Paul’s data is good, he is currently leading the assist list. Picture/Social Media

Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) On November 3rd, the sun sits at the Pelicans at home. The 6 of the home team scored a double. In the first three verses, it was reversed with 112 to 100. Paul contributed 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 18 assists, becoming an important hero of the sun, and at the same time ushered in another milestone in his career.


Prior to this game, Paul’s career regular season aid was 10328, ranking fifth in history, Mark Jackson (10334) and Steve Nash (10335). Third place. Before halftime, Paul successfully assisted Oeds, surpassed two famous places, and sent 18 assists in the audience to increase the number of career assists to 10,346 times.

In the first six regular season of the new season, Paul sent a total of 71 assists, of which 5 assists were dual, with averaged 11.8 assists per game. It was the leader of the league and the only player in the league. In the first 16 seasons of his career, Paul became the leader of the league 4 times, representing the Hornets and Clippers twice. In the second season of the sun, 36 -year -old Paul once again launched an impact on this honor.

The Sun coach Monte Williams lamented after the game, “When the team’s transaction was in Chris, I didn’t pay attention to these things at all. We don’t care about those data, records, etc., but I am very happy today, and I am very honored to be able to be able to be able Witness this historical moment at the scene. “In Montani Williams, after running in last season, the cooperation between Paul, Booker, Aton and other teammates has become increasingly tacit, and the number of assists has risen naturally.

For Paul, this milestone is really worth remembering. On the data, he has no opponent among all active players and ranks first in the active duty. After playing today, he successively surpassed Mark Jackson, Steve Nash, and only Kidd and Stockon were left in front of him. At present, the gap between Paul and Kidd is 1745 assists. Considering that Paul’s good state in the past two seasons, the probability can rise to the second place in history before retirement.

Beijing News reporter Xu Bangyin

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