Men’s pants are men’s life philosophy, and of course it is also a problem.


For men, an ideal pants must not only meet the basic needs of fit and comfortable, but also set out their own taste and temperament. Under such dual demand, male consumers who have never paid attention to details have always suffered. The “torture” of all kinds of pants can be found one of them.


Once you find a suitable pants, most men will “wear it to the end”

The comfort of pants, pants, waist and hip and legs, and the matching of different occasions, these problems about men’s pants are almost every male who has experienced the “growth path”.

Like the most common online shopping today, the models in the picture are dressed in slim and stylish. Only when you put it on, you find that your thighs cannot be stuffed at all. Even if I put it in at the end, I felt that the two legs were wrapped around the glue strips all the time, and they couldn’t talk about comfort and breathability.

Although the pants can be changed, it is too much problem that the slim thighs and the fabric are not breathable. The transformation is still returned. This is a problem.

01 Choosing men’s pants, why is it so difficult?

Just as the famous drama writer Madarovsky’s famous saying on pants, “I am a cloud wearing pants.” Today men have changed from the image of the ancient board, like a ever -changing cloud.

If the shirt and leather shoes represent the taste and maturity of men, the pants represent the wisdom and mentality of men. But often it is difficult to stuff most people, it is just a pair of pants. In the first episode of “You Are You”, a job seeker wore black suits and black shorts to the stage. I didn’t expect the guy who said “I don’t care about others’ opinions”, facing the question of the two judges, “Do you wear a pants today, do you respect this stage?”, “What kind of occasion, what kind of clothes to wear.” He also hurriedly changed his mouth, “I’m a casual pants.”

There are many similar situations, the 15th anniversary of college classmates a few days ago. Several brothers who used to meet in the same dormitory laughed: whether the hairline, the light of the face, or almost the same style of jeans, in the words of the former class, “just like the four twins as the twins “Similar to the programmer’s choice of a plaid shirt, more men don’t know how to choose pants, either others look at the same, or they are uncomfortable to wear themselves.


According to common sense, this should not be a problem. Since the 1990s, China has become the world’s largest clothing production country. It has been known as the “world pants” production base in China. It has been produced with 10,000 pants every year. Chinese men who are not short of market, no shortage, and no shortage of money still cannot buy a suitable pants.

Just as in the movie “When Happiness Comes to Knock”, when Chris went to job search, the boss asked him: “If someone runs to participate in the interview without even wearing a shirt, what would you think?” “Then he The pants wearing must be very sophisticated. “In the development of men’s pants to this day,” sophisticated “does not only mean the decent appearance, but also comfortable.


A pair of inappropriate men’s pants, the impact of not only the individual, but also affect a group. For example, the problem of low central air -conditioning temperature in the office, women often need to wear a thin coat in the office. I do not know that this is the life -saving straw of the majority of men in the workplace. The more beautiful pants, the more you slim your body, the tighter wrap, which also causes the pants to be breathable. If the air conditioner is not much turned on, many men in the workplace may be above the hot pot.


If you look closely, you will find that some men have been sitting for a long time, and cats -like folds appear in the bending area, which not only looks cheap, but also makes the whole person look unhappy. The longer you sit, the more folds, the more sluggish people. Don’t think that ordinary men don’t care if they are “long -legged Ouba”, but I am embarrassed to say it.

And these problems are not just the design problems that look like. The difficulty of men’s pants is that a pair of pants are a series of projects that include both the design of different legs, hips and waist circumferences, as well as sewing and production processes. Slim and squatting fabrics.

All this determines that “ideal men’s pants” is really just a legend?

02 Ideal men’s pants: slim body is not tight, comfortable and stylish

As a country with the highest clothing production, can China produce truly reliable ideal men’s pants in the field of clothing?

After 2013, China’s listed clothing companies responded to the challenges of e -commerce shocks, while dealing with international brands. The business model that seems to be “cheap and fast” has brought strong but very short competitiveness. In fact, the evergreen brand is tempering.


Obviously, the “King of Nine Shepherds” realized this and insisted on focusing on pants for decades. This is a seemingly single, but in fact, a rich and challenging field. If the “craftsman spirit” has become a guidance in the past two years, then the “Nine Shepherd” has already used the time and focus of time to interpret the true craftsmanship.

Mr. Lin Congye, the founder of “King of Nine Mules”, has three industries he wants to do since he was a child: grain, clothing and hairdressing. These three are related to people’s livelihood. In 1989, Huai Huai’s only savings and 72,000 yuan borrowed from relatives as the start -up funds, Lin Congying founded the clothing factory in Ci Town, Magnetic Stove Town, Jinjiang City. From renting the venue, buying equipment, inviting tailors to training employees, the founder team led by Mr. Lin Congyue as the starting stage, and everything is clearly produced on the “men’s pants”. The tailor master to guide that every employee must receive at least one month of training to officially enter the job. It is the insistence of “professional good quality” that the product is welcomed as soon as the product enters the market.

As of 2019, the cumulative sales of men’s pants of “Nine Shepherds” sold for a total of 100 million [1]. In 2020, the “Nine Shepherds is the leading men’s pants expert” statement of the world’s sales of Ou Rui Information Consultation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Formally upgraded to “Global Sales Leading Men’s Pants Expert” [2].

Under the endorsement of the market, as a global leader in men’s pants, the “Nine Shepherd”, which has been established for 31 years, is even more powerful to make a pair of “ideal men’s pants” for Chinese men. On September 10, the nine shepherd strategy conference with the theme of “Leading Chinese Men’s Pants and Leading Global Sales” was held in Shanghai. At the press conference, the “Nine Puk King” signed a predecessor designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi as creative director, and also cooperated with five internationally renowned fabrics from Italy, Germany, and Japan.


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In the “2021 spring men’s pants trend release” show, “Nine Shepherd” designed small black pants, trousers, jeans, workers, casual pants, etc. produced by the “Kwell King” has aroused enthusiastic attention. The small black pants are “Nine Shepherd” and the world’s well -known fabric research and development institutions to create a 360 -degree bomb memory fabric, which makes the small black trousers have instant stretching, super bombs comfortable, anti -wrinkle -free dressing.


It is precisely because the small black pants concentrated the six core advantages of the “Nine Shepherds” that they can become “ideal men’s pants.”

The six core advantages of the nine Muwang brand:

Focus: Beginning in 1989 and 31st men’s pants.

Seiko: 23000 stitches, 108 procedures, 30 -bit ironing, and 24 artificial inspections [3].

Accumulation: accumulate 12 million human data [4], with 6 main pushing versions.

Leading: Chinese men’s pants standard participants [5], have a practical new patent in the field of 18 pants.

Innovation: Research and creation of high -bullet fabrics, the stretching rate is up to 4 times the ordinary fabric [6].

Hot -selling: Men’s pants have sold 100 million yuan, selling one every 7 seconds [7].

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“Do one thing for a lifetime to do one thing.” It is not easy for individuals. It is even more challenging for enterprises. It is necessary to deal with the rapid market changes and lead.

The “King of Nine Mules” has resisted all kinds of challenges in the field of clothing, making men’s pants, and the extreme, just to solve the problem of choosing pants for male consumers.

For decades of focus, it is not only a problem, but also a reputation. The accumulation is not only a brand, but also the trust of hundreds of millions of male consumers. This is even more transmitted by Chinese enterprises through a seemingly simple, actually full of connotative pants. It is care for the people, self -confidence in life, and work hard to the future!

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