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“One day is in the morning, the year of the year is spring.” Spring is a vibrant season, and it is also the most longing for everyone. For girls, they can finally take off the bloated cotton clothes and change to a beautiful spring. Although spring is no longer as cold as winter, the weather is extremely unstable, warm and cold at first, and the temperature difference is large. Therefore, a large number of babies will be entangled in a cold every year to spring. I was worried and tangled. I don’t know how to wear clothes for the baby.

Yiyi’s son just went to the kindergarten class. Since both the couple did not have time to pick up, they took the mother -in -law over to help take care of it. Because the childcare concept is different, there are often some corners of the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, but they have never really blushed. This The second time because of the child’s clothes, the mother -in -law quarreled.

It turns out that as the weather is getting warmer, Yiyi believes that the child should be put on thin clothes, but the mother -in -law has always followed the principle of “spring cover” and wrapped the child three layers and three layers inside. Cool, otherwise it is easy to get sick. But Yiyi looked at the big sun outside, thinking about the weather of more than 20 degrees, and wearing winter clothes, how uncomfortable the child, so he insisted on changing his child with thin clothes.


He quarreled. In the end, because Yiyi was in a hurry to go to work, the child was still wearing thick clothes to school.

When I came back at night, Yiyi found that the child began to run nose, sneeze, a amount of body temperature, and had some fever. He quickly took the child to treat it. The doctor said that there are many children who have recently caught a cold, mostly because they are worn or not in the clothes. The child is in kindergarten. There will be a lot of physical energy consumption, and it is easy to sweat. If you wear too much for your child, at this time there will be a cold wind blowing, which will cause the child to be cold and cold, and you can not give it because of the weather transformation. Children add clothes and have a cold.

In this season where the weather is changing, don’t give your children like this:

1. Wear too many layers of clothes

It should be warm for children, which does not mean that many layers should be worn, so that when children sleep in kindergarten, undressing will be more troublesome, especially after the child sweats, it is easy to catch a cold during the undressing process. Generally, it comes to come. Said, it is very suitable for children to wear three layers from the inside to the outside. One thick clothes, a few thin clothes, and a vest can be paid to the child. Essence

2. Take off your clothes if you sweat


When many Baoma see the child sweating, she will think about the child too much, and immediately take off the clothes to take off her clothes. When you do this, sweat will take away most of the heat. Very It is easy to cause the child to get sick. You should dry the sweat on the child first, and let him calm down first.


3. Suddenly put on thin clothes

Although the weather is gradually warming, it is not possible to wear a particularly less for the child at once, because the child’s skin is thin and the ability to perceive temperature is not as good as adults. This sudden temperature difference will make the child uncomfortable and it is very vulnerable to cold wind stimulation. As a result, a cold is sick, so Baoma should reduce clothes step by step.

In addition to learning to wear clothes for children, Baoma must also ensure that the child is “three warm and one cool”:

Back warm:

When Baoma adds or decrease clothes for children, she can touch the child’s back first. If it is very cold, add clothes to the child immediately to reduce the chance of cold.

Belly warm:

The warm belly of the child can protect the child’s gastrointestinal function and prevent abdominal pain caused by cold.

Foot warm:

The feet are closely related to the upper respiratory tract. If the feet are cold, it is easy to cause a cold. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the child’s feet are warm.

Head cool:


Most of the body’s calories are distributed by the head. If the head is too hot, it is easy to cause dizziness and other symptoms, so the cold head will be healthier.

Did you wear the right clothes for your child? What else do you want to say about children in spring? Welcome to leave your wonderful remarks!

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