Although traditional biogas meets relatively environmental protection requirements, it is not easy to afford to rural pig farmers with a little tension of funds. Therefore, it is also because of this. The most important thing is that once he builds, the time he uses is longer than the traditional biogas. This is because of this feature, so it is more cost -effective to build red mud.

琪源pvc红泥沼气袋 红泥发酵袋 沼气储气袋用途

The promotion and application of the biogas of the red mud fermented bag of the software biogas pool has improved the treatment of feces, and the price of the custom software biogas gas tank is also considered low. The replacement effect of biogas can be convenient to provide farmers’ lives to a large extent. Installing red mud gas bags has good social benefits

How to use the red mud biogas gas bag:

1. Red mud biogas bags must be installed by professional installed staff.

琪源pvc红泥沼气袋 红泥发酵袋 沼气储气袋用途

2. After the red mud biogas bag is installed, the test pressure is normal, and the water can be inlet.

琪源pvc红泥沼气袋 红泥发酵袋 沼气储气袋用途

3. During the fermentation of the red mud biogas bag, the biogas pocket in the biogas bag is easy to conjunct in the conjunctiva, which affects the fermentation gas. It is recommended to return to the swarm fluid every few days.

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