I have come back since the New Year, I have been every day

Send a small skirt by you


Intersection As everyone knows, I do n’t know. Although I am writing beautiful skirts, I have snowed outside Beijing.

Forget it, even if I can’t put on the skirt for the time being,

Do not delay the beautiful flower butterflies in the warm south!


The sisters in the north can actually be arranged, because

Skirts+jackets, but spring wearing king -level matching

, Spring and summer can be worn on both seasons ~

French dress

In the past, Sister An couldn’t like long skirts that had length to the calf. I always felt that the long skirt was a bit somewhat pressed. But since the flesh on the body has nowhere to hide,


The long skirt becomes a real fragrance item




Whether it is thick waist and thick legs. The belly is large, and the long skirt can better modify the figure than the short skirt. especially


There is meat on the inside of the thigh


Sisters, wearing long skirts than short skirts!

Some iconic designs of French skirts seem to be made up for girls.


Which one of the square collars and V -shaped collars is not a good hand that highlights the perfect shoulder line



There are flesh selection collar on the shoulders, and the chest is large and the strong choice V -neck

If there are no these troubles, then wearing a word should be worn directly, and generous dew bone is really absolutely absolutely!



French court doll collar, the most suitable girl with a lovely vitality


Or the student party sisters are also very good. When it is cold, it is a short knit on the outside. Isn’t it the princess of Disney?


Sisters with thick arms can choose a dress with lantern sleeves, although it is a wide and large sleeve,

But the vertical fabric will never show the arm thick

Instead, it can give people a long feeling.

Bubble sleeve is more suitable


Sisters with many flesh, can also wear drips in summer!

This kind of lamb leg sleeve dress, it will

It looks super beautiful!

It doesn’t look very daily, but fried chicken is easy to wear!

Retro denomination skirt

The northern girl’s winter denim skirt should not be rushed to put it away, and you can save it again in spring!


Just two most basic T -shirts+suits can wear a Korean girl’s Feel


Fat sister or pear -shaped figure

Don’t choose your hips

The denim skirt will look thicker thighs. Choose a version of the A self -type band to better hide the meat.

This tither denim skirt has seen it many times in Xiaohongshu. This pattern is really retro and personality, with a sense of texture. same with

The split design will not be restricted by walking

, Buy VANS.

The best part of this denim skirt is the wide waistline under the chest, which can be very good

Highlighting the waist curve, in fact, it is your stomach at all


The dreams of the legs below the chest can also be realized.

A denim skirt with the hands of spring and summer can be worn with eyes closed! This wears out

Absolutely exploding the street


, Cowboy and pleated elements, the school’s rebellious sisters are worn like this!

Romantic floral skirt

Is the suspender floral skirt that most sisters will not choose skirts? After all, many people’s figures are not allowed to go out directly. but

Is it better to match a suit jacket or add a base?

Milk and gentle


Goose yellow is definitely an exclusive limited color of spring,

Flowers are not suitable for too many version designs, so simple waist long dress is the most versatile and beautiful.


This type of Sister An also wants to talk about a careful opportunity. Some sisters will feel that wearing a floral to show the soil, but in fact, it is

Flower pattern has a big relationship


The bigger the pattern, the more scattered it looks old


The smaller the compared pattern, the more age it looks like it will be reduced!

The design of the slice of the V -neck is the most thinner, which has something to do with our visual illusion.


The V -neck design is subtlely exposed to the collarbone, and the neck lines are well modified.

And the blooming of the hem can also “think”, of course, it can achieve a thin effect!


Sky blue floral skirt with the smell of sunlight

Dressing will make people feel that the whole spring becomes beautiful. If you want to wear this short dress outside, denim is the most suitable.


In spring, there are plans to go out, spring tour, flowers, and picnic sisters, be sure to start this one! Take pictures

Don’t be too good -looking, super easy to produce, plus oil painting filters, it is difficult to think about it!

French skirts, denim skirts and floral skirts, which one do you like best?

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