Fabric is also one of the materials that our home improvement needs to be purchased, and it can be used in furniture such as sofas, curtains. Common fabrics such as gauze, cotton, linen, artificial fiber, velvet and satin.

Traditional curtains, Roman curtains, and pairs of curtains are used in home improvement. Traditional curtains are highly durable. Roman curtains can be divided into folding, fan forms, waves, and diverse colors and pattern fabrics. The space vision is good. The top of the curtains is mostly put into a rod or a stick, and a pulley is set on both ends.

There are several types of fabric sofas such as velvet sofa, cotton sofa, pneumatic cloth combined with sofa, anea cloth sofa, and blended sofa. How to buy the fabric sofa? At first glance, the higher the density of the fabric, the better the quality. Second, look at the workmanship. The quality of the better quality is flat and uniform, the horny is delicate, the printing is clear, and the gloss is good. Three look at the brand.

Nowadays, fabric brands in the market are abound, and the quality is uneven. Here I recommend you a high cost -effective fabric brand in the market.

Xiaobian has compiled the top ten brands of domestic curtain fabrics (the rankings are not divided) for reference only

1. Debi doors and windows

Deque System Door and Window

Deque Door and Window

Delica doors and windows, from 1992, are a modern enterprise providing a complete doors and windows, curtain walls, sun room product application solutions and product manufacturing, and after -sales service for global high -end users. Marketing and service teams have been continuously explored, studied, tested, improved, and obtained a number of patented technologies and honor certifications. Relying on the newly upgraded SE7 security system, Deques used higher safety standards to create a safe, healthy and high -quality life for consumers Essence

2. Moker

The Molik fabric curtain brand was founded in 1982. It is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. It is dedicated to the design and development of fabric curtains and the widespread spread of fabric culture. More than 600 specialty stores across the country, thousands of outstanding fabric consultants and designers provide professional services to customers. As the first domestic decoration company that integrates R & D, design, production, and sales, Moac pays great attention to the development and design of the overall product development and design of fabrics, color, craftsmanship, and styles. After thirty -six years of long -term development, the unique Moch cloth culture has been bred, and the five major styles of products in the industry have gradually formed the industry.

3. Jin Chan Home Textile

Zhejiang Jinchan Home Textile Clothing Co., Ltd. (formerly Shaoxing City Jin Chan Economic Compilation Plant) was founded in 1988. The company is located in the Koxi Clothing Industry Zone in Shaoxing County. Embroidery curtains, printed curtains, kitchen curtains, coffee curtains, tablecloths, scarves, tea towels, sofa towels, flower clothing fabrics, clothing embroidery products, clothing crafts and bedding, etc., nearly 200 varieties.

4. Huaxin Home Textile

Zhejiang Huaxin Home Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. It is a large -scale home textile production enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, and sales. The company is located in Yangxunqiao Town, Shaoxing County, China, 5 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and 2 kilometers of Yangye Bridge in Hangzhou -Jinzhang Expressway. The company covers an area of ​​110,000 square meters and has more than 1,500 employees. Among them, there are more than 60 product research and development and designers. The company has 20 world -class Swiss Sula embroidery machines, of which Sura UNICA is the only 33 -yard double -layer high -speed embroidery machine in Asia; more than 300 computer flat embroidery machines; more than 190 advanced flower sutra machines in Calmaia in Germany ; And an advanced finished product processing production line.

5. Meijule


Dongmeijujia Textiles Co., Ltd. is located in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Foshan City, Foshan City, Foshan Textile Industry Co., Ltd.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the company, the company has invested heavily in the South China Sea, Gaoming, and Hangzhou, Zhejiang. More than 80,000 square meters of large -scale modern professional manufacturers operating across regions and provinces.

6. Victoria

Vico Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional home textile brand operation company under Weike Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1998, relying on the strong investment strength of the Holding Group, with the company’s resources, the brand operation has been in the years, which has been in the brand operation. Domestically established a comprehensive marketing and after -sales service network. It is a well -known home textile company with strong comprehensive strength integrating domestic design and development, production, marketing services, and logistics distribution in China.


7. Untan

Hangzhou Untan Cloth Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of home textile fabrics. The company is located in Yuhang Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and has convenient transportation. The company’s main products are sofa, curtain cloth, bedding cloth, and other decoration cloth. The company’s total investment is 180 million yuan, and the annual sales of more than 300 million yuan. At present, it has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14000 international environmental management system certification and OSHAS18000 occupational health management system. The company is one of the national standard drafting units in the “Textile Decoration Faculty” in China. “China Famous Trademark” and other titles.

8. Fusou


The Fushan brand is a doors and windows brand under Foshan Fusso Technology Co., Ltd., which has obtained more than 400 national patents and is committed to production and sales of high -end safety doors and windows products. Adhering to the design concept of “safe home”, focusing on safety doors and windows, over the years of precipitation accumulation and independent research and development have created the unique brand advantage and differentiated product competitiveness of Fus.us.

9. Jieshun Chenglong

Jieshun Narong

Jieshun Chenglong is a brand of Jetshun Chenglong Door and Window Co., Ltd. It is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Jetshun Chenglong Door and Window Co., Ltd. has a high -quality talent team and high -precision processing equipment. It is mainly engaged in the integrated work of the research and development, production and sales of aluminum doors. It has the ability to quickly produce a large number of orders. It is a well -known modern aluminum door manufacturing enterprise in Guangdong Province!

10. Famous family textiles

The famous family runs the installation and maintenance services of various varieties of various sizes of curtains. The business scope includes cloth curtains such as curtains, curtains, and line curtains, manual rolling curtains of shading fabrics and electric rolling curtains. Imported curtain fabrics such as Europe and the United States, Turkey, Japan, Germany, South Korea. Modern enterprises integrating research and development, production and operation. In the six years of growth, the famous family has always adhered to the corporate purpose of “creating excellent quality, creating excellent brands, and providing excellent services”, gradually moving towards the backbone of the Chinese home textile industry, and leading fashion trends in multiple products.

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