Since the melamine incident has caused milk powder to encounter a crisis of trust, breast milk feeding is rapidly popular.In addition to the documents in the brigade bag when they go to work, there are the most important “back milk” tools: heating bags, self -made ice packs, bottle, etc., squeeze out when milk swells, and then carry breast milk back home to feed the baby.On the Internet, this kind of mothers are called “back milk people”.


Various brands on the market are full of fresh -keeping bags. Parents will inevitably feel at a loss. I do n’t know which kind of breast milk preservation bag is more suitable for babies.Here is to enumerate parents with good reputation, breast milk preservation bags: Liujia Village’s mother milk preservation bag, small white bear mother milk fresh bag, virtue mother milk fresh bag, Perfect nano -silver breast milk fresh bag, Pigeon mother milk fresh bag, Korean jaco breast milk preservation bagEssence

Moms should buy the doctor’s advice and the actual situation of the baby.

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