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The intersection news Due to the emergency epidemic of Changzhou, the Jiangsu Changzhou delegation, which was originally going to participate in the 4th China International Import Expo, had to cancel its schedule. However, the epidemic could not block the footsteps of openness. Changzhou enterprises signed a contract to sign a large order of wind power import equipment through clouds.

On November 6th, at the 4th China International Import Expo, Changzhou Yougu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a large order of imported two FOX Dragon Gate Processing Center with the Spanish Nicholaskrea Group in the “cloud signing” method. The purchase amount exceeds 20 million yuan. The processing center of the Dragon Gate processing center can reach five meters, and the processing accuracy can reach micron level. Changzhou Yougu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in production of wind power generation, wind power shafts and cooling systems and key components. All products are exported overseas and have applied more than 40 countries and regions in the world. The production capacity of wind turbine cases has jumped in the world’s first. The two imported equipment signed this time is the development trend of Yougu New Energy to seize the development trend of the wind power industry and improve the investment in important technological reforms of technology and manufacturing level.

Gu Yongong, chairman and general manager of Changzhou Yougu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said: “Our equipment can only do key parts below 6.5 MW. These two devices are mainly used for 15 MW to use Shanghai upper wind power power. The manufacturing of key components, the development trend of the wind power industry has developed from small power to high power, from land wind power to maritime wind power. The mainstream models of offshore wind power development in the future must be more than 15 MW. “

The 4th China International Import Expo opened on November 5 attracted nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions. Although “Changzhou Buyers” cannot go to the Expo site, the enthusiasm for purchasing is unabated, and the introduction of foreign advanced technical equipment in the “cloud signing” and “cloud exhibition” respectively, respectively, and other economic and trade cooperation. The Spanish Nicholas Kreia Group, which is “Signing in Cloud” with Yougu New Energy, is the top supplier of European milling solutions. The products are mainly used in aerospace, railways, energy and other fields. This year is the fourth time to participate in the Expo. And the harvest is quite abundant. In Jiangsu Changzhou, Zhangjiagang, Lanzhou, Gansu, more than 10 high -precision equipment has been purchased. Wu Kebiao, sales manager of the Asian Branch of the Spanish Nicholas Creia Group, said: “This year’s Expo Transaction generally biases to new energy and high -tech. On the one hand, China is the promotion of new energy aviation fields, and on the other hand, technology reform has been deepened. , Our device requirements are getting higher and higher, and the purchasing power is getting higher and higher. “

“云签约”进口大单 常高新企业远程“发力”进博会

Two import and processing centers of Yougu New Energy Procurement will be delivered next year. Today, Twenty -New Energy will invest more than 130 million yuan for the improvement of production equipment, which will increase the annual output of its wind power generation case from 3,000 units to 6,000 units, and the realization will be doubled. The sales of companies this year are expected to be close to 190 million yuan. At present, the company has received an order of 324 million yuan next year.

“云签约”进口大单 常高新企业远程“发力”进博会

“Yougu is committed to becoming a world -class high -end equipment key component overall plan provider. We talk about world -class, including team first -class, technical first -class, first -class management, and first -class equipment. The leadership of the key components of the wind power industry. “Gu Yong permanently, chairman and general manager of Changzhou Yougu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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