Jewelry sales skills:

Beauty will really laugh, your husband must know that you have prepared such a big surprise for him. You are too happy …

Jewelry Sales Case: Student 19104

Today I receive a pair of mothers and daughters, and look at the platinum ring by the cabinet,

I thought I just looked at it casually.


If you like it, you can give it to you to try it,

It’s a bit cold outside today, let’s drink some warm water first.


I took it out and I took a look.

Beauty this is a male ring,

Do you buy for your boyfriend?

Yes, I didn’t buy him when I was married, and my mother said I asked me to buy him.

Then you are very intimate

Some men do not like to wear rings, but they are different when they get married.

It means that I have the Lord, and he will definitely wear it for him.

In our family recently, there have been several diamond men’s rings,

They are all simple and generous styles, and they are also sold well, otherwise they will take you over to see?

Diamond? What diamond he wears a man is too fancy, I don’t want diamonds.

Beauty, I understand this idea.

This is normal, the same is true of our old customers before,

I recommend him a men’s diamond ring. He said that I don’t care, just get a platinum ring.

But after reading my style, the idea is different,

Otherwise, let’s take a look? Anyway, I also come out to buy things today. Let ’s take a look at a reference.

Well, then I look at the style of your home. Is there any good you said?

Haha, the beauty of the beauty. Look at this,

This is the best sales of our stores, high cost performance and good styles.

You just said that the handsome guy is not very thick, and this abstinence is not thick, which is just suitable for the medium body of the handsome guy.

You can try it,

You like it, I believe that handsome guys will definitely like it.

This is very simple. I always think that the diamond is the kind of large diamond. I didn’t expect this to be very delicate. No wonder you said that it was so good.


I have a lot of old customers at the beginning to think exactly the same as you,

The reaction later is similar to you.

Ha ha,

Look at it, this is a photo of some of my customers,

Most of the couple came to pick it up, and some men were surprised to the beauty.

But like a beautiful woman who loves her husband, there are very few picking rings for the gentleman alone.

You can see that your relationship is really good, a happy family.


Haha, how did you sell this one, is there any activity this weekend?



You can hold a member of our family,


Then give you a 5 % discount on the membership price of the old customers of Zhou Dasheng, and more than 2600 after discount. Otherwise, I will give you this one?

Can you change this after this? I’m afraid my husband doesn’t like it.

Hehe, the beauty really will laugh, your husband must know

You prepare him such a big surprise, and you are too happy.

However, you can understand this doubt, if he really doesn’t like it,

In the future, you can come over to upgrade the style without any cost.

You only need to pick a one thousand dollars, make up the difference.

Is it peace of mind now?

Well, take this.

Beautiful woman,

If you need to change the circle later, you can contact me on WeChat,

This is my WeChat, you can scan it.

Okay, your service is really good. I am very satisfied with this aspect of after -sales.


Many old customers say that we are responsible,

I ca n’t say that I have n’t finished buying things. I can find me in the later period.

Summary of transactions:


Today, this order is mainly done well

Understand the needs and doubts of customers, and change the traditional ideas of customers.

Customers think that diamonds are all fancy models and are positive.


What is not done well is that there is no company sales,

The customer did not remembered that there was no connection when I walked out of the store.

The connection rate needs to be strengthened.


Think about a question:

Customers do not accept diamonds,

What is mainly because of?

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