Lin Zhiling has always been “sexy stunner” in the minds of the public, but since she got married, she has rarely appeared in the eyes of the public. The more rare, the more rare, it will be amazing. Instantly discovered Lin Zhiling’s unique charm.

Now 46 -year -old Lin Zhiling has no traces of years, especially after marriage, she dares to wear more and more, and she is also sexy.

For women is a very high -quality item for women, especially for women in the workplace, suit is an indispensable choice. To choose its reason, Lin Zhiling has grasped the advantage of wearing a suit. She can often see her in front of everyone in a suit, sexy without losing the capable and intellectual effect.

First, how to wear a suit to wear a beautiful and beautiful effect?

Method 1: Combined with sexy lace elements


I have to say that Lin Zhiling became more and more sexy after getting married. In the matching of the suit, lace elements should be used to set off, especially the inside lace base, which is actually longer than the suit.


This processing method can actually highlight the charming side of women, and the hollow design of lace -built -by, not only the effect of creating a powerful highlight, but also the interpretation of skin lines.


Method 2: Proper skin dew to create oxygen beauties

If you want to wear a suit with a capable and sexy effect, do not choose the traditional suit. Then the regular processing method of the board should be used to match the suit skirt. You can properly expose some skin lines to create an oxygen beauty. Skin breathing will also make the whole person look very refreshing and charming.

Method 3: Design of outlined figure lines

Lin Zhiling chose a suit skirt to show her comic legs very well, sexy and charming, especially the waist treatment, not only the key to creating long legs, but also the shape of the body proportion.


The suit skirt must not be forgotten, that is, the waist treatment, whether it is its own waist design or the blessing of the belt.


2. Lin Zhiling more suit skirts and sharing

Look1: Switching sleeveless waist skirt


Lin Zhiling still uses this kind of suit skirt to match. She likes to use some more designed processing on her body. For example, the design of the stitching model can not only create a great eye -catching effect. Very remarkable, especially the splicing treatment of the waist position, the outline of the waistline is just right.

The stitching style suit skirt breaks the limitations brought by the traditional suit, which can better highlight the femininity of women’s elegance and charming, revealing the charming four -legged four communities, especially irregular stitching design. The woman’s personality and fashionable side are displayed vividly.

LOOK2: Deep V Disted Hip Hip Skirt+Fishing Network Socks

The deep V -style suit skirt is exactly the best choice to show women’s charming style, revealing charming collarbone lines, and instantly creating a feminine effect. The temperament is very worthy to choose.

This sexy suit skirt can be properly matched with some single accessories with the same effect. For example, fishing net socks are a good match. Fishing net socks that are full of hollowed out effects can instantly create visual impact and highlight the skin lines to a greater extent. This move is the best interpretation of sexy and charming, and the suit as the main item is just to ensure the body lines and handsome effects.

Look3: Hanging neck and hip split suit skirt

Different neck -style bag skirts are different from ordinary suit skirts. It is a bit like a dress style, but it has added some formal and capable effects, especially the neck style, which can highlight the lines of the shoulders and collarbone to a greater extent. It is a matter of minutes to create a right -angle shoulder, especially the hip design, which instantly outlines the proportion of hips and legs.

On the neck -style suit skirt, adding some split design can break the sense of restraint and avoid the limitations caused by the long skirt, but the split design is not just a decoration and ordinary tailoring. It is the perfect outline of the women’s leg lines, which can visually extend the sense of vision of the entire long leg.

Lin Zhiling, 46, has been carved into a better look after life. Do you like this Sister Zhiling?

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