Since entering the summer, the temperature in most areas has higher temperatures every day. In this season, not only must we reduce the burden on your body, but also the burden also needs to be reduced.


Whenever it comes to shoes, many people think of sandals or small white shoes that are suitable for summer. These two types of shoes have almost occupied women’s shoe cabinets. In fact, there will be more choices in summer. Pick a comfortable and high -level and elegant shoes, with the long legs and versatile legs.

What I want to talk about today is a pair of shoes that have been existed for a long time: “straw shoes”. It is considered by many people to be a pair of shoes that can be classified as sandals. Elegant and noble.

How to choose straw shoes


Before the matching of items, the first thing to learn is to choose a shoes that are suitable for you. Shoes pay more attention to comfort than clothes, because many people need to work and commute every day, so a pair of comfortable shoes is very important.


1. Choose according to foot type


Everyone’s foot shape is different. How to choose a straw shoes that suits them must first be clear about the shape of their feet. Many people wear different styles of shoes, and the number of codes they choose is different, because the height of the feet and the width of the feet are different.

If in daily life, the sneakers you wear are exactly the number of codes. When choosing straw shoes, try to choose a big size as much as possible, which will be more comfortable. Because the design of straw shoes is relatively unique, especially the design of the slope heel, the middle part is relatively narrow. Choosing a large code will make your feet a more comfortable experience. Uncomfortable.

2. Select according to color and style


When the straw shoes are matched, many people only pay attention to the overall feeling, so when selecting, the color and style are very important. And most of the styles of straw shoes have slopes and head designs.

This style of shoes is properly wrapped, and at the same time combines proper skin exposure, so it can be fused very properly in terms of color, and there is no need to worry about the color series cannot be matched with straw shoes.

The correct way to open straw shoes

Look1, straw shoes+skirt

In the summer, most women will be based on skirt matching. The matching of skirts can show the femininity of women as much as possible. When matching straw shoes, you can use the same color system to let shoes and shoes and The color pace of the skirt is consistent, and it will look more coordinated and advanced.


① White dress+straw shoes

In the summer, white style dresses are very popular, especially the love style of the love style earlier this year, so in summer, you can try this pure white dress. Improve the position of the waist, the straw shoe lace -up design of the straw shoe is both noble and elegant, and the style of combining ballet shoes and straw shoes is more advanced.


② Dress+straw shoes

Most of the straw shoes matched in summer are designed by strap. This is also the most classic style of choosing a strong French style. The color of rose bean paste is used. This color can set off a personal temperament. Extremely friendly, the selected straw shoes are stitched with two colors. The color of the bag will be more prominent, with a balanced effect, showing the high -level and elegant French style.

Look2, straw shoes+pants

There are two ways to match the trousers in the summer, one is shorts, and the other is trousers. It will be more advanced when paired with trousers. It is recommended that women choose to use straw shoes and pants. Choose cropped pants can be selected. The ankle is properly exposed, most of the shoes are presented, and it can also be visually very good for height, and it is relatively simple to match.

When the shorts are matched with straw shoes, it will have a strong neutral style, and it can also extend the height, because most shorts will be tri -pants and pants. And elegant style.

① Shirt+jeans+straw shoes

This summer is more popular with doll collar and bubble sleeves. Based on these two elements, it is a typical French -style shirt. The short -sleeved style is cooler. Women who have a better figure can try the tight -fitting design, expose the lower part of the straw shoes, and the increase in height is very good.

② Sling+jeans+straw shoes

This is a very distinctive straw shoes, which are spliced ​​by black and white. The bag is black, and the package part is used. The increase in the effect is also a very summer atmosphere to choose the nine -point pants with a suspender. The upper body also uses the matching method of the same color system to show advanced skills.


Look3, straw shoes+shorts

Under such high -temperature weather, shorts will be more popular. Many people think that there is a sense of disobedience between shorts and straw shoes. After all, the design of the slope heel is more biased towards women. Now most shorts of shorts are now. All are fat and there will be a strong neutral. In fact, the selected style is very loose, and the straw shoes you match are also very elegant and generous.


For example: wave dot short sleeve+denim shorts+straw shoes

In summer, black wave dot short sleeves are also very popular. This simple style T -shirt can be seen everywhere on the streets of France with blue super short jeans. White straw shoes have become color embellishments. It has the effect and effect of brightening.

Although small white shoes are durable and versatile, they will be tired after a long time. In the summer, the style is appropriately changed, which can bring surprises to fashion, and it has an increased effect. It does not look embarrassing.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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Little white shoes have fallen out of favor. This summer’s “straw -edited shoes” is popular, elegant and long legs are long legs

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