How to design the balcony drying rack

? Of course, you must design the most suitable drying rack according to your balcony. So

Type of balcony drying rack

What are the ones?

The size of the balcony drying rack

How to choose? How can I choose a drying rack that is most suitable for my own balcony?

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Collecting related information will answer these questions one by one.

The design of the balcony drying rack naturally chooses the type and size of the drying rack according to the characteristics of its own balcony. The editor of Chengdu decorative network will introduce the types and sizes of the balcony drying rack in detail.

What are the types of balcony drying rack:


1. Lift type

The lifting drying rack is divided into hand shakes and electric. It is a kind of drying rack that dry the clothes and then increases the drying rod. It is more convenient to use.

2. Wall -mounted

The wall -mounted drying rack is installed on the wall. When putting it down, it is pressed against the wall without occupying the space. It is convenient and not occupying the space when it is dry.



The stretching drying rack is also installed on the wall. It can usually be pushed tightly on the wall. It is also a very convenient type of drying rack when it is used to open clothes.

4, landing style

The floor -to -ceiling rack is a kind of drying rack directly placed on the ground. At present, there are X -shaped, butterfly type (also known as wing type), and horizontal bars. X -type can be folded and can save space when not in use.

How to choose the size of the balcony drying rack:

1. Human shoulder width generally does not exceed 42cm, so the one side of the hanger is generally 21cm. The cuffs may be 35cm on the cuffs, so we choose to use the wall width to be 30-40cm.

2. The distance between the two shots is two sides, so the size of the clothes rack is fixed. The clothes can be placed in a staggered manner, which can save one side. Choose two pitch to 30-80cm.

3. But if the balcony is too narrow, it can be reduced. You can choose to install a rack on a beam with a pole spacing of 25cm. According to the width of one meter, it is recommended that the wall spar of the wall is 30-40-30 or 33-34-33 or 28-44-28.

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Type and size of balcony drying rack

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How to design the balcony drying rack

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