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Germany imported Braun (Boran) ear thermostat IRT6520WE ear thermometer baby electronic thermometer thermometer thermometer

¥ 257


The winter has arrived, and the cooling has made us tighten our scarfs and wearing a hat. However, the cold wind hunting still makes us invincible, and there may be symptoms such as colds and fever in a little carelessness. The pathogen spreads in the air to prepare to drop air on our family at any time. For adults, a cold may be strange, but for newborns, it is undoubtedly a battle of mobilization of the family. First of all, the temperature measurement may make parents focus. Facing the problem of measuring body temperature, today I will introduce a good ear warm gun -Boran ear warm gun IRT6520.

Nowadays, different types of thermometers and measurement methods are not the same. The commonly used body measurement parts are underarm, forehead, ear canal, oral cavity and rectum. It is still difficult to accept the rectal temperature measurement honestly. At the same time, when the rectal temperature is measured, the severity of the force and the depth of insertion are not easy to grasp, and it is more dangerous. Ear -testing has become a need to ensure accurate measurement and meet safety and comfort.

The Boran ear thermostat today introduced is a thermometer suitable for the whole family. The accessories include 1 Boran IRT 6520 ear thermostat, 20 earmuffs, 1 special storage box, two mercury batteries 5, and 1 instructions. Essence The product is 14.4cm high, 3.5cm wide, and weighs 0.293kg. The design of ergonomics is used to make the measurement method easier.

一款不会让婴儿讨厌的体温计 博朗耳温枪IRT6520评测

The back of the Boran IRT 6520 ear warm gun is distributed from top to bottom with Boran patented warm head, ExacTEMP position detection display light, measurement button, backlight display, AGESMART age selection button, temperature memory function reading and switch button.

一款不会让婴儿讨厌的体温计 博朗耳温枪IRT6520评测

The temperature measurement head of some warm gun products on the market will reduce the temperature of the temperature measurement site during measurement, which may cause the temperature measurement results to be accurate. Boran patent warm -ups will be preheated before use, which can reduce the cooling effect generated by the temperature measurement in the ear canal, which can help ensure the accuracy of continuous temperature measurement. At the same time, it can also reduce the concentration of baby’s cold due to the cold of the ear canal.

The use of the Bora -ear warm gun IRT6520 is also very convenient and simple. Just put the ear temperature gun into the ear canal, click the measurement button, and hear the sound of “drop”. At the same time It will exceed 5s. Of course, it is worth mentioning that when using the ear temperature gun temperature, you don’t have to worry about putting the ear temperature gun at the wrong position. Whether the temperature measurement head is placed in the accurate temperature measurement position can effectively increase the accuracy of the operation and avoid errors caused by errors. If you put it in the wrong temperature measurement position, the display light will not light up, and the prompt will sound three. The good interaction function of the Boran ear warm gun is more than that.

The two physical buttons below the screen of the Boran IRT 6520 ear temperature gun are the AGESMART age selection buttons and MEM temperature test memory buttons. The AgeSmart age selection button uses a new fever indicator technology that can be adjusted with age. According to clinical prompts, the fever temperature defines changes with the age of children. The normal body temperature of a four -year -old child may have a fever for newborns. This function can be effectively avoided Parents’ misjudgment of the condition. The Boran IRT 6520 ear temperature gun also has a temperature memory function. It can save the last 9 readings for data comparison.

In general, the Boran IRT 6520 ear warm gun is impeccable in both the accuracy of the measurement or the convenience of measurement. The careful Bora also provides users with disposable earmuffs, which can allow you to clean and disinfect the measuring test. Wild heads to effectively avoid the chance of cross -infection. In addition, changing a new Boran earmuffs can avoid the accuracy of the temperature of the dirt on the earmuffs. Do you have any heartbeat?

一款不会让婴儿讨厌的体温计 博朗耳温枪IRT6520评测

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一款不会让婴儿讨厌的体温计 博朗耳温枪IRT6520评测

一款不会让婴儿讨厌的体温计 博朗耳温枪IRT6520评测

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