The first stock of the artificial stone is listed, and Zhongqi New Materials welcomes the nation’s expansion opportunity

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The artificial quartz stone belongs to the new type of building decorative materials, which inherits the advantages of hard wear resistance of natural granite, and overcomes the shortcomings of natural stone non -renewable and poor dirt resistance, and gradually replace natural stone. And artificial quartz stones can be produced by comprehensive use of tailings or construction waste, in line with my country’s carbon neutrality and goals.

On July 23, Zhongqi New Materials (001212.SZ) landed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in the artificial stone industry.

The prospectus shows that the main products of Zhongqi New Materials are artificial quartz slate materials and countertops. The products are widely used in the indoor decoration fields of houses and public buildings such as kitchen countertops, hand -washing ponds, restaurant desktops, ground, stairs and other houses. Zhongqi New Materials is the editor -in -chief unit of the national industry standard of artificial quartz stone. The products have reached the international front -line level, and the advantages of technology and customers are also more prominent. With the help of listing funds and the improvement of brand power after listing, Zhongqi New Materials will usher in the nation’s expansion opportunity.

Domestic artificial quartz stone space is huge

Architectural decoration stone can be divided into two categories: natural stone and artificial stone. Artificial quartz stones are a type of artificial stone. Artificial quartz stone inherits the characteristics of hard nature, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, exquisite appearance, and overcomes the non -renewable natural stone, poor dirt resistance, some types of types There are disadvantages such as radioactivity, so they are widely used in the field of interior decoration and decoration in kitchen, bathroom, and public restaurants.

Artificial quartz stone is a late new type of building decorative material. my country’s artificial quartz stone production technology has gradually matured after 2010, and with the advantages of performance and price, it gradually replaces acrylic artificial stone into the main fields of kitchen tables and other fields. Materials, currently the artificial quartz stone industry is still growing.

As far as the global market is concerned, acrylic artificial stone currently has a high market share in the field of table materials, and artificial quartz stones gradually replace natural stone and other artificial stone will be the future development trend.

According to statistics from the US market research institution, from 1999-2016, the sales of global artificial quartz stone to terminal consumers increased at a compound annual growth rate of 17.90%, which was significantly higher than the overall surface material of 4.90%. Other surface materials such as layer pressure plates form a certain degree of replacement effect.

In addition, the quartz fillers in artificial quartz stones can be produced by comprehensively using tailings or construction waste, in line with the circular economic concept of “reduction, reuse, and resourceization” and the corresponding national strategy. The country’s high attention to the comprehensive utilization of resources has created a good policy environment for the development of the quartz stone industry, which is conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, and promotes the continuous bigger and stronger of enterprises.

On the other hand, natural stone, as unavailable natural resources, its mining and use will be subject to many restrictions such as resource reserves, regional distribution, and mining conditions. Mining will bring many ecological environment problems such as slag and tailings pollution.

The artificial quartz stone market has significant globalization characteristics, and the trend of division of labor in international industries is significant. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States are the mainstream consumer markets of artificial quartz stone. Large -scale multinational enterprises are more focused on basic research and brand operations, and they have begun to transfer product production and research and development to emerging developing countries, providing good in my country’s artificial quartz stone industry. Development opportunities.

According to Freedonia’s statistics, more than half of the new artificial stone demand in the world in 2019 comes from the Chinese market. In the future, with the upgrading of the product itself, artificial quartz stones will develop towards the direction of high physical strength, height corrosion resistance, high -profile simulation, and diversified function, and the application field will become more extensive.

The first share of artificial stone, industry standard editor -in -chief unit

At present, although there are many companies engaged in artificial stone production, the competitiveness gap between different enterprises is large. Only a few companies have strong independent research and development capabilities and product design capabilities, have good brand image and high -quality sales channels, and have strong market competitiveness.

And most similar enterprises are small in scale and lack of independent research and development capabilities and product design capabilities. These companies are difficult to quickly enhance the market competitiveness and influence of their products without establishing their own brands and stable sales channels. Relying on a low -end market to occupy a place in the low -end market, the competitive environment of the low -end market is even more intense.

Zhongqi New Materials is the editor -in -chief unit of the national industry standard of artificial quartz stone. It is a high -tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of artificial quartz stone decorative materials. After the development and precipitation of Zhongqi New Materials have formed a good brand image and a high market reputation in my country’s custom home market.

Zhongqi New Materials has become Sofia (002572), Oupai Home Furnishing (603833), Shangpin House Division (300616), Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet (603180), Zhibang Home (603801), Boloni, Kohler China, Qumei Home (603818) , Paenuo (002853), Holoicke (603898), my Music Home (603326), Fangtai Group and other first -line home brands.

In the international market, the market competitiveness of Zhongqi New Materials Artificial Stone Products is also increasingly prominent. Zhongqi New Materials has been recognized by international giants such as LG Group and Lotte Group and has become one of its important suppliers in the field of artificial quartz stone.

