A few days ago, “Paypin Release · Baccarat docking” – “Cultivation and promotion of the Top Ten Category of Textile Innovation Products in 2021” Awards Ceremony and Baijia brand with Shengze fabric enterprise

Hosted in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The event is composed of a number of parts such as commendation, promotion, experience sharing, fashion release, supply and demand docking, and visiting and exchanges. While displaying and promoting the latest innovation achievements in the Chinese textile industry, it also sets up an efficient platform for communication and docking for the upstream and downstream of the textile industry. Essence


Popular release


Essence of fine quality and competitive show

What is different from previous years is that this year’s “cultivation and promotion of ten types of textile innovation products” awards ceremony presented more than 60 products selected in the form of dynamic shows, with scientific and technological life, fashion life, green life, The three major sectors have created a 100 -product release show that integrates scientific and technological innovation, fashion creativity, and green environmental protection concepts.

Bosideng’s peak series down jacket, the women’s TIEF skin jacket, Youlian Porsche’s sports ECG T -shirt

Wuling in intelligent technology, comfortable functions, sports function products,

Anta’s eight -sides, cotton clothes, Guangdong Mingrui’s “Dragon and Phoenix Gow Skirt” embroidered wedding dress, Jiangsu Huajia’s After Working Furnishing suit

Waiting for fashion creativity, non -heritage innovative products,

Eveice’s zero -carbon Silk ™ Ledel antibacterial suit, Shandong Ruyi’s traceability pure wool casual suit

The ecological environmental protection products are shining one by one, and the strength of the exhibition.


Collaborative Innovation

Joint efforts to promote supply creation


Zongruelong, deputy director of the Textile Office of the Department of Consumer Products Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Speed ​​at the meeting. He pointed out that “the special work of cultivating and promoting the top ten types of textile innovation products” has contributed to helping the high -quality development of the textile industry. At the same time, he put forward three suggestions: First, to guide enterprises to use more new textile materials to improve the efficiency and effect of innovation in the textile industry chain. The second is to strengthen the combination of traditional culture and modern fashion, promote traditional clothing culture to serve modern life, and empower Chinese fashion. The third is to focus on cultivating green low -carbon circulating textile products, encourage enterprises to produce products with less discharge and low energy consumption, guide enterprises to use more regenerative fibers, and produce products that are more convenient for recycling.

Qiao Yanjin, Director of the Promotional Promotion Department of the China Textile Industry Federation and director of the China Textile Information Center

In his speech, the “Cultivation and Promotion of Top Ten Categories of Textile Innovation Products Special Work” has been tracked, cultivated and promoted in five years since the development of the special work. The collection presents the value of Chinese creation, elite craftsman’s boutique manufacturing and the value of Chinese brands. Not only greatly stimulates the enthusiasm and creativity of enterprises to increase the supply of mid -to -high -end consumer goods, but also lead the new market consumption of “technology, fashion, green”.

Deputy District Chief of Wujiang District, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wujiang High -tech Zone, Secretary of Shengze Town Party Committee, and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Oriental Silk Market Party Working Committee Shen Chunrong

In his speech, it was pointed out that the activity comprehensively deepened industry enterprise cooperation and transformation of innovative results. He also pointed out that “Shengze Manufacturing” has won the reputation of professionals at home and abroad with strong technical and excellent quality.

Sheng Ze is actively integrated into the Yangtze River Delta integrated and Shanghai -Soviet same -urbanization, implemented the “three collars and three innovations” strategies, promoted the “22313” project, focused on the fashion capital of beautiful Shengze, and in high -tech fiber, high -end textile equipment, intelligent transformation, intelligent transformation Continuous innovation with digital transformation, fashion creative design, brand standard cultivation, etc., and is committed to creating a world -class high -end textile industry cluster.

Highlight time

Innovation model highlights the benchmark


Entrusted by the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Textile Industry Federation has continued to carry out “cultivating and promoting the special work of ten types of textile innovation products” since 2017. This work aims to promote the industry to accelerate the implementation of the “three -product strategy”,


One is

Guide enterprises to promote the innovation and creativity of the textile industry design with market demand;

two is


Give full play to the advantages of collaborative innovation and the leading role of brand demonstration, and promote the formation of high -level dynamic balance of “demand traction supply and supply creation needs”;

Three is

Strengthen the endogenous power of the domestic cycle, and deeply integrate into the global textile industry chain supply chain supply chain division.

The selection work is mainly consumer goods for costumes, home textiles and industries. It is mainly comprehensively considered from design innovation, technological innovation, quality innovation, market innovation, and ecological innovation. New products of technology, functional, and fashionable textiles and clothing are selected.

At the meeting,

Li Binhong, director of the National Textile Product Development Center


Reading a commendation decision on the honorary title of the top ten types of textile innovation products awarded 2021,


Anta (China) Co., Ltd. -A total of 147 products such as the top ten categories such as cotton clothing were selected.

In the special product exhibition area specially set up on the site of the awards ceremony,


Lanjing Group

Concentrated innovative products such as fabrics made of zero carbon fiber, Yuefei fiber fabric, Modal Indigo fabric (raw liquid color), environmentally friendly sticky EV fabric and other innovative products.

Chuanhua Chemistry Group

The water -free waterproofing of water -free waterproofing technology, Tranmemo Cool cool outdoor leisure pants, Q10 coenzyme tidling wool T -shirt, hyaluronic acid black pants, all cotton shirts with antiviral and broad -spectrum antibiotics, micro -capsule Fragrant scarf and pillows and other series of technology functional fabric products.

“Three Products” practice


Focus on the road to product innovation

In order to further promote the successful experience and excellent cases of the selected enterprises, this event invited the selected enterprise representatives to share experience sharing from the dimensions of product innovation, brand upgrade, and sustainable development.

Yu Hao, Deputy Director of the Technical Department of Anta Children’s Clothing Commodity Center

It brings the sharing of multi -vitamin innovation empowerment of clothing brand value. He pointed out,


Innovation is the first engine that promotes brand power. Effective innovation can form a separation between brand and product differentiation, and can drive sales, premiums, and resist competition.


The core of innovation is the sense of innovation and small and micro innovation. The sense of innovation needs to be extremely focused. To focus on all the forces to do one thing, the small and micro innovation should pay attention to the user experience and accumulate and the hair. In addition, he also shared the innovation path of Anta children from the four aspects of materials, technology & technology, products and marketing.


Pan Na, general manager of Boyang Qixing, Ningbo Boyang Home Textile Group Co., Ltd.

Combined with brand cooperation innovation cases, the speech of “Master’s Vision Luxury Products -Design Team empower Boyang Seven Stars”. She introduced that from 2017 to 2021, Boyang Qixing empowers the product with designers, and

Minimalist founder Wang Yi, Italian designer Paola Maltese, Dior designer Debora Sinibaldi

When the designer cooperated, from the different perspectives and inspiration of the designer, it created the Boyang Qixing classic bedding and won the selection.

Dai Fuqiang, Senior Business Director of the Textile Division of Lanjing Group China

With the theme of “promoting the” dual carbon ‘goal and promoting the sustainable development of the brand “, we shared the innovative solutions of enterprises in promoting the” dual carbon “work. He said that the Fibrian TM brand fiber provided by Lanjing Group can be degraded and degraded. At the same time, it provides multiple latitudes such as water -saving and energy -saving and circular economy.

The world’s first zero carbon silk TM fiber


Provide raw materials for the brand to move towards low -carbon and zero -carbon direction.

Wang Haoran, Vice President of Chuanhua Chemistry Group President Office and General Manager of the Installation China Marketing Center

Based on the theme of “Jugging Functional Product Innovation and Promoting the Future Development of the Brand”.

He introduced the mechanism and processing pain points of fluorine -free waterproofing agents, and a series of solutions,

Including a solution for processing objects (such as yarn, zipper, shoe material, etc.) and specific application scenarios (such as high water pressure, waterproof, high -toability, drying, white marks and other requirements); In terms of functional finishing, it has excellent durability and durability, hygroscopic fast -drying, multi -dimensional cooling collation solutions, and “3E” antibacterial collation solutions; green low -carbon process schemes such as energy conservation and emission reduction, high -efficiency shortflow process.

Unblocked supply


Baijia brand linkage Shengze

“Cultivate and promote the Top Ten Category of Textile Innovation Products in 2021” Baijia brand and Shengze fabric enterprise enterprise enterprise accurate docking meeting was held on the same day,


Chen Baojian


Hosted this docking meeting.

Anta Children, Pathfinder, San Six One, Senma Co., Ltd., Evili, Huimei Group, Masterpiece, Huajia Silk, Beijing Xuelian, Huaisian Co., Ltd.

Wait for more than a hundred selected brands and


Wujiang Fuhua, Suzhou Zhaohai Textile, Wujiang Shengwei Bauhinia, Suzhou Vietnam Textile, Suzhou Zubu Textile


Waiting for 40 Shengze high -quality fabric companies to do a special docking at the event site.


Representatives of Anta Children, Pathfinder, Guangzhou Huimei, Jiangsu Huajia and other brand companies shared brand style positioning and product needs at the meeting.

The products presented by Shengze fabric companies on the scene covers the fields of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, sportswear, casual clothes, etc. It is suitable for dressing, dresses, down jackets, jackets, shirts, pants, submachine clothes, skiing clothes, and high accounts. Percent; Functional fabrics, renewable materials, ecological environmental protection fabrics, bristical/printed fashion fabrics, adhesive/Leisser and other chemical fiber fabrics such as regeneration cellulose, and other chemical fiber fabrics occupy the majority. Rich and high -quality fabric products provide a diversified choice for brand companies. In good interaction, the supply and demand parties have further enhanced their understanding in point -to -face and face -to -face communication and laid a good foundation for achieving long -distance cooperation.

This docking will fully integrate the high -quality resources of the national authoritative innovation selection platform and the Shengze textile industry cluster, promote the coordination and cooperation of Shengze fabric enterprises and major domestic brands, and further unblock high -quality supply channels, promote the promotion Industry realizes higher -quality value creation.

On the day of the event, the organizer also organized hundreds of brand companies to enter the scene of Shengze Textile Expo to comprehensively experience Shengze’s unique “original, original, popular” fabric fashion and the strong strength of the world’s important textile industry bases.

Text | Our reporter Jia Rong

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