Not long ago, BMW officially announced that it will not develop a pure electric exclusive platform for the time being, but will strive to expand the compatibility of existing platforms. In the next ten years, BMW will launch a new cluster architecture (Cluster Architecture), which will usher in a large innovation at that time.

BMW said that the new platform will “be-centered” and take into account the design needs of traditional fuel power and plug-in hybrid.

IX3 is the first landing product under this concept. It may not seem to be as sci -fi as just released. However, BMW’s top technology is also reflected in this “oil -changing electricity” model.

Where is the fifth -generation EDRIVE electric drive technology stronger

Although it is the electric version of BMW, we still start with control.

第五代电驱、iDrive 7.0,宝马iX3身上有多少黑科技?

According to the staff, the front and rear axles of BMW IX3 reached 50:50, which still maintains the essence of BMW in control. As a hidden Bimmer, what is most interested in IX3 is the fifth -generation electric drive it is equipped. After all, IX3 is the first model equipped with 5th generation electric drive. From the parameter, the maximum power of the IX3 motor is 210kW, the maximum torque is 400N · m, and the parameter is slightly stronger than the X3 of the high -power version 2.0T engine.

It should be noted that the potential of BMW’s fifth -generation electric drive is also amazing. The maximum power of BMW IX, which is also equipped with the fifth -generation electric drive technology, can reach 385 kW/523 hp, peak torque 765 Nm, and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 4.6 seconds.

Next, let’s talk about the feeling of opening. Whether the IX3 is in the moment of starting or the short -distance acceleration, the overall acceleration experience is still very up. The smooth and linear power output cannot be comparable to the fuel vehicle. In a simple acceleration experience, BMW IX3 can definitely meet the needs of most people.

During the fierce driving, I did feel the good skills of the first -line luxury brands such as BMW. The control setting of a pure electric SUV is actually very difficult. Although it has the advantages of the native low center of gravity of electric vehicles, the weight of the car does not have too much effect on it.

Speaking of control, you must talk about cornering. The cornering process of BMW IX3 is very capable and sharp. The overall body consistency and the response to the driver’s operation are almost no different from the fuel X3. The re -adjusted suspension architecture also gives the body very appropriate support. In the state of rapid acceleration and rapid braking, the body will not have that obvious and unnatural up and down.

The filtration of the chassis is a big surprise. The suppression of the fine and bumps is very good. It is enough to be crispy through the reducer. There is no extra bouncing. The overall driving quality is quite advanced. Even under the rotten road, it is almost impossible to feel the bulkyness brought by the self -weight.

第五代电驱、iDrive 7.0,宝马iX3身上有多少黑科技?

Two forward gear modes

Out of taking care of the driver, IX3 provides two different forward gear modes: B and D. In the D gear mode, the whole vehicle’s situation is approaching the fuel vehicle, which will not feel strange for friends who are used to habitual fuel cars.

It should be noted that the B mode is stronger in energy recovery than “high intensity”. Therefore, in most cases, you only need to control the speed of driving by collecting and storage, and even stop from driving state to completely stop.

Interestingly, IX3 is a pure motorcycle, but considering the driver’s demand for driving passion, the engineer provides the vehicle with the sound of fuel vehicle version. The “electric sound waves” are created by the Oscar and Golden Globe Award for Best Film soundtrack and famous composer Hans Jimo, creating an immersive driving experience for the driver from multi -dimensional.

The whole system is standard for autonomous driving assist system Pro

At the hardware level, IX3 has one long millimeter wave radar, 4 short distance milliliper radar, 8 cameras, and 12 ultrasonic sensors.

The full -distance millimeter wave radar 1 is mainly used in the detection of the front area in front of the vehicle. The short -distance millimeter wave radar is used to monitor adjacent lanes. Eight cameras are to capture images to identify, and 12 ultrasonic waves are used for parking.

这套自动驾驶辅助系统Pro包含不同的辅助功能,主动式定速巡航,城市拥堵路况辅助,高速巡航,变道辅助、前向碰撞预警及紧急制动辅助、车道纠偏辅助,其中L2的定义是Traffic congestion auxiliary functions (the extension of this system is the actual characteristics of urban, high -speed, and ring roads, L2 -level autonomous driving technology on congestion road conditions, low -speed driving, and unblocked high -speed driving processes).

At high speeds, as long as the steering wheel gently puts the steering wheel, X3/IX3’s intelligent driving assistance system Pro will keep in the cruise mode -automatic acceleration and deceleration, and it can also turn to the lamp transmiper. You feel like an old driver is driving.

第五代电驱、iDrive 7.0,宝马iX3身上有多少黑科技?

idrive 7.0

In June this year, BMW pushed the latest IDRIVE 7.0 vehicle system through OTA. The most obvious upgrade was to join Tencent’s small scene, which involved more than 360,000 models involving the domestic market. The BMW IX3 this test drive is directly equipped with this upgraded vehicle system.

How many functions of idrive 7.0 have? If you don’t need to coordinate the classification method, you can’t answer this question for a while. But as long as the core function of IDrive 7.0 is slightly repeated, it is enough to see the power of this man -machine interaction system.

Gesture recognition, intelligent voice assistant, iPhone unlocking cars, parking lot map navigation, WeChat small scenes, Tencent small scenes, QQ music and other digital functions can be achieved on BMW Drive 7.0.

Idrive 7.0’s smart voice assistant wake -up words are “Hello, BMW”. The microphone that starts the smart voice assistant is arranged in the front and co -pilots in the front row, and it can be started when it comes to “Hello, BMW”.

第五代电驱、iDrive 7.0,宝马iX3身上有多少黑科技?

This smart voice assistant function can not only be started through “Hello, BMW”, and can also identify voice recognition through continuous sentences. The owner needs to use “Hello, BMW” to wake up for every word. For example, when the owner wants to query the weather, you only need to say “Hello, BMW, how about the weather?”

At the visual level, the BMW intelligent voice assistant uses a new UI visual design, which specially adds the launch screen, which is a series of bubble design. The addition of the starting screen makes consumers not fall into the embarrassment of dialogue with air.

What are the differences between static levels and X3

Unlike X3, BMW’s classic double kidney intake grille becomes a closed type, and the blue circle; the leaf board is also branded as an X3, which shows its uniqueness. Finally, due to the identity of the electric vehicle, the original exhaust pipe tube Put on the blue decoration and the design is echoed at the beginning and end.

The appearance is worth details. It is the unique air dynamic wheel. Its shape can reduce the air resistance of the wheel rotation. According to the official introduction, it can reduce the air resistance by 5%; The coefficient is much lower than the X3, which can effectively improve the battery life and energy consumption efficiency for electric vehicles.

第五代电驱、iDrive 7.0,宝马iX3身上有多少黑科技?

The lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, and the tension is full. It is worth mentioning that the wing board of the IX3 also adds a symbolic motion mbar.

When you come to the rear, in addition to the unique 3D suspended taillights, while the exhaust is canceled under the body, the bottom spoiler at the bottom increases the blue trim, which is also to enhance the electrical attribute.

Sitting into the car, the entire cockpit not only gathered the three major areas of the driver’s left light panel, air conditioning and gear rod, and the center -in suspended central control screen was upgraded from 10.25 to 12.3 inches.

For friends who are familiar with BMW, the new three -sized steering wheel replaced by the new IX3 is no longer unfamiliar with the disk. Appropriate grip.

Summary: For pure electricity, BMW’s car -making ideas are far from independent brands. But the pure electric market is getting more and more mature, and consumers’ eyes are getting more and more clear. Good things will not be buried.

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