Working principle and structure of electric catcher

In the production process of fertilizer with coal as raw materials, the target of scorch fog grains carried in semi -water gas are very harmful to production. When the flue gas catches the tar and the dust, the dust in the flue gas and the charges of the caramel in the flue gas are arrested, transported to the metal wire and the tube wall with charge, and lost the charge. Under the influence of gravity, falling into the bottom of the electric catcut oil flowing out, so that the pollutants can be degraded and removed.



Working principle of electric catcher:

The working principle of the electric catcher is to apply high -voltage DC electricity between the metal wire and the metal tube wall to maintain the electric field where the gas is sufficient to generate the electric caution and form an electric halo area between the yin and yang. According to the theory of electric field, positive ions are adsorbed on negative electrical halo, negative ions are adsorbed on the precipitation of positive electricity; all the positive and negative ions that were arrested were full of space between charging halo and precipitation. When the gas containing marculing and other impurities such as marculing fog drip passes through the electric field, the impurities of negative ions and electrons are adsorbed under the influence of the electric field Kuronli, moved to the precipitation to release the charge, and adsorb to the precipitation, so as to achieve the purification gas. The purpose is usually called the phenomenon of loads. When the miscellaneous quality adsorbed on the precipitation increases to its adhesion, it will automatically flow down. It will be discharged from the bottom of the cavel scarler, and the net gas will leave from the upper part of the electric cavel and enter the lower lane process.

Electric Catcher Catcher Dust Dust Corporation Structure:

The electric catcher is a cylindrical shell with a honeycomb -shaped sedimentary pole system arranged in a shax directional arrangement. A tightened wire is used as an electro -halo pole, a high -voltage current generator and a boost cabinet. Equipment such as power supply and power transmission. Compared with the mechanical removal, the electric catcassage scorch dust collector has the characteristics of high scorching efficiency, small resistance loss, and large gas treatment volume. Not only can ensure the requirements for the quality of the gas. Increase the product recovery rate, asphalt smoke dust removal equipment, and can significantly improve the operating environment. Electric cavia dust collector has three types: concentric circular, tube and honeycomb -type in structure. Regardless of the structure, its working principle, that is, applied high -voltage DC electricity between the metal wire and the metal tube wall [or polar board] to maintain an electric field that is sufficient to produce gas and form an electric halo area between the yin and theode poles. The electrocarbons of the three structures are composed of components such as shells, precipitation poles, electromotive poles, upper and lower hanging racks, gased distribution boards, steam blowing pipes, insulation boxes and feedback boxes. The main difference is the precipitation pole The form of the formation of the electro -halo, the insulation box and the feed box.

Electric cavors can be divided into three types: concentric circular electric cavities, pipe electric cavities, honeycomb electric cavities, and the comparison of the three types of electric cavities.

1. Tongxin Circle Catcher Catcher. It consists of several steel plate cylindricals with different diameter, with the same vertical shaft as the center of the center, and forms a precipitation pole together with the same distance. Due to the same sex between the pole between the electro -halo. A small empty cave will appear in the electric field, and a strong cave on the spot. It is easy to cause gas to lose in the cave and reduce the capture effect. At the same time, the manufacturing accuracy requirements of Tongxin Circles Catcher is high, and the installation and debugging are extremely strict. If the degree of changes will cause discharge between the yin and theodorans or other components, it is difficult to achieve the required voltage, directly affect the capture efficiency of the tar, and it can also make the electric porcelain bottle break down and destroy. Because the voltage variable value of the field strong is 400V/mm, even if the deviation of 1mm between the yin and theodorans, the variable value of the strong voltage of the field can be as high as 400V. Tongxin Circular Catcher has the advantages of large circulation area, low gas flow rate, and small steel consumption.

2. Tube -type electric catcut. Because the steel pipe and the electric halo line form the electric field separately, the strong voltage of the field depends on the radius of the steel pipe, and its value is 400R. Because the pipe electric caught oil catcatch is formed in each tube cross -section, such as the electrical field, while the tube and the tube are vacant, the acupuncture point is blocked by the blind area of ​​the pipeboard, which reduces the use of effective space in the cylinder cylindrical space. The rate reduces the cross -area of ​​the purification channel. This type of electric catcutor consumes a lot of steel, but it is widely used in large and medium -sized gas purification plants because it has the advantages of easy manufacturing, easy -to -get electric fields, materials, and installation and commissioning.

3. Honeycomb -type electric catcut. The honeycomb -type structure is the same as the tube -type structure. Two adjacent positive hexagonal shares are shared by one side, that is, the six sides of the middle hexagon in the middle are shared by the six positive hexagon surrounded by it. The honeycomb plate made of 2 to 3mm can meet the requirements of process and mechanical strength. Because the honeycomb -type electric catcher has the advantages of structural compact and reasonable structure, no electric field holes, high effective space utilization rate, light weight, small steel consumption, and good capture characteristics, it is difficult to manufacture. Disadvantages such as errors are prone to errors during transportation. With the improvement of the level of equipment manufacturing technology, the advantages of honeycomb electric cavities will be more and more valued, and they will gradually replace concentric circular and tube electric cavities.

The industry scope that can be applied by electric cavities can be used: plastic particles regeneration, rubber products manufacturing, asphalt mixing stations, coke coal, grid cloth, pharmaceutical chemical industry, casting quenching and other industries. Application companies are very wide.

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