Introduction: Autumn and winter, the most needed, the most indispensable thing is the cream! Cream, some people don’t like to use it, and feel that the cream is too greasy! But in fact, the role of cream is very important. The cream is a door of the skin. It can protect the skin from being damaged by the outside world, and it can also lock the moisture and nutrition in the skin! Without the door, the damage outside the door is easy to come in, and the water and nutrition inside the door are easy to lose!

Today, the second two sorted out, buy those pairs in autumn and winter, the top nine of the cost -effective list, strong hydration and water for our skin, and the hydration and moisturizing work are done. Don’t worry that the base makeup will be easy. , Det off!


Fab strong repair nourishing cream

First aid cream, the closed effect is very good. When the peeling hair is red and small on the face, you can use it to first -aid!

Olay Big Red Bottle Cream

The main theme is whitening, tobacheamide; the incense version has a thicker texture, and the texture of no incense version is even lighter. Personally don’t like it very much, the fragrance is too strong, so depending on personal needs!


Aoya Bao VE Cream

Bingbing cream, super moist, especially suitable for winter, girls who are suitable for Shahara desert muscles, are particularly good for winter nose to nose peeling!

Fresh Water Lily Nourishing Cream


This is not so moisturized for dry skin, but the oily skin and oil skin will be more suitable.

Seal of Shiseido Water 5 -in -one Cream

The jelly dew texture is very easy to push away, and the moisturizing and not sticky absorption is quickly absorbed! A bottle of water, essence, lotion, cream, mask and other effects merged, powerful!

Huayu Ji Rose Cream

It is said that a bottle of Huayu collection of rose cream is equivalent to five effects of lotion, lotion, beauty liquid, mask, and cream. This Huayu Ji Rose Cream has a super hydrating ability, which allows our skin to bloom from the inside out.

The “flower water steam injection method” is made of “rose seeds” roses. It also contains Malaysian rose essential oil, which can whiten, hydrate, brighten the skin color, and moisturize the skin, but it is not greasy at all. It can also significantly resist aging, repair fine lines, heal fine lines, and dull problems. Let our skin have the touch of moisturizing Q bombs anyway, and exudes the tender and fair water from the inside out.

The faint rose is fragrant, the texture of jelly -like is particularly soft, the upper face feels particularly comfortable and not oily, and the moisturizing feeling is very moisturizing and locking water, which is available all year round. The most important thing is that it has the effect of resisting the old age. If you have wrinkles on your face, you can quickly arrange it. I have used the skin for a few days to change the skin. Those small dry lines and fine lines seem to be invisible. I am used to applying it before going to bed every night. I wake up in the morning and feel that the skin is delicious. For more than a month, the skin will really become white and tender! Intersection I really like it!


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