“Science and Technology Board Daily” (Beijing, reporter Guo Hui) News,

As of the evening of the 21st, eight enterprises that were in the IPO of the Science and Technology Board became “suspended (other matters)” after the update.

These 8 companies are: Guangdong Lily Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Gaokai Precision Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jingyun Drug Technology Co., Ltd., Heyuan Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Stewell (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Haohan Deep Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Furuki Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd..

The official website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange shows that the reasons for the suspension of the review are all. The above -mentioned companies “the relevant securities service agencies hired by the China Securities Regulatory Commission were investigated”, so according to Article 64 (2) of the “Review Rules”, their issuance and listing were suspended. “

Article 64 (2) of the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board of Stocks (2020)” stipulates:

“The publisher’s sponsor or signed sponsor representative, securities service agency or related signature personnel are suspected of violations of laws and regulations for the first public issuance of public issuance and listing, listed companies issued securities, and mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations. If the China Securities Regulatory Commission is investigated or investigated by the judicial organs, the issuer, sponsors and securities service agencies shall promptly inform the Institute.

When the previous situation appeared, the issuer, sponsors, and securities service agencies did not inform the institute in time. If the inspection of the institute is compliant with the suspension of the audit, the audit will be suspended directly

Essence “In other words, the concentrated IPO review of the company on the science and technology board was suspended, and there were illegal and violations with the intermediary agencies hired by these companies, and all parties did not inform the Shanghai handwriting in time.

According to the analysis of the media quoted by the media, if the large -scale “suspending” storm of the capital market can be traced back to a selected layer of enterprises -Lanshan Technology’s suspected information disclosure of illegal and violations, and the CSRC was filed by the CSRC.

On December 2, 2020, according to the announcement of the Securities and Futures Commission, during the self -discipline review of the national stock transfer company and the on -site inspection of the Securities Regulatory Commission, it was found that the authenticity of the Lantashan science and technology information disclosure was suspected of violating the “Securities Law” and “non -listed public company supervision and management “Measures” and other relevant regulations, the Securities and Futures Commission launched a case investigation on Lanshan Technology in accordance with procedures.

At that time, the sponsor that Lan Mountain Technology intends to publicize and hired was

Hualong Securities, law firms are Beijing Tianyuan, accounting firms are ZTE Cai Guanghua, asset evaluation agencies are Kaiyuan Asset Evaluation

Among the 8 companies that have been suspended from the IPO of this science and technology board,

There are five law firm hired by Beijing Tianyuan, two asset evaluation agencies are Kaiyuan, and 1 club is ZTE Caiguanhua. In addition, the law firms of Shanghai Reinforcement Energy Group Co., Ltd. are also Beijing Tianyuan. However, according to the information disclosed on the 18th, the company terminated the listing and listing review because the company’s own withdrawal of the listing application or sponsor to withdraw from the sponsor was terminated.

The listed enterprises of the above -mentioned intermediary agencies have also been pressed for the suspension key. Baichu Electronics (688188.SH), a listed company of science and technology board, has suspended the current re -financing project due to hiring Beijing Tianyuan Law Firm.

一名法律业界人士向《科创板日报》记者表示,证监会对包括北京天元在内的这四家中介机构的立案调查,通常至少需要半年,这意味着半年或更长时期之内,以上None of the institutions can no longer counsel enterprises for listing. “”

If the project is not reported, the enterprise will definitely change the intermediary agency for half a year, and it has already reported (that is, the company that encountered the IPO audit is suspended), it is easier to restore the review.

The legal person said that the main process of restoring the review was that the intermediary agency reported the regulatory agency after the review report was reported, and the composite report was assisted by other lawyers or practitioners within each intermediary agency to help review to ensure that there was no problem with the quality of the original practice.

In addition to the science and innovation board, 34 companies planned to land in the GEM also encountered the IPO audit, including BYD semiconductors planned to log in to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. At present, the audit status of Shenzhen -Shanghai motherboard enterprises has not been updated, but some legal persons expect the audit project of the motherboard enterprise may also be affected.

Such a large -scale IPO review suspension will cause backlogs after the resumed review, which will affect the progress of the company’s listing, and even affect the listing declaration of enterprises in the next quarter.

The above -mentioned legal persons said that the expected impact is not great.

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