Looking at other people’s hand accounts is a kind of enjoyment, and the junkjournal of others is a high -level enjoyment. Many friends watch those Junkjournal handbooks and will be amazed by the handicraft skills of the UP owners, but many handbook people are turning their own finished handbooks to see it. There are few introduction to the production process. In order to satisfy the curiosity, this issue, I decided to share us with the tutorial of Junkjournal handbook.


Preparation of materials and tools:

单面花纹的方形卡纸10张左右,我用的伊和诺素材纸,30cm和20cm的居多,这次要做的是是暗黑复古系,所以我选的都是黑、白、棕、红Waiting for color.


Several slices of various fabrics, a few sulfuric acid paper packaging paper, a number of black and white lace lace, and a number of retro labels.

The tools include sewing machines, scissors, milky gums, pads, ruler, paper cutting knife, needle thread, etc.

Step 1. Use a paper knife to cut the cost page of the material paper. What I do is the size of the TN size, about 18*16cm.


The cutting material paper must be folded and cut again after the cost is aligned. Otherwise, the inner page of the inside will be relatively prominent. If the altitude of the book on the edge of the book will affect the overall effect.

Step 2. Paste the fabrics, lace, cardboard and other materials, and use milk white glue to be pasted on this page, otherwise it is easy to wrinkle and degenerate.


Step 3. Use a sewing machine to sew it for each page. When sewing, pay attention to sew some materials directly to this page. Pay attention to the alignment of the edges. If the technology is limited, there are some places or line heads that can be sewed and cut, or can be left. After all, many people like this book with handmade traces.

If the sewing machine has a variety of wires for selection, you can try to use different lines, which will make the style of this page more beautiful. For example, this Z -shaped wire trace has always been the darling of the junkjournal handbook enthusiasts.


Step 4. Sewing this page is paired with a page, one page, with a few holes on the ridge, and then sewing and fixing with a needle line. The inside page of the book is completed.


Put a variety of labels into the bags on this page, and the complete Junkjournal inner core is ready. The inner pages of the handbook are relatively hard. You can use a long tail clip and slowly set it. I made 3 books, all TN size, and the color system is mainly black.

The production process is very simple. As long as the materials and tools are complete, everyone can try, but everyone’s materials are different, and the styles they make are very different. How can I match the inside page? There are some fixed tips here.

For example, the width lace plug -in pocket will not make mistakes on the page, and it will not make mistakes. You can also use fabrics, wide lace or pattern cardboard, and then sew it on the edge of the page with a small lace lace. This layered decoration is more retro.

It is also excellent for sewing of semi -transparent sulfuric acid paper on the page. It is best for sulfate with patterns. If you do n’t have patterns, you can put some decorations and sewing.

In the retro handbook, the old yellow English book page is very beautiful no matter what time it appears, it is suitable for making pages. Also suitable for inserting pages are lace paper, special paper for flower gift packaging, transparent sulfate paper, and so on.


What I did this time was only the inner account of the hand account, and I did not make the skin. For the hand disabled party, the inner core is already very difficult, so I will not present this leather tutorial. Everyone Junkjournal can learn the core of the inner core first. After there are some manual foundations, I will make a special period of the production of this skin. Share it with you.

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