailand imported latex, cotton felt mute layer, black diamond ultra -caliber spring, high density cold bubble pimple Border, B -sided Bangladesh imported jute, three -dimensional gum cotton and soft skin -friendly fabric. The seven -layer real material is placed one by one based on the scientific ratio, which forms a seemingly simple but connotative mysterious 8H black King Kong mattress.

8H high -quality cold -pulling carbon spring steel wire is treated with ice quenching practice. The physical properties are excellent and the rebound is fast. The official has done more than 100,000 anti -fatigue tests and found that the recovery rate is as high as 97%, which means that this mattress has a long service life, which can withstand various back and forth rolls.

Moreover, its spring uses a large -caliber Black King Kong technology spring. Compared with other springs on the market, the diameter area is 1.7 times. It can rebound 8 times in one minute and the support is stronger.

In order to better play the strength of the spring, the 8H designer also wrapped the spring with DuPont’s high -performance non -woven fabric to allow them to operate independently and increase the support. life.

Everyone has different requirements for the hardness of the mattress. Like I prefer a soft mattress, and the parents prefer a harder mattress because of the lumbar disc. Therefore, the 8H diamond mattress designed two sides of AB, with different hardness.

The A side uses the pure natural latex of Thailand, which is relatively soft. Sleeping on it has a feeling of sleeping on the clouds, especially now the weather is cold, lying on the bed and covering a thick quilt. leave.

The B side uses the Bangladesh Ganges River natural jute, which is more elastic and tough than latex. Coupled with the natural octagonal shape of the inner core, it can better support the body and give full support for the spine. Since changing this mattress, my mother’s waist plate has a lot better.

一夜无梦的秘密 跟8H黑金刚床垫一觉到天亮

The mattress at home was uncomfortable before. One of the important reasons was not breathable enough, so this time when choosing the mattress, I especially valued this. The surface of the 8H diamond mattress uses silver ions antibacterial ecological fabric Clean Lab, which is made of ecological antibacterial fiber. a feeling of.

The first time I received the mattress, I quickly arranged it. The size of the mattress is just right with my bed rack. Four pieces are commonly used, and the proper “sleeping nest”! Before sleeping, the people around me would drive the mattress at will. It was too painful for me to sleep. And this 8H black diamond mattress will not happen. People around them will not have an impact on randomness, which is great. Since sleeping this mattress, it was almost no dream overnight, sleeping until dawn.


一夜无梦的秘密 跟8H黑金刚床垫一觉到天亮

Human life has been dealing with bed for a long time, and it is important to choose a suitable mattress. The 8H black diamond mattress not only sleeps comfortably, but also has good breathability. AB is available on both sides and is very humane!

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