Tight leggings can be said to be a single product that women like, but it is also a very “extreme” item. If a woman with a good figure is beautiful after wearing it, they can easily show their body advantages, but for women with elephant legs and spiral legs, wearing “tight leggings” can easily expose their own shortcomings, so many women are right for women. It loves and hates.

So, can’t this “disadvantage” really not solve? Here, you can tell everyone that there is a way. As long as you choose the length of the coat, the defects on the legs can easily cover it, and it can also create a very fashionable effect.

Next, I will share a few methods and techniques for winter tight pants for friends. I also hope to help women with poor leg lines and can easily create a fashionable image.


The correct way to wear tight leggings

Women who are not very good should be “promoted to avoid weaknesses” when they are dressed, and use the clothing version to cover up the disadvantages to better show their own advantages. In this way, the sense of fashion can be greatly improved. Naturally, it will improve. Women like women with thick legs and poor legs can use such dressing skills to easily create fashionable shapes.

For example, choosing a jacket with a knee, the defects on the legs will naturally be perfectly covered. As long as the ankle can be used to make the wear very fashionable, and it can also add a slender sense of shape.

Similarly, the matching of down jackets can also show a very fashionable effect, which can greatly improve the warmth of the dressing, and easily realize the winter shape of the coexistence of “demeanor and temperature”. If you want to create a bloated image, it is recommended that friends and friends also choose the slim -fitting down jacket, which can also greatly optimize the figure and be more fashionable.

In addition to the coat, we should also pay attention to the matching of the feet. Like short boots and over -knee boots are good choices, which increases temperature and is very foreign. If you like to wear low -top shoes, you may wish to try to match the middle socks, which can keep it warm and add the color sense. It looks very foreign.

If you like small children with short down jackets, you may wish to try the combination of “long skirt+leggings” in the lower body, which not only highlights the charm of women, but also creates a very sharp image. The main thing is that this combination can optimize the body proportion, so as to achieve a significant visual effect, which is very suitable for short children.

When choosing down jackets and long skirts and leggings, be sure to pay attention to the matching between the color of the clothing to avoid a sense of disobedience. It is recommended that you choose the “upper light and deep” color matching method. Such beige down jackets with black or coffee -colored skirts are fresh, sweet but not stable, and they are also very atmospheric.

No matter which way you choose the above, the most important thing is to choose a warm tight leggings, so as to show the beauty of your legs. Therefore, here I have summarized some methods and skills of choosing leggings for friends, and also recommend a very good leggings for everyone.


How to choose leggings?

In winter, leggings undoubtedly choose to add velvet models, but not to say that all kinds of velvet leggings can keep warm. In contrast, the larger the pants of the fluff density, the better the warmth effect, and the other is to choose the anti -allergic velvet. It is the focus of physical health, and it is also what friends should pay attention to.

There is also to choose large elastic leggings, which is not only conducive to creating a perfect figure, but also more convenient for fat sisters to wear.


When pairing with bottom pants, the color of the pants does not necessarily choose black. Like wine red, purple, and dark green are very good. It can make the wear more attractive and more colorful.

Friends may wish to understand this leggings:

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200 catties plus fertilizer and increased pants pants

¥ 39.8



Recommended reason: Rich style can meet the fashion needs of different women, and the oversized elasticity is very tolerant. Fat sisters do not have to worry about physical problems. Especially the color is very rich, it can better show personal charm, it is more convenient to match.

End words:

A friendly leggings are not only more convenient for friends to dress, but also make the cold winter temperature -like temperature. The most important thing is to make friends who have better figures to create a more charming figure.

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