Currently in China, the compact SUV market is undoubted

It is a “Red Sea” and fierce competition.

If you want to stand out from it,

Especially attracting the attention of young consumers,

First of all, the face value must be high.

MG leading navigation not only has a value,

And this car from the inside to the outside,

There is a certain tendency in design.

Listing uses a large size China Net,

It’s a bit

The shape of the hood of the picked pose,

Make the entire front face offensive.

The color of the body is also more interesting.

For example, this test drive uses one

The car paint called “Caibo as”,

Gray is presented in the shadow,

Under the condition of light, dark red.

In addition, at the front lip, side skirt and wheels

There are red decorative parts,

The external rearview mirror was blackened.

Moreover, this car is equipped with Michelin PS4 tires,

An entry -level high -performance tire for the street.

Such a series of design,

Everyone makes MG pilot look particularly sporty,

And there is a sense of fashion.

This sporty atmosphere also continued into the car.

The pilot settled under the center console, set up a handrail,

Separate the main driver and the co -driver. at the same time,

Cannon air -conditioning air outlet,

Super Sport button at the bottom right of the steering wheel,

And integrated seats,

The whole interior also looks particularly dynamic.

From the inside to the outside, a sports -rich design

It will undoubtedly meet the needs of young consumer groups.

In addition to the face value, is a car smart?

Is it easy to use the car,

It is also a place where many young consumers pay special attention to.

MG领航 充满了运动气息 智能又好开的车

The pilot is equipped with the new Venus system of Zebra.

The operating logic of the vehicle is clear and clear,

Very easy to get started.

There is no problem with the clarity of the screen,

MG领航 充满了运动气息 智能又好开的车

It is only a general picture quality of the 360 ​​-degree panoramic image.

At the same time, the vehicle is very rich in function,

Including a variety of practical applets,

Such as the vertical and horizontal, tickets, group oils, and so on.

There are also some humanized designs in this set of car system,

Like the setting of a scenario mode,

Being able to drive according to you at the time,

The environment in the carriage, regulate volume, open the sunroof and so on.

This test drive is also equipped with a 256 -color atmosphere light,

The atmosphere lights can also be achieved with music.

In terms of vehicle operation,

Venus system supports natural voice recognition.

After the actual experience, the performance of MG is good,

And when setting navigation,

No need to wake up or

Press the voice control button,

It is very convenient to open navigation directly.

It can be said,

The MG leader system is very smart,

The performance in models of the same level is also one of the best.

In the few days of getting along with MG,

The dynamic performance of this car is the same

I left a deeper impression on me.

This test drive is equipped with a 2.0T engine,

High power 231 horsepower.

Power reserves are more abundant,

High -speed overtaking can also give better power response.

And when you switch to the Super Sport mode,

The vehicle has been maintained at a relatively high speed for a long time,

The sound waves of the engine will also be enlarged,

Give you a more positive power feedback.

6 The wet wet dual -clutch gearbox is more happy to rise,

However, the process of shifting at a low speed will be relatively long,

Not particularly crisp.

Of course, in exchange for better smoothness.

When the chassis of the pilot passing through some potholes,

Will retain a certain sense of road,

But it can also quickly resolve all kinds of bumps,

To ensure the comfort of ride.

MG领航 充满了运动气息 智能又好开的车

The steering wheel steering is relatively moderate,

Whether boys or girls,

It will be easier to drive this car.

This car is also equipped with a wealth of driving assistance,

For example, ACC adaptive cruise, lane deviation from warning,

Movement and so on. When driving long distance,

These driving auxiliary configurations can relieve your fatigue.

Overall, although MG’s pilot looks very sporty,

But driving is still a car that is biased towards home.



Sit comfortably, and occasionally want to have some passion,

You can also satisfy you a little.

Activity time

September 9, 2021 to September 9, 2021

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