After 2 years, will the tire be replaced? Under normal circumstances, the front wheels of the car are powerful than the rear wheels, because the front wheels are responsible for turning and the engine is in front, so the load is greater and the wear is faster. Under normal circumstances, according to the brand and performance, the tires are usually replaced by 70,000 to 80,000 kilometers, and the rear wheels have been used for longer.

However, recently, many netizens reported that the Accord’s tires need to be replaced for 2 to 3 years.


What is a tire? Simply put, the tire is unevenly worn, and there is a phenomenon that is severely worn one side and slightly wear. This phenomenon is very harmful to the vehicle. On the one hand, because the tires cannot be uniformly attached to the ground, affecting the control and braking. Secondly, eating tires will also bring greater tire noise, affecting the ride experience in the car. The third is to greatly reduce the life of the tire. Even the service life of the tire is halved.


At present, almost all of the 2018 models are complained to the Accord’s tires on a certain platform, and most of the users ’car purchase time is 2019. Because after the new car is purchased, it is difficult for users to notice it. Only after 1 to 2 years can I slowly feel the emergence of the problem.

So how do users find the phenomenon of tires? There are quite a few of them feel abnormal,

The intermittent buzzing sound, the faster the speed, the faster the frequency. Some users noticed the brake jitter, and found this problem when going to the 4S shop to check. Other users noticed that there were abnormal noises, only to go to the 4S shop for inspection and found that


The problem of eating tires.

So how do you solve the 4S shop after these problems?

Under normal circumstances, the reasons for eating tires of the vehicle are not accurate, the front bundle adjustment is inaccurate, the direction machine fails, and each



The air pressure difference is too large and the tires of different specifications are mixed.

After investigation, some 4S shops will simply change the slightly left and right tire adjustment of the mild tires. The second is the most common four -wheeled positioning. If these two methods do not work, then there is no way for 4S shops.


The 4S shop can only tell users that changing a more wear -resistant tire, regularly check the tires, and replace it in time after finding problems. After all, the problem of taboos of the Accord at present did not directly cause personal injury. Compared with the previous high -speed stall, it is much slightly mild.

Secondly, the tire itself is a component that is easy to wear. Auto manufacturers often renovate the way where there is a problem. Since the tire is worn fast, it is often replaced. There is also the only part of the car tires that are in contact with the ground. In this wear, some 4S shops will also obscure users on the grounds of poor roads.

Therefore, the above reasons have become the root cause of the difficulty of user rights protection. Originally, the joint venture car brand was very proud, and he refused to bow its head. Enterprises like Guangben are proud of joint ventures, because Honda’s sales in China are so good. Accord is also a star model, and the monthly sales are good. As long as the vehicle problem does not affect the safety of the user, then the enterprise can hide and hide it. Only in this way can your own loss be minimized.

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