As a self -media focusing on the field of game strategy, sharing experience has almost become instinct. But today I want to come to the business and talk to you about the experience outside the game -about the purchase of hamster cages.

Hamsters should be regarded as the smallest category of breastfeeding pets. It is more suitable for friends who are small in living space and want to raise pets, or have no resistance to the hair ball. For me, observing hamsters is a very decompression behavior. I quietly watching the hamster running wheel, or chewing with melon seeds with both hands, and I feel very comfortable in my heart.

If you plan to raise a rat, remember that the first step of raising hamsters is not buying hamsters but buying hamster cages. This piece has a very big knowledge and many pits. If you are raising hamsters, you use the cheap trash sold by the store to you.

The expenses of hamster cages can be said to account for 50%or even higher the total cost of raising a hamster. Choosing a good cage will avoid various problems in the future.

I have bought a variety of cages and encountered a variety of pits, which is experienced in this regard. As for the cage I unfamiliar, I also deliberately consulted the friends in the group, understood the real situation, and made this article more objective and fair as much as possible.


The choice of hamster cage size

First of all, how to choose the size of the cage with you.


Hamsters require a certain space. If the cage is too small, the hamster will be abnormal. Hamsters are extremely curious animals. The hamster in the wild can move more than 20km a night. It is like being trapped in a small space. It is like people live in the capsule room all day.


If the hamster is too small, the spirit will become abnormal. The most common behavior is to bite the cage. In addition to sleeping, you can bite the cage, and the running wheel will not run away. Uncomfortable.

Not only will the mental hamsters not make you feel decompression and happiness, it will even become a burden in your life.

The cage I bought when I first raised the rats was very small. After learning the science rats changed the cage, the symptoms were significantly reduced.

According to the standard of rats in foreign science, a bear’s activity space must be at least 1 square meter, which will significantly reduce its irritability, and the dwarf type requires 0.5 square meters of space. However, considering the domestic breeding environment, many bears are even living in a 47 base cage of 0.14 square meters. This standard can only be moderately reduced.


In addition to the size of the area, the height of the hamster cage is also very important, but it is not for you to buy a “villa building” with a three or four floors, but because the hamster also has a hobby in addition to running. It is thick enough.

According to foreign standard cushions, there should be at least 15cm thickness, which gives the hamster full of holes, which is equivalent to a height of a pen. However, considering that most of the domestic is a wire cage, it can generally only be filled with the plastic tray below. Therefore, the height of the hamster cage must be at least 35cm, so as to ensure that there is enough thick -mats, and the appropriate diameter running wheel can be put.

Pay attention not to buy a high hamster cage. Some of the tidelines and flying treasure Yayli cages have this problem. Pay attention to avoid pits in the picture below.


The following is the cage/hamster matching based on the domestic reality:

[47 base] [47*30*30] [Only suitable for in -laws and mice] [Price of less than 100 yuan]


[Fei Bao Xiaofei] [55*39*27] [Only suitable for in -laws and mice] [less than two hundred prices]

[60 foundation] [60*36*41] [Suitable for in -laws and dwarf hamsters such as third -line and first lines] [less than two hundred]

[Feibao Zhongji] [71*46*31.5] [Suitable for dwarf hamsters such as in -laws and three -line, first line, first lines] [Price of 300 or more]

【Giant Cat】 【84*48.5*45】 【Suitable for all category hamsters】 【Price of two hundred or more】


[Feibao Daji] [99*51.5*36] [Suitable for all category hamsters] [Price of 500 or more]

Note that this is just the price of blank cages, and facilities such as running wheels must be purchased separately.


Fei Bao claims to be a bear to raise bear, but it is actually very reluctant. Because the bear’s running wheels have at least 25cm, but the height of the cage is only 31.5cm, and the running wheels have to be supported by a bracket. There is no room for pads. Bar.

I am roughly divided the hamster’s physique into large, medium and small.


