Why don’t cats want to sleep? Actually I want to tell you these things

Many people bought a beautiful cat’s nest for the cat, but the cat didn’t seem to like it. Many cats don’t actually like to sleep in the cat’s nest and prefer to sleep around. Why don’t cats want to sleep? In fact, I want to tell you these things.


This cat’s nest does not like:

Cats are sensitive and picky animals. If a cat doesn’t like this cat’s nest, the cat is unwilling to go in to sleep.


For example, it is very cold in winter, and you should choose a very thick cat’s nest; when it is hot in summer, if the cat sleeps down the fluffy cat nest, the fool does not sleep, it is best to prepare a rattan cat nest. What kind of cat’s nest should be replaced in any season.


The place where the cat’s nest is placed is not suitable:

The cat is unwilling to sleep in the cat’s nest, and it may be because the place of the cat’s nest is wrong. If the pet owner puts the cat’s nest in the living room, every time you come to the guests at home, the cat will be greeting, and the cat will feel troubled.

The cats who are often disturbed are not surprised! If you want a cat to sleep in the cat’s nest, it is best to put the cat’s nest in a private and quiet place such as the room and study.

I like to sleep with the owner:


The reason why cats don’t want to sleep in the cat’s nest may be to tell you that it wants to sleep with the owner. Many cats like the owner’s taste, and the smell of the owner is more at ease.

Therefore, cats often like to sleep beside the owner and feel more secure.

The cat’s nest is too bad:

Pets mainly clean the cat’s cat nest regularly. If the cat’s cat’s nest is too bad, the cat naturally doesn’t like to go in to sleep. May I ask your bed to taste. Can you sleep?

The cat’s nest is stinky, and the cat sleeps uncomfortably, so he would rather sleep on the floor, sleeping carton, and did not want to sleep.

What should I do if my cat doesn’t like sleeping cat nests?

1. The pet owner is best to let cats get used to sleeping cat nests from an early age. If the cat is used to it, it will naturally sleep.


2. You can sprinkle some cat mint in the cat’s nest, or put some cats like toys, snacks, and so on. The cat’s nest is delicious and fun, and cats are more willing to stay there.

3. Cats do not like sleeping cat nests, which may be related to the pet owner who is not familiar with. The pet owner can let the cat adapt to the new environment first, improve its trust in this home, and then guide it to sleep on the cat’s nest.


Of course, if a cat really doesn’t like cat nests, don’t force it! It likes to sleep wherever you like!

After all, the cat’s softness and cuteness can really “do whatever you want”! Even if the cat occupies your bed, many pet owners are as sweet as.



Does your cat like to sleep? Where does your cat like to sleep the most?

The above is the introduction and description of Cat nest, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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