After the age of 25, facial skin began to go downhill. Now the beauty seekers attach great importance to the “face problem”, so they have already started trying to fight with aging early. As a common non -surgical anti -aging method as a common non -surgical anti -aging method, ultrasonic knife and Reba are loved by everyone.

Let’s science for everyone “the principle of anti -aging the ultrasonic knife and the hot Maggie”:

1. Ultrasonic knife

“超声刀+热玛吉”这样组合,抗衰的效果会不会1+1>2 ?

Ultrasonic knife uses high -intensity to focus on ultrasonic waves to concentrate energy in the subcutaneous tissue that needs to be treated, and hit it into the skin one by one, the temperature is as high as 65 ° C ~ 70 ° C (the strongest temperature of the current skin, the pain is relatively obvious)) , Detable scars, the effect of skin tightness and lifting through the spasm of the scar.

2. Reba Maggie

Reba focuses on a skin area with high -frequency electrical waves (very mild, the energy of the probe can be adjusted according to its own tolerance), and heated the skin from the outside to the inside to generate high energy and allow collagen to make collagen protein. Proliferation can achieve firming effect.

There are many parts that Reba Maggie targets, not only the facial relaxation, poor elasticity, and fine lines, but also improve the relaxation of the eyes, neck, and body.

Ultrasonic knife+hot Maggie, will the effect of combining anti -aging 1+1> 2?

Reba+ultrasound knife is indeed a good combination, one tightness, one lifting, helping the beauty seekers fight the traces of the years.

1. From the principle of anti -aging:

The energy of the ultrasonic knife is focused and can be directly reached to the fascia layer; the energy of the hot Maggie is decentralized and can act on the leather layer to stimulate fiber growth. In this way, the combined treatment can target different problems, and the postoperative effect will be more obvious.

2. From the scope of anti -aging:

“超声刀+热玛吉”这样组合,抗衰的效果会不会1+1>2 ?

Ultrasonic knife can improve eyebrows, tight and relaxed lower jaws and neck skin, but it is not suitable for the skin with thin skin, more nerves, and glandular parts. The scope of the Rock Maggie is relatively wide, which is contained in the organs. The improvement of the neck and neck lines and the shape of the whole body are focusing on firmness.

3. For example:

Like her, her cheeks are loose, and her jaw margin has fat. In addition to tight skin, she also wants to lose face. At this time, it is a good choice to make an ultrasonic knife. For the fine lines and wrinkle removal of the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the unsuccessful small -area ultrasonic knife of the nerve, it can be used as a hot Maggie. In this combined treatment, the afterbirth effect can be foreseeable that it will be 1+1> 2!

If you want to know more about the related issues of ultrasonic knife and hot Maggie, you can pay attention to the headline number: Plastic Surgery Zhu Dongsheng.

“超声刀+热玛吉”这样组合,抗衰的效果会不会1+1>2 ?


“超声刀+热玛吉”这样组合,抗衰的效果会不会1+1>2 ?

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