Batman has always been the evergreen tree on superhero film and television! Like Superman is a DC’s golden signboard.

Whenever there are new “Batman” movie series, there will be a big wave in the film.


However, since the 2017 Gentle -righteous Alliance, Batman has never appeared on the screen again.

However, with the start of the filming of Ma Dao’s independent movie “New Batman”.


The public can gradually capture the message of Batman played by Robert Pattinson.


Since its first appearance in the 27th of “Detective Comics” (May 1939), it was jointly created by Bob Kane and Bill Fanter. It is the first superhero in the history of comics to have no superpower.

Fans often see fans teasing the old master! Question: What superpower does Batman have? Batman replied: I have money!


With the support of strong financial resources, the master’s peripheral becomes very important!

For example, super cool Batman battle armor and bat cart.


Since the release of the first Batman movie in 1943, the master seems to have replaced a lot of combat clothes.

The armor in the “New Batman” movie is also the focus of fans’ attention!

Just today, Ma Dao suddenly released a video of Robert Pattinson tried to see Batman War Armor.


Fans finally don’t have to put together Batman’s new warfare in various gossip and low -quality spy photos!

Let me find out now! (Please adjust the brightness of the mobile phone!)

In a black background, Batman played slowly!

This brightness is too low, it can be blind!

First let’s pay attention to the new war armor!

The new War Armor adopts a very tough edges and corner design.

Basically, each muscle on the master was basically processed.

This treatment will make the new war armor look more like a set of armor, which is very tough.


The new combat clothes also look like the armor combat clothes in Batman: Agan Cavaliers.

It’s just that the muscles in the game in the game are smooth.

Let’s take a look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman Battlefit Mark.

It is said that the sign of the “New Batman” battle was made by the master’s two pistols who killed his parents.

It means to remind yourself to defeat the fear!

Let’s take a look at the Batman mask of Robert Pattinson version!

The mask deliberately modified the tip of the nose very sharply.

Follow the nasal design before changing.

And after magnifying, the entire mask seems to be sewn with leather.

Because there are traces of needles on the edge of the mask.

This can’t help but remind people of the image of the battle in the animation of “Batman”.

But the stand -up collar in “New Batman” is not like the all -in -one cloak in the animated version.


Therefore, it can only be some of the Batman images in the movie version of the movie.

The protruding collar of this new combat clothing can only be said to pay tribute to the Batman combat clothes in the comics.

Just like the Batman battlefield in the lower right corner in the comics, it also uses an independent high -necked design.

The video also invited this film photographer Greig Fraser to take a mirror, the soundtrack Michael Giacchino soundtrack.


So the music in this short video will be the soundtrack in the movie.


The film must be filmed in the open -air, so it should be soon.

We can see the whole body photos and videos of the new Batman combat clothes.

At that time, he would really see the full picture of the battle!

I wonder which generation of Batman combat clothes do you like? Welcome to say in the message area.

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