According to Jiangsu Public · News Channel “News Space Station” reports: Nowadays, jade products are uneven, and the fake technology is clever. Generally, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish it with the naked eye. Recently, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Changzhou, spent more than 10,000 purchased Hetian jade bracelets, turned out to be glass products.

Not long ago, Mr. Zhang and his wife went to Zhejiang to see a Hetian jade bracelet at a attraction. At that time, the merchant patted her breasts to give genuine guarantees. After these communication, Mr. Zhang’s wife was excited. Mr. Zhang also believes that the travel map is happy. Since his wife likes it, it really costs more than 10,000 to buy it.

After returning to Changzhou, Mr. Zhang was uncomfortable, and he took this jade bracelet to the Changzhou Guyu Culture Research Institute, and asked experts to check. It was identified by experts that the so -called Hetian jade bracelet turned out to be a glass product.

Chen Wenjian, director of the Institute of Guyu Culture of Changzhou City: The light shows that this bracelet is relatively clean, without the characteristics of Hetian jade, and no cotton wool. Ancient playback talks about “no cotton is not jade”. If you can’t see cotton wool, it is likely to be synthetic glass.

The results of such an appraisal made Mr. Zhang disappointed. So, how should Hetian Yu and glass products be distinguished?

Chen Wenjian support,

景区买回万元玉镯,竟然是玻璃制品 专家一番话让他涨知识

The first is to put it in your hands, the density of jade is high

景区买回万元玉镯,竟然是玻璃制品 专家一番话让他涨知识

, I will feel the “thug”; in addition

Compared with hardness, Hetian jade can gently move the glass

The bracelet of glass products is impossible because of the same hardness.

Experts introduced that when many people go out to play, they like to buy jewelry jewelry in some tourist products stores in the scenic spot. They feel that buying locally will be much cheaper, but they often find that they are deceived after buying. Essence

景区买回万元玉镯,竟然是玻璃制品 专家一番话让他涨知识

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