In terms of honor, Zhongqi New Materials is “National High -tech Enterprise”, “Guangdong Export Famous Brand Enterprise”, “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, “Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center”, “China Kitchen and Bath The top 10 of the enterprise “(Chinese Architectural Decoration Association was evaluated from 2009-2012, 2014, and 2016). Zhongqi New Materials has won honors such as “Guangdong Famous Brand Products” and “Guangdong High -tech Products”.

As the editor-in-chief of the “JG/T463-2014) of” Building Decoration “, the industry status of Zhongqi New Materials is self-evident. In addition, the company is also “resin-type synthetic slate (GB/T35157-2017)”, “Synthetic Stone Test Method Salt Age Test (GB/T35464-2017)”, “Artificial Stone (JC/T908-2013)”, etc. The national and industry standards participating units have promoted the standardized development of my country’s artificial quartz stone industry.

Stone products usually have the characteristics of large volume, large quality, and high transportation costs. The current artificial quartz stone production bases of Zhongqi New Materials are located in Guangdong. A single regional layout has limited its radiation capacity to the northern market to a certain extent.

In response to the existing regional layout of a single problem and enhance the continuous service capabilities of the market north of the Yangtze River, Zhongqi New Materials plans to build a modern art -made quartz stone production base in Huanggang, Hubei. The construction of production bases in Huanggang, Hubei can not only be adjacent to Hubei custom -made home companies, but also closer to the market north of the Yangtze River, improve the market influence of the new products north of the Yangtze River, and meet the supply needs of downstream custom home companies. At the same time, you can also rely on the location advantages of the industrial base, science and education base, comprehensive transportation hub, and Hubei Hunchun high -quality quartz sand production area to optimize the regional layout of Zhongqi New Materials. Hubei production bases are expected to significantly improve the radiation capacity of the Zhongqi new material to the north of the Yangtze River, shorten the delivery cycle of products, and reduce their transportation costs.

The high -end artificial quartz products of Zhongqi New Materials, whether in product performance indicators or innovatives, show a certain degree of advancement than domestic products in China. Generally recognized. Therefore, the price of the products of Zhongqi New Materials is relatively high compared to the same industry, which is limited by insufficient production capacity. The new material of Zhongqi has not yet entered the middle and low -end markets. occupy.

Considering the objective existence of customers, the domestic low -end products market is more broad, and the new products of Zhongqi really need to use the low -end products to occupy a broader market, and serve as the moat products that have developed and growing in defensive competitors. In the future, the new material will pass through the Huanggang production base, and the mid -range products will be launched in a timely manner to enter the market.

Products reaches international front -line level, automated production capacity is leading in the industry

The nuclear psychological properties of artificial quartz stones include hardness, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, pollution resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, scratch resistance performance, compression strength, heavy metal content, and single residue.

As an editor-in-chief unit or participating unit of the core standards of industries such as artificial quartz stone (JG/T463-2014), Zhongqi New Materials products exceed the industry standards. “Detection, the comprehensive product performance is comparable to the international artificial quartz stone first -tier brand products.

As a decorative facial material for indoor buildings, artificial quartz stone, the consistency of product performance and the stability of the color texture are the core needs of customers. The color texture and sample color difference of the artificial quartz stone countertop are unacceptable, especially the products that are continuously supplied in large quantities should maintain the stability and consistency of the color texture.

Zhongqi New Material products continue to maintain the advantages of uniform color texture, smooth surface, high physical strength, strong corrosion resistance, and not easy to deform, thereby meeting customers’ requirements for product quality. The extensive recognition of domestic front -line custom home companies is one of its product quality advantages.

Flexible customization of board specifications is one of the key advantages. Zhongqi New Materials is one of the few companies that can provide customers with 2440mm*750mm to 3200mm*1800mm. Different specifications of artificial quartz slate materials can meet customers’ product needs for different size plate application scenarios. Maximum specifications for the utilization rate of slate materials.

In terms of automated production, after more than 10 years of research and exploration and experience summary, Zhongqi New Materials has independently developed an automatic pyrio -British stone production line, breaking the international technological monopoly, greatly improved product production efficiency and product delivery capacity, and reduced the labor needs of the production line. The clean production environment has been improved, and the large -scale production of automated production lines has been used to effectively improve the quality and performance of the new material products of Zhongqi and the stability and consistency of the color texture.

The artificial quartz stone automation production line independently developed by Zhongqi New Material breaks the shortcomings of the traditional handicraft line of the quartz stone industry. The intermittent method can only produce the shortcomings of small specifications. The needs of different sizes and specifications have further enhanced their product competitiveness.

The latest automation production line of Zhongqi New Materials is equipped with a customized MES production management system, which can track the production of each process online and record the online conditions of each production workshop, each process, and the key technical indicators of each process to plan production and improve Efficiency and quality qualification rate. At the same time, Zhongqi New Materials has established a set of strict technical operating procedures, focusing on employee training and assessment, and continuously optimizing production technology. These measures have fully controlled the elements such as materials, artificialness, quality, etc., and further shorten the product production cycle, providing solid guarantee for product delivery capacity on time


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