Large hamsters are the bear that we often call. The medium -sized hamsters are dwarfs such as pudding three -line Zicang, and small hamsters are the father -in -law’s mother -in -law.

However, even the same type of hamster, the difference in body shape exists. The mother -in -law currently raised is larger than the pudding raised before.

If you are a mother -in -law, you can buy 47 or 60 cages. The so -called 47 base is a small hamster cage with a cage length of 47cm, a width and height of 30cm. It can hang a 20cm running wheel with a thickness of 7 ~ 8cm pads, which is used to support the in -laws.

But if the body is accidentally grown to the level of dwarf, even the cage of 47 is a bit small. Therefore, if you are economically allowed, it is recommended to buy 60 base cages in one step.


I raised the two in -laws and mouses, and I used the 60 base cage directly. I have never seen them bite the cage. When the dwarf was used to raise dwarfs in the past, the cage was very frequent.

The medium -sized hamster, that is, the dwarf category must use a cage of 60 bases, this is already the largest specification in the domestic standard cage. Many shops call it “super large villa class”. The level of hamsters can be used.


Such a cage can put a 10cm deep pad, and then equipped with a 22cm running wheel in diameter, and putting food on a two -layer balcony. The environment is much more comfortable than 47 bases.

I don’t recommend the “bag in the cage” that preset various facilities. The ornamentability is much greater than the practicality. The practical area is so small that the hamster is difficult to move. The cage looks beautiful. Once the rat is put in, it will follow up with the villain country.


If you want to better go to science rats and give hamsters a superior living environment, there is a hamster that can bring you happy physical and mental health, only DIY can go. It is recommended to buy the foundation cage from the beginning, and then buy other supplies.

And if you want to raise a bear, generally you need at least a large cage with an area of ​​one square meter, but unfortunately there are no 100 cages on the domestic market. The largest hamster cage that can be found at present is the giant cat cage and Feibao cage cage. The giant cat is 84 bases, Feibao Daji is 99 bases, and the area is far from a standard of one square meter. However, in terms of cost -effectiveness and practicality, the giant cat cage will be better, and I will say why.

Many people raise a 60 -base cage to raise bear. In fact, this cage is too small for bear. I have raised a petite golden bear before, and at first I took the cage of 60 bases. In addition to sleeping, he is biting a cage, and he gradually has no interest in the running wheel, and the hair loss is also very serious. But there is no way. At that time, there was no giant cat cage, and the largest iron cage on the market was only 60 bases.

In order to make bear hamsters more comfortable, many people gradually abandoned the wire cage, and began to study a larger area of ​​fish tank cage or organizing box magic cages, as well as all kinds of large cages, so I followed me to follow Let’s talk about what kind of common hamster cages are, and where are the advantages and disadvantages of these cages.


Types of hamster cage


At present, the hamster cage is roughly divided into the following types: iron cages, acrylic cages, fish tank cages, tidy box magic cages, magic cages, I will say one by one.

Wire cage

This is the easiest cage we buy, the most common on the market, and the cheapest price, no need to toss. The ventilation is good. The running pot can be used on the iron wire. Usually novice uses the wire cage directly.


However, there is a disadvantage of iron wire cage, that is, the structure is not stable enough. If you place the running wheel on the wire, the bear hamster running wheel will squeak the whole cage, affecting your sleep at night, no matter what the mute running wheels are released A noise running wheels must be changed in the wire cage.

In addition, because the wire cage is not closed, the pad is slightly raised. When the hamsters are piercing, it is easy to get the pads outside the cage, especially the bear hamsters also like to pee around the cage.

Moreover, the iron cage on the market is too small. Even the largest giant cat cage is only a 0.4 square meter activity area. In a strict sense, the living standards of bear have not yet reached the living standard of bear.

In fact, these problems above are nothing. The biggest disadvantage of the wire cage is to affect the ornamental. You must pass through a iron wire to observe the hamster. Therefore, in addition to pure iron wire cages, there is a comprehensive cage combined with acrylic and wire mesh. It is made of an acrylic material. The comfort of observation is much better than the pure iron wire cage. The combination of the advantages of the two makes me feel really fragrant. I am currently in service (see the figure below).

However, an acrylic front panel is not cheap, about 70 ~ 90, and the overall price is about to catch up with Alex’s high -end cage.

Moreover, there is a problem with the design of the front panel of the Yayli. The buckle of the door is very loose. When the door is slightly impacted, it will open it by itself. The front door was sealed, but before that, the folded pages had been cut off seven or eight. The key is that the price of accessories is not cheap. I seriously suspect that the merchant is deliberately relying on components to make money.

Acrylic cage

The biggest advantage of this cage is transparent and beautiful, very convenient to observe hamsters, and the whole is also beautiful.

However, there is also a problem with this cage. Because the price is expensive, the styles you can buy on the market are too small, and the price of the same area is much more expensive than the wire cage.

Moreover, some acrylic cages have problems with the design. Ventilation and heat dissipation do not do well. As soon as the hamster is easily hot in the summer, some cages even open a hole to install the computer fan to ventilate. How hot it will be.

I can find a relatively good self -DIY base cage is the flying treasure Yayli cage, which is divided into three models: small, medium, and large foundation. Xiaohe Zhongji can be used for dwarf hamsters, but the price is very expensive.

However, the biggest problem of Feibao cage is that the height is not enough. Generally speaking, the thickness of the pads must be at least 15cm. Take Zhongji, for example, the height of 30cm height is removed. Can you still put the running wheel? And because you must use a bracket type running wheel, in addition to the diameter of the running wheel, you have to consider the height of the bracket, and you can’t let it go. Therefore, small and medium bases can only be barely used for dwarfs, sacrifice a little pad height, and put a suspended running wheel with a diameter of less than 20cm.

All in all, although this cage is beautiful, the price is relatively expensive, and it is really not very practical. It is better to spend more money to buy a fish tank.

In fact, if it is for ornamental, I still recommend the magic renovation cage such as the front panel+wire cage.

Fish tank


In fact, it is to buy a fish tank directly as a cage, and in order to achieve the practical area of ​​bear raising.

The advantage is that no matter how big you want to buy a fish tank, you can buy it. The larger the larger fish tank, the more expensive the fish tank can be achieved. Generally, the price of the bear -raising level must be seven or eight hundred. If you see a lot of beautiful hamster cages in the video, basically use the fish tank.

In fact, there are disadvantages of the fish tank cage. First of all, there is a lack of top cover. The closed top cover will stuff the bear to death. Of course, you can also cut a large sunroof to the top cover and fix the wire mesh to breathe, but this requires a certain amount of magic reform.

Or just abandon the top cover, it is more breathable, as long as the fish tank is deep enough, it is difficult to crawl out, but if there is a cat at home, it will not work. Even if you put the fish tank high, it can jump in at all costs to open the can to prevent it.

Secondly, the fish tank is not a standard hamster cage. The walls are glass on all walls. The facilities and other facilities of the kettle must be placed inside the cage. In fact, there is a disadvantage of the bracket running wheel. It is not firm on the pad. It is easy to run half of the running and fell into the bear. I used it again. And if you encounter a bear who likes to sting, the rack running wheel will be broken within a few days.

In fact, it is not unable to overcome it. Use a wooden fence to surround a canyon to put the running wheels, so that the running wheels are fixed at the bottom of the fish tank, and the bears are prepared to prepare some molaring tools it likes. Nothing to bite the running wheel.

Like the acrylic cage, the fish tank cage has strong transparency and easy to observe, but unless abandoning the top cover, the air fluidity is also poor.

There is also a prone to dirt on the fish tank, which is more troublesome to clean up. In addition, it is very heavy. Each time the pad is changed, it causes a headache.

In summary, the fish tank cage is indeed good, some small disadvantages but acceptable, it is definitely the best choice for high -end bears, but at the same time, the price is also the most expensive of all cages. In addition, if you raise cats like me, it is not suitable for fish tank cage.

Magic cage

In terms of cost, the magic cage is the most cost -effective in all cages. If you surround a square meter to raise hamsters, the cost of magic films may only cost dozens of dollars to kill various cages.

But in the strict sense of the magic film, it is not a cage at all,

You have to place the magic film on the ground, and you can only observe the hamster from the perspective angle

Essence And the magic cage is also open, and cats can be passed at home.

Although there is an unlimited extension space in the magic film cage, it cannot be used to raise a bear, because the bear can bite a large hole from the gap between the magic film or the bottom to escape. What about the magic cage? This is very contradictory.

Of course, the magic cage is not useless. I have watched the video and someone uses the magic film to engage in hamster cages. We usually say that a mouse and a cage are not exactly because of the loneliness of the hamster. Palace Rat) is group living. But because the cages on the market are too small, one rat lives are too small, and more than two rats are squeezed together. Of course, they fight all day.


Therefore, if you want a hamster cage, it is best to choose a mother -in -law mouse, and it must be a magic cage. The internal area must be expanded infinitely according to the number of rats, and even a special room is needed to put it out.

It is probably the significance of the existence of the magic cage to be able to engage in the in -laws of the mother -in -law.

Sort the box magic cage

Because there are too few cages sold on the market, they cannot meet the needs of bear raising. In order to get a larger cage, hamster enthusiasts really think about a lot of tricks, and organizing the box magic reform is one of the relatively saving money to save money. route.

In fact, it is likely to be introduced from abroad to the country. When I first picked the cage for the bear, I saw a lot of magic reform teaching videos, basically from abroad.


Compared with magic slices and fish tanks, the advantages of organizing boxes are good closedness, especially suitable for people who have cats in the family. The composite box itself has strong load -bearing capacity, and the cat jumps to sleep on it and does not need to control it.

And compared to the fish tank, the price of the finishing box is much cheaper. The price of one meter with a better quality is about one or two hundred yuan. Gui Shang seven or eight times.


However, the finishing box cannot be used directly as a hamster cage. It requires a strong manual ability to “open the window” in multiple places with a knife. At least the front panel, both sides and tops.

The front panel is usually used as a door for easy observation. The wire mesh is closed on both sides and the top, which is convenient for air circulation and it is convenient for hanging running wheel kettles and other items.

These materials used for magic reform are sold on Taobao salted fish. The price ranges from dozens of dollars. The total cost will not exceed the price of the same volume of iron cage.

In fact, this has become a business now. Some people are specially sold on second -hand platforms such as salted fish such as salted fish. Essence

But anyway, this cage is the most suitable hamster cage to raise bear from the comprehensive perspective of cost -effectiveness and practicality. If you have a strong manual ability, you can find the teaching video made from the Internet yourself. Try it.


In addition to these cages I mentioned above, there are also display cabinets, crawlers, etc. as hamster cages, because it is too alternative and rare, so I wo n’t expand it here.

For people who do not raise cats, my first pushing fish tank cage is really large and beautiful, convenient for landscaping, and easy viewing. The only disadvantage is expensive.

The cat -raised person can only use iron cages or tidy box cages. Even if you choose a wire cage, it is recommended to change the front panel that meets the cage specifications. If you use it, you know what is really fragrant.

Remember, it’s not just hamsters, but also you to get a big cage for hamsters. Do you like a hamster that shows the cute side in front of you, or is it a hosatic hamster all day to know the hamster that bite the cage?

Well, this is here. If you think this strategy is helpful or agree with me, you may wish to pay attention, comment or forward, this will let more people see this article. If there are more than 10,000 readings on the entire network, I will update a guide on hamster supplies. I hope that each hamster can have a spacious and comfortable home.

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