I used 4 safety seats in three years: talk about a seat to buy with you! Attachment I-SIZE seat Hero Exploration Number Evaluation!


Hello everyone, I am Seanixz, a three -year -old girl.

The daughter wants to give everything as soon as she is born. Of course, it is best to give children. This is what all parents are doing.

What impressed me most was that when the child was born in a few days when he was discharged and hugged by a car home, an inadvertent sudden brakes almost fell to the child, which made me realize that I needed a safe seat, but there were not many seats I could choose at that time. The collected information is also very small. It can be said that I just looked at it and chose a hot-selling one. The result was 9Y-12 years old, which was not suitable for newborns.

It is not necessary to sit in the nine months to sit in only the big protection of the newborn, and it is not appropriate to find that the child’s 9 -month -old problem is not appropriate.

Since then, because two cars at home have bought a lot of safety seats in the past few years when their children are 3 years old. To be honest, there are few suitable ones, and there are no less detours. After all, it involves life and safety, and then did a sufficiently in -depth research, and finally got the problem of safety seats.

The importance of children’s safety seats will not be repeated. In the past few months, I also saw that children’s safety seats have been included in national legislation and will be part of the “Protection Law of the Minor”. Parents are the guardian as a guardian and have not equipped their children safety. The seat caused the child to be injured by a car on the legal level.

Therefore, children’s safety seats have gradually become issues that every parent needs to consider.

At present, the choice method of children’s safety seats is indeed not too clear, and with the development of the children’s safety seat industry technology, design and selection parameters and indicators have been changing.

Recently, I have also started a safe seat that has reached a higher level of technology and standards.


We answered step by step.

1. How to choose a safe seat?




I often share the experience of raising baby, share a purchase strategy, and talk about the choice of safety seats in detail.

1. Consider the certification test standard and consider security:

The safety seats on the market have passed the basic safety guarantee that the testing and certification have been passed. Generally, you can have ECE R44 certification. Those with high funds and high quality requirements can choose a safety seat with I-SIZE standards. You can also use the standards for various collision tests for I-SIZE (different from several major differentiated test standards for ECE R44) , Increase as the candidate:


1. Upgrade from the P series to the Q series dummy for collision test, and the detection data accuracy is higher

2. No longer divide the standards at the stage of weight, but use children’s height as the standard to divide it to improve the adaptability of children’s ride

3. The age group of reverse installation is below 9kg (about 9 months) required by the ECE R44 to 76cm (about 15 months).

4. On the basis of the front and reverse collision test, the requirements of the side collision test are added

5. At present, only seat certification with the ISOFIX interface is accepted to reduce hidden safety hazards that install errors


For different certification standards, ordinary consumers do not necessarily look at the specific test standards. If you are interested, you can also read this article. There are also detailed insights. After reading it, you will find that these so -called test standards are closely related to children’s ride needs. I want to say that no matter how to choose, in fact, as long as you know which standard and certification are stricter and better.

2. Focus on the seat of the seat, actual experience


Selection of installation adjustment, riding space, 360 ° rotation, seat model

After experiencing the actual combat of 4 security seats, I found that the isoFix installation is the simplest and the smallest error rate, which is relatively the safest;


Specific adjustment of the seat installation, such as:

Install interface, headrest height, shoulder strap length, seat angle, seat direction


Wait for the adjustment, as long as you need yourself/wife to do it often in the later stage, try to simplify as much as possible. It is best to get it with one hand to avoid the seat disassembly (it will explode for a long time). “Happy” for spending money.

In terms of space, I pay more attention to the adaptability between children and seats. It can also be understood as comfort.


You can take a look at the following two pictures:

l The negative textbook on the left as a warning:

First of all, when the headrest is adjusted to the minimum position, the height of the headrest is not in the category of the child’s head protection. The “small head pillow”, “pad”, “waist pads” of the package are also not good. Of course, these have also been explored by practical experience in several years. Generally, few people are paying attention to these. In the past, the friends who tucked in the past had no time to return the goods after they found it. They did n’t want to buy it again.

l View the seat on the right:


Not to mention anything else, whether it is the adjustment/protection of the height of the headrest or the comfort of the pad wrap, it is relatively flexible, and the evaluation given by the daughter is not bad.

Although the space adjustment is difficult, it can achieve the best comfort and functionality. It is worth paying more attention. All large groups and other seats are actually based on spatial adjustment. The comfort and safety effect, let alone the group is more comfortable than the large group in the absolute sense.

The 360 ​​° rotation is not related to safety, mainly considering the need for the baby’s reverse ride and the needs of getting on and off the car.

In the past two years, these seats have been sold hotly. There are many friends who can’t figure out me. Is there this necessary? The unified reply here: The official suggestion is that the baby who needs to be reverse in one and a half years old can be entered; my suggestion is that as long as you think that the child needs to hold on and get on the car, the rotation can be completely entered. It is definitely a happy source of the seat.

And it is best to try to try the seat to turn on the side? Will it slip? After all, we have n’t bought things that do n’t match the real thing.

Before choosing a model, first look at the age, height and weight of the child. For example, the data of my child is: 3 years old, 99cm, 12kg.

The safety seats are 0-4 years old, 0-7 years old, and 0-12 years old. At this stage, 0-4 years old is the most suitable, but the child height will soon exceed the standard of safety seats at this stage, so Based on the cost-effective consideration, 0-7 and 0-12 years old are a better choice. Both have positive and reverse installation configurations. It is suitable for the ages of 0-4 years. usage time.

If you choose one in the second choice, it is naturally better at the age of 0-12. Of course, the corresponding craftsmanship is more complicated, the activity components are more and the price is higher.

Of course, in addition to some of the above -mentioned purchasing elements, there is also a very important purchase point is the brand. Safe seats are safe to protect children from 12 years old. They all ran. If you buy a small brand safety seat cheaper, first of all, whether the quality of the product is over, if it is broken, after -sales maintenance is also a problem. At present After the horizontal comparison of several brands, I finally chose Ou Song’s latest HERO Exploration Safe seat.


In fact, there is also a main reason. I do n’t know if there is a tip of the eye -catching friends. The pink seats of the article map 1 are their home. The old models bought a few years ago. The quality is good. Set up.


Pay attention to the German brand, which has achieved the number one in China’s sales again, and this industry’s first 40-150cm (about 0-12 years old) I-SIZE seat Hero exploration number is launched, which is enough to explain its update replacement replacement. Speed ​​and brand strength.

Second, HERO Exploration Number I-SIZE safety seat use evaluation

Let ’s take my child as an example to evaluate this Ou Song Hero exploration number.

Unpacking & inspection

The HERO exploration number to be mentioned below is a product that is designed in one step in the full age group of 0-12 years old.

Compared with the three old seats mentioned above, the exploration number breaks through the industry test/design bottleneck,

Become the industry’s first (40-150cm) full-stage I-SIZE certification safety seat.

The first of its own bin is completely different from traditional safety seats in design principles. It has achieved higher standards, higher testing, and higher safety factor design! It is also the concept of security first.


Two years ago, I did not recommend safe seat products like 9Y-12Y, because “high or low or low”, in order to take care of the age of the age to the age. It’s so good. Such a seat child is always screaming uncomfortable, very resistant, because it is really uncomfortable, and the safety is also discounted, and the seats of this model have gradually withdrawn from the mainstream market. Safe seats gradually become the choice of more people.

Of course, you may have some doubts about the safety and adaptability of such age span more than such aging spans. Here are one of the answers to everyone.


First of all, Ou Song Hero’s exploration number provides 40 (newborn) -150cm full-year certification, which means that whether it is the front pillow or the decrease of the headrest Providing children with very comprehensive protection is also a peaceful pill. Seeing such 40-150cm (about 0-12 years old) I-siZe certification parameters can actually be purchased with confidence. Merchants may brag, but standard certification is a dead rule. When it comes to reaching the certification standard, it will issue a certificate. If it does not reach, it does not reach. This is what you can talk about.


In addition, in addition to the I-SIZE certified side collision test, the exploration number also has such a circular buttons on both sides of the safety seat. The pressure that is used for buffering side -by -impact impact can reduce the collision energy by 55%.

After pressing it with my hand, I did have a certain elasticity, which is equivalent to a buffer damping device, and the structure is protruding from the surface. When the side -oriented impact occurs, this part will be touched first. Improve the side security factor.

The structure and technology are also more complicated. The dry goods are not easily found in the seat. This seat uses the X90+EPP+EPS three -layer buffer protection, full injection molding chair body, and a 20mm diameter steel frame structure, which has sufficient structural strength, in place to protect Require.

As a former manufacturing practitioner, it is very clear that such products are superior in design, materials and craftsmanship. As the industry’s first security seat through the 40-150cm (0-12 years old) full-stage I-SIZE certification, it is also worth learning from various manufacturers.

Before the age of 4, a safe seat of the air -in -installed seat was used in the posture of lying position or semi -lying. It has better spine adaptability. When an accident occurs, the back of the seat can be provided. The five -point seat belt has a lot of better buffer effects. Increase the safety protection of young children during the accident. Safety is longer than the normal (reverse 9 months) seats.


Rotating to the reverse installation mode on this Osun Hero exploration number, let the child lie down and test. It can be seen that the attitude of the ride is lying on the position. The tilt of the seat is in the corner of the lying corner of a safe and enough 160 ° lying, and the child is more comfortable to ride.

From the front, the child is sitting steadily and properly. The wrapping material of the bilateral buffer material is very good, and the child is very comfortable. She said that this is her small nest, like an egg shell. In fact, this is the sense of security in the mother’s belly. The child will take the initiative to find this feeling for a long time, and even the same is true of adults.

Compared with another safety seat on the right, this is the negative example of the unsuitable product when the child is less than 2 years old. The child is not comfortable and the spine posture is not right. Such a safe seat for a long time will cause the child Spinal bending, knocking on the bell for parents.


When this seat is reversed, it supports 360 ° rotation adjustment, and has a one -click fast design. Press the adjustment button on the front of the seat to adjust and rotate. At the same time, the internal steel structure turntable is strengthened. The seat strength, the rotation is smoother.

360 ° rotation adjustment has 4 directions, positive, right, left side, reverse, positive and reverse needless to say. This is the direction of standard safety seats. There are more side hover here.

The side suspension allows the child to turn one -click when getting on and off the car, bringing better convenience. When the child is hungry, you can drink milk or not to see the parents. When you are anxious, you can turn to the parents in the back seat to face the parents. When the child is anxious, you can also transfer it to appease. This design is great.

However, it should be noted that the middle side of the driving should be operated by the side parking. After the operation, you still need to turn it back. The side does not provide good security guarantee.

The seat supports the positive angle of 160 ° angle of the front of the 4th gear. It is also the one -click button of the front end of the seat, which can be operated with one hand.


The height adjustment of the headrest part can adapt to the aging stage. The multi -gear can be adjusted with one -click, the minimum protection height is 40cm, and the maximum protection height is 150cm. The height range can be adjusted freely, and the growth is adapted to the entire child stage.

As shown in the figure, the exploration number is in the process of adjusting the height, which is very different from the seats of the seat belt in order to release the length of the seat belt. The head pillow is automatically contracted, and the one -click automatic adjustment has saved a lot of trouble for the folding baby back and forth, which is becoming more and more user -friendly.


Although there are many regulatory parts, it does not reduce security. Ou Song gives the head acceleration test parameters of this product. Only 38G/3ms. This parameter is far lower than I-SIZE requests 80g/ms, and it is lower than many. Other seat products. The smaller impact on the head also means higher safety factor for head protection.


It can be seen from the design that the headrest has a thicker buffer area, softer, and the child likes such a comfortable touch, and keeps using a small head.

The headrest buffer material also has a unique design here. It uses an EPP racing head cabinet -level buffer material, which is light and energy -absorbing effects. At the same time, soft -memory cotton charging is used. Materials, commonly used in pillows, have the characteristics of slow rebound, can also provide a certain support, lying on memory cotton can experience a feeling of sleeping in the cloud.

That is, there is enough protectiveness and very humane comfort. In addition to reducing the strong impact during the collision, it can also reduce the shaking and vibration of daily ride. Let’s test it.


It shakes the safety seat directly to simulate the state of the bumpy road. From the perspective of the swing of the child’s head, it is not bad. The child is not uncomfortable and feels fun.

Let’s be more violent, if it can really reach such a bumpy level, it is almost the edge of the rollover. Still fixed in the middle of the seat, and asked the child’s feelings, she said it was fun and had no discomfort.

Here EPP and memory cotton materials are indeed good. The thickness and softness are very suitable. For children under 4 years old, the adaptability is very good.

In addition, knitted fabrics also have good breathability, soft and elastic touch, no odor, accidental staining can also be disassembled and washed. Like laundry, there is no trouble in cleaning.

Installation & use

In fact, it is not difficult to use. The development of safety seats has greatly simplified the installation steps and convenient use.

There are installation descriptions on both sides of the seat. The graphic and text are described in the front and reverse installation. It is basically no difficulty. It should be noted that the ISOFIX buckle and the Latch fixed band must be installed in place. Basically all models are supported.


The pull belt must be installed in place and tightened. The front and back installation requires tightening this upper pull band to ensure the stability of the seat. In fact, the daughter has manually tested the stability of her daughter’s riding. The baby is more comfortable and the package is more enough. After installing it, I couldn’t hold back it and tried it again. After all, the solid effect before and after the installation is different. On the basis of the ISOFIX interface+pull -up band fixed seat, the anti -turning board design of the exploration number is based on the test of the car chair at the car chair during the test. The position of the back position is really stable, which is more stable than the previous seats.

After the seat, he deducted the seat belt. The traffic indicator window looks very intuitive, red represents the state that is not installed, green represents the state of installed, and the clicked prompt sound can help everyone faster to determine whether the seat belt is fixed, avoid misuse, misunderstandings, The situation occurs.

After the five -point seat belt lock is fixed, do not forget to tighten the seat belt. I usually reserve the gap between the two thumbs.

Children also like the safe seat of this powder, and they will take the initiative to take the initiative.

3. Summary

At present, this Ou Song Hero Exploration I-SIZE safety seat does have good security. It is also the industry’s first safe seat that passes 40-150cm (0-12 years old). Chair, 0-12 years old’s safety seats have been questioned since proposed last year, because the age group span is very large, and few manufacturers meet the safety and comfort on the safety and comfort in the full age group safety seats. Request, this year Ou Song broke through the industry bottleneck. The exploration number on the line passed the I-SIZE certification of the full age group.

From the measurement point of view, it has indeed achieved high levels of functionality, safety, protection, and ease of use. Such a step -in -one products are indeed worth pursuing.


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OSANN Osong explores children’s safety seats 0-7-12 year old baby car car car 360 degrees rotation